Missed It Again!

Dang it. I just remembered I missed the anniversary of when I first started blogging again. It happens every year.

March of 2006.

Fourteen years ago.

That is pretty much an eternity or at the very least, a geologic age in Blogging.

There has literally been a couple million Blogs come and go in that time span.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go yell at some clouds.

11 thoughts on “Missed It Again!

  1. Hats off to you.

    Of the few blogs I read on a fairly consistent basis I have to admit to admiring you guys that keep going year after year. The sheer amount of time it takes, the energy of finding and posting compelling and interesting content, the putting up with all the crap that comes from basically leaving your front door open to anyone who walks by, yep congrats and good job.



  2. Congratulations, Phil!

    You know how we have dog years, like one human year is 7 dog years? Blogging years are more than that. 14 blogging years is like 140 years IRL.


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