8 thoughts on “That’s How I Roll

  1. Snotflakes, snowflakes, and just general mamby-pambys can go shiver in their mommy’s basement if they can’t handle the truth.
    This is why I hang around here!


    • The first is back door censorship and the second is lying.
      A lot of people have a hard time dealing with me because I don’t have too many filters.
      I have to really work to be even slightly diplomatic because it’s just not my style.
      I have found it to be a shit ton easier to speak my mind and let it lay where it lands as I get older.
      People tend to not fuck with old guys.
      They may not like it but they keep their mouths shut, you can see it on their face plain as day biting back the feelz.
      Cracks me up sometimes.


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