How To Deal With Sanctimonious Asshole Neighbors

You know damn good and well I would do this in a heartbeat.


They are lucky I mow the fucking thing in the first place.

As a matter of fact, I just came in the house after swinging my weed eater around for an hour knocking down the over growth out front.

It would have probably been easier if I had started it up first I guess.

Actually I have been busy all damn day.

The first thing I did was go out and get fucked real good by my brothers walk behind weed whacker.

I put the new  $35 control cable on it, fired the bitch up and tried to engage the string head out front. It kept trying to kill the engine. I kept messing with it, eased it in real slow and off it went. I let it run for a minute, shut it off and that was all she wrote.

The fucking belt had jumped off again and the brand fucking new cable had sawed through the plastic housing exactly like the original one. I can reach under there and move the belt tensioner with my fucking hand and the cutter wheel spins freely so I don’t know what in the hell the problem with it is, yet. I called my brother and gave him the bad news and told him the fucker just got put on the back burner because I have other shit to do.

He ain’t happy of course but he understands the thing was fucked up before I got my hands on it and had been sitting for the better part of eight years. The engine does start right up now though and that alone amazes the shit out of me.

After I pushed that fucker out of the way, I cut down a 36″X 48″ X 1/8th hunk of steel plate and made a 20″ X 45″ metal cover for a work bench using an angle grinder and a cut off wheel. That was fun….

Then I drilled and countersunk some holes and screwed it down.

I have been wanting to get that done for over a year.

Then I changed the oil in the weed eater and went after it.

The list has no end and it was supposed to be like 75 degrees today. Sweating my balls off and wearing a pair of Coveralls to try and keep at least some of the crap off of me ain’t helping.

I actually got that stupid Sprite to start without a bunch of grief and pulled it out of the driveway where it has been sitting since , I dunno, late January, early February.

I have to change the starter in the Caballero next. I already have one sitting in the garage. The one in the Bronco is needing it too. Both of the damn things started having Heat Soak issues.

They will start when cold but after driving them and getting them warmed up, they both act like the battery is half dead and turn over real slow before stopping completely. Both have batteries and alternators that are about a year old. I know I haven’t put a starter in that Caballero since I bought it five years ago.

Let them cool off and they will start again.

Stupid, aggravating, bullshit.

It never fucking ends.

5 thoughts on “How To Deal With Sanctimonious Asshole Neighbors

  1. Make a heat shield (or buy one) for the starters. I think Summit Racing might have them.

    I have a new/reman starter and alternator for the Supra I bought DENSO remans because…DENSO! The starter is a bitch to get off, almost as bad as the fuel filter, which lives just in front of it. I’ll swap those two out when I have the intake manifold off that side of the head to change the fuel injectors. With the manifold off, it’s one of those “walk right up to it” jobs. There’s also a coolant bypass hose under the intake that needs to be replaced. It’s called the ‘suicide hose’ because if it pops on the highway, and you don’t shut the engine down RIGHT NOW, your engine loses all the coolant and commits suicide.

    Or maybe it’s Harakiri seeing as it’s a Japanese car…..

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    • I know what you are talking about. There is one underneath the head on the Sprite. The head sticks out because the T Stat housing is part of the casting so it hangs out in front. The little hose is literally so short it’s almost impossible to get one back on without pulling the head and you can’t see the damn thing either.
      The two nipples are so close together that you can’t get a hose on between them.
      Bastids who come up with that kind of thing need one of those heads dropped on their toes.


  2. OT Phil, but what is wrong with your Gov Innslut? He commented to a tweet President Trump saying that some states should get people back to work. What does he want a full state of unemployment recipients? And welfare immigrunts? Fucking communist. Ya’ll need to lynch that mo fo…


    • Incompetent fuck is full Commie. So is his AG. I blame the Trotskyites in and around Seattle for him getting even near the governors mansion without a little short yellow bus and a field trip permission slip.

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