Spring Has Sprung

You know what that means….



I went out yesterday afternoon and tried my damndest to give myself a heart attack.


I’m telling ya, I gotta get a self propelled mower.

Before I tackled that, I put the belt on my brothers walk behind weed whacker and about pulled my guts loose yanking on the starter rope of a 6 horse Briggs and Stratton engine trying to get that fucker started.


I finally got the damned thing running but then I had a hell of a time getting the belt to engage. It finally kicked in all at once and killed the engine. I fucked with that whore for at least an hour. Got it started, eased in the belt, got the fucker to actually work and then took a lap around the back yard with it knocking down weeds. I can totally see why he likes that thing so much now.

I only got the belt to engage right that one time and didn’t shut it off until I was done with the back yard. I had the engagement mechanism back apart again and put Never Seize on the pivot points.

I couldn’t be in two places at once to see what was actually going on. I had to pull the engagement bail back on it, wrap some tape around it and the handle to keep it engaged and then look underneath the thing to see what moved and how much.. I could see it was only partially engaging and thought it was just sticking because everything was so rusty because I could reach in there with a small pry bar and see it move although a bit stickily.


I finally discovered the real reason.

The cable has eaten through the outer cover where it bends and heads across the deck underneath to the tensioner pulley.

I juuuuuuust barely saw something shiny where the outer cable shell terminates at the bracket and it turned out to be the actual cable had sawed through the outer shell.

Got on the internets, actually found a local lawnmower outfit that was open and then spent fifteen minutes with the guy on the phone trying to decipher the faded out model number on the sticker on the deck so he could look the cable up.

I don’t know why they do that shit. Print out a model and serial number on a damned plastic sticker and then expect the numbers not to fade out immediately.

A new cable will be here next week and was only $30 something.

I was literally expecting it to be twice that.

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel for that little project.

Got the lawn mowed after several rest periods. I ain’t killing myself for that shit.

Still have gutters to clean, tree debris, broken off branches and other shit to clean up and then of course more weed whacking with my Ryobi gas powered string trimmer.

The Kid is off work today but I don’t have much luck getting him to do much. I may put some pressure on the Wifely Unit for that. She can get him to do stuff. It is what it is.

I also have a bunch of things to do in the garage. Some picking and sorting of crap that needs to go to the dump would make my life a lot easier.

One step at a time.

Despite the governments best efforts to tyrannically shut the world down and make everybody sit inside their homes quivering in fear and waiting for their latest pearls of wisdom from the idiot box, my life goes on and they can take a big suck right out of my ass.

Which reminds me, I also went up to the parts house yesterday and picked up a new starter for the Caballero that needs to get put in.

I have no end of things to do and sitting around wetting my pants and expecting those complete fucking morons in government to take care of me ain’t one of ’em.


22 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. No foray with a DR weed whacker is complete until you launch a rock through a window. Which window? The most expensive/difficult/PITA one to replace, probably located on your neighbors new/classic/expensive car, but that fancy stained glass works too.


  2. Went to Home Depot this morning to pick up fencing supplies. Started for the door, spotted a line behind yellow tape, and said Fuck It. I ain’t standing in a line in the sun just to do chores. Was a nice drive, though, what with the lack of traffic.


  3. Wife and I have been working on our 34′ Beaver Motor Home, getting ready to be Camp Hosts from mid-May to mid-September near Brigham City in Utah. Putting in loose-lay linoleum in the kitchen area, after 35 years the rug is a Superfund cleanup site… Looking good! $40 for the linoleum.

    Now if I can find two electric motors and get a new schrader valve or two in my A/C units, I’ll have A/C when traveling AND when I’m parked!

    Also, got a 30X18 little CNC mill so I can do (route) some new faceplates on my control panel(s) up front and in the Kitchen. Get to learn GRBL and FreeCAD to make it work, had to order some single- and triple-fluted mill bits from China (unfortunately!). The CNC mill is fantastic for the money, the instructions (such as they were) are execrable, the software is pitiful. Good thing parts and software are open source, I don’t have time to write anything in the time I have left. It helps tremendously that I’m an automation Engineer and can think my way through things.

    Oh, and my Church wants me to upgrade 4 computers for four different Wards before I leave on May 8th. No biggie, I’ve got LOTS of time!! I can sleep when I’m dead.


      • Hardware, but I have to transfer the Accounting and Membership programs and data. Basically, clone the machine to the new one, let the old one(s) sit for a month (just in case!), then send the old ones to the Regional Facilities Maintenance Group where their fate will be decided.

        I’m sure the FM people will scrub the disk, only to find I “shredded” all the information on the HDD – hey, I was the Security and Data Manager for a Secret installation (Diego Garcia), and I know how to decommission a computer, as well as the ultimate shredding (read: destruction) of a HDD that contains sensitive information. Good times!


        • I may pick your brain egorr, I want to completely wash this harddrive on my laptop and reinstall, ugh, Windows (slimy) 10 and reinstall my blog list and all my dirty documents and pictures… I’d even pay you,, that’s the way I roll.


  4. That first picture? Been there, done that… Had to do it, the ticks were bad in the tall grass, the field was about an acre.
    The first pass took the longest, went slow to keep the mower from stopping. After you made that first full cut, for the rest you could just cut half a swath.


  5. I always install a cable tie on the handle whenever I put a push mower into service. Not too tight so I can slide it out of the way to release the bailer.


  6. Use a vibro-pen and engrave the model number into the deck of the weed-whacker while you have it. Cover with nail polish, lacquer etc to prevent rust. You know that the thing is going to break down years from now and the label will be gone.

    I keep the S/Ns of my Kubota, the mower deck and snow blower attachment on the back of the Kubota dealership card in my wallet, also the p/n of the shear bolts for the blower. Saves time.


    • On a computer (but, related!) note, take a picture or go into Notepad and COPY YOUR OPERATION SYSTEM KEY that is on your computer on the “genuine Microsquish” sticker. As above, you’ll be very glad you did. Print out the picture or the Notepad entry, and save it somewhere reasonably secure – on the old tower computers I taped it to the cover. You can also write it in magic marker on the lid/cover, if all else fails.

      Especially laptops, as they put it on the bottom and it is rubbed clean after about a year…

      Same idea as Al-In_Ottawa above, but I *always* retain the Owners Manual and write the model and S/N on the manual, then put it in a plastic sleeve and keep it in a folder in my filing cabinet, or hang it near the device if it is immovable – think water softener, tankless water heater, etc…


  7. I spent about four hours cleaning up the last of the plow damage to my lawn, today. I put the big clods back into the huge holes, then used a pallet loaded down with field stones to drag the rest of it flat. I figure that the first week we get above 60, the grass is going to explode. No sense trying to move dirt while grass is growing up through it.

    Whitehall, NY


  8. Trouble starting that beast? You can rip your rotator cuff if you want. Or, for about $5.00, you could get a can of Gumout Starter Fluid, take the cover and filter off the intake, spray one shot in the intake, and crank it up. Once that sucker is warmed up, put the filter and cover back and get to work, This will even start a Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw — coldest starting tool I’ve got in my shed.


  9. I know you probably have heard it before but just in case. When ever you buy a new gas powered yard tool, the first thing to do is buy a fuel shut off (if it doesn’t already have one). Next buy fuel stabilizer. I use sta-bil. This is the most important, when you are done with it, turn the fuel off and let the machine run itself out of gas.
    I haven’t run my snow blower in over a year. We were fortunate in the eastern, all asphalt, part of PA that we didn’t have snow. I had to rearrange my shed two days ago. Drug the snow blower out .When the time came to put it back in, I turned the fuel on, primed the carb and on the first pull it started. I’ve been using this same procedure on all my gas engines since I moved into my house in 1976.

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    • Been doing that for years. The alcohol in gas these days eats fuel lines and rubber parts.
      I went and filled up two old Jerry cans the other day for back up and dumped some Stabil in them yesterday.
      The stuff is amazing.


    • Believe it or not, I buy Sta-Bil in bulk, put it in my gas tank on the Motor Home (and, yes, all my gas-powered equipment) for Winter storage. I keep the tank full in the Winter in the MH because it won’t absorb much water into the gas. And at a 97-gallon fuel tank, I have to take out a loan to fill it… or, at least, used to — I see where gas is $2 a gallon or less right now!!


      • Oh, and I NEVER keep gas in the tanks of my gas-powered equipment when they are in storage, due to moisture accumulation in the gas over time. I *never* thought of putting a little Sta-Bil in the gas before running it out, though – thanks for the tip, John E, I’ll use it next year.


      • I can remember when my Dad filled up the tank on his diesel pusher motor home one time when it was over five bucks a gallon.
        He about shit a ring around himself.


        • I never buy ethanol laced fuel. If I can avoid it. I live in corn country. Park all my stuff with Sta-Bil and a full tank. Yard implements and my bikes. I had a friend laugh at me one time a few years back when I told him I put Sta-Bil in my cages in the summer because it would take me 5 or 6 months to run the fuel out because I was riding my bike. Sta-Bil is magical.


  10. We have snow on the ground here in Montana an yesterday was 9 degrees above zero at 6 AM This morning 17 above. Our spring has NOT sprung yet (except for the Tulips they are already 4-8 inches tall)


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