Liberal Insanity

lib logic

An artists rendition of the liberal thought process so you can try and visualize it without doing permanent damage to your psyche.


4 thoughts on “Liberal Insanity

  1. Had anyone considered the fact that there are more females than males in the
    radical fringe? It is not just feminism, but also animal rights groups, eco-
    terrorism, radical vegans, you name the cause, more women than men are
    into it. I think Ann Coulter was correct when she stated that the women’s suffrage
    movement was the cause of most of America’s ills. The moment women got the
    right to vote, they voted to lobby for more free shit.

    My theory is that the liberal thought process is largely driven by women and
    they are responsible for what we now call leftist ideology. Starting with the
    hippy movement and extending to the man-bun wearing Millennials, liberal males
    started to enroll in women’s study courses in order to get laid. The joke was on them.
    They discovered that they stood no chance of getting laid by angry man-hating

    My diagram does a better job of explaining the liberal thought process. It
    explains the lack of logic and objective thought and neurosis that would
    would drive Sigmund Fraud insane:

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  2. Couple this with the fact that all these whack jobs have wayyyyy too much time on their hands so they can indulge themselves in finding even deeper levels of crazy because they have no husbands/ boyfriends and are not raising children.
    The lack of Sandwich and Laundry time to keep them occupied leads to even more twisted and warped thinking. Instead of scrubbing floors they have all of this spare time to spread their fucked up notions to other ball crushers and soon it turns into a self feeding Man Hating frenzy.
    Throw in a good dose of PMS and the world at large isn’t safe for anyone, Including other wimmins.


    • You nailed it, Phil! I once read a book by Denish Desouza. On the
      inside back cover, he included a blurb about driving by the White
      House with John Podhoretz. He asked Podhoretz why is it that
      conservative rallies attract a half-dozen Young Republicans all
      with 6-inch American flags while the left can muster thousands
      with preprinted signs and custom made protest songs?

      Podhoretz responded that “we have jobs.” The modern welfare
      state is a direct result of giving Gyno-Americans the right to vote.
      Does anyone really think that the thirty-year-old tattoed face pierced
      perverts and freaks have formal jobs outside Whole Foods? And
      who the fuck paid for their indulgences? The American taxpayer!

      If they are not living with their parents, they are either on the dole,
      or employed in do-nothing government jobs. Their liberal arts
      degrees are as worthless as shit paper and do not qualify them
      for minimum wage jobs sling lattes at Starbucks or asking do
      you want fries with that?

      We went from the greatest generation to the worthless generation
      in less than 70 years!


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