Oh Noes! My Entire Reason For Living Is Gone!

Whatever shall I do?

My soul has been crushed…


Breaking News
Apr. 17, 2020

Breaking News: Taylor Swift cancels all 2020 concerts, including SoFi Stadium dates

Taylor Swift, whose concerts July 25 and 26 would have opened the $5-billion SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, has canceled all her live appearances for the remainder of the year because of the coronavirus outbreak.


File this under What The Fuck Ever and Who Gives A Shit respectively as needed.

Rumor has it that she had to buy an ass.

Tay Tay


Still doesn’t do anything for me.

Although it does make me ponder how much one costs and where you go to get one because I ain’t got one either.

Then again, suspenders gotta be a hell of a lot cheaper.



11 thoughts on “Oh Noes! My Entire Reason For Living Is Gone!

    • I always thought of her as pre-pubescent, given her propensity to opening her mouth and nothing of worth coming out of it.
      She’s not in Lady Gag-me’s category, but I swear she’s striving to get there.

      And, you’re right, Phil. Big freakin’ whoop.


  1. Phil, I will out of the kindness of my heart and ass, donate ass fat to you from me to fill out that skinny ass syndrome you suffer from.


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