Wirecutter’s Site Has Crashed Hard, He Is Temporarily Posting At Knuckledragging My Life Away V 1.0, Link Is Below

Knuckledragging My Life Away

The poor bastard has had a lousy couple of weeks, I sent a prayer for him.

Neither one of us have been Angels in the past by any stretch of the imagination but we both help other folks out whenever we get a chance.

That’s got to count for something.

With all of the horse shit he has been through with his new site, if it were me I would  be screaming at people over the phone by now.

10 thoughts on “Wirecutter’s Site Has Crashed Hard, He Is Temporarily Posting At Knuckledragging My Life Away V 1.0, Link Is Below

  1. I can envision WC throwing some F-Bombs their way… I could never understand how a hosting company fuck up a fairly simple formatted blog. They must hire retarded HB78 level moron dot indians and backward goat humping pakistanions!


  2. Just like tools, if you buy cheap you get cheap results! Just sayin!

    Hang in there, WC!! Mr. Phil has your back!
    (Have you re-pointed the DNS to Phil’s backup site? Just curious.)


      • Oh. DNS stands for Domain Name service – it’s how computers find what “domains” you are trying to look for. Do NOT confuse it with search engines, even though they operate (somewhat) similarly.

        When you type bustednuckles.com into your browser’s URL bar, your computer goes out to a DNS server and says, “give me the IP address for bustedknuckles.com” (which is either or it then goes to that IP address and asks for the “landing” page (think of it as a front door to the web site).

        So, if your website temporarily moves to a different host or provider, you just change the A records for that DNS entry.

        Now, I’m skipping a helluva lot of explanation, but I hope this helps!!

        (This kinda crap is what I used to do for a living. Remember, I’d been doing it for 51+ years…)


    • He does, kind of. He has upgraded the hell out of it. We both had to buy Domain Names, he seems to have upgraded to a much higher level, went with Go Daddy to run the hosting and they can’t hit their asses with either hand.


      • Interesting. GoDaddy is usually rock solid. Maybe you got the Covid Engineer of the Week over there. They use F5 equipment, maybe I should yell at them for ya an tell ’em how to configure their equipment properly!!


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