26 thoughts on “My Power Meter Would Be Spinning Like A Gyroscope For A Week Straight

  1. Looks like some plasma application to me. Definitely no laser.
    Geez. It literally burns away rust.
    Makes me wonder how deep it could do that. And if this plasma would warp the rusted part if it was thin.
    Just thinking of treating some dug-up WWII-relics with that gadget….


  2. No shit! Boy could I use one of those on some old cars I have laying about. Wonder what it costs….am going to look but with fear of god.


  3. OK in a modern building but constant use of that could be an issue in places with older wiring and circuits….. that’s a lot of juice….and the power company would get their monthly tribute for its use.


  4. Here’s a link to the power supply behind the 500 watt version.

    Might have to telephone the local power company to alert them you’re planning to turn it on before you use it.


      • Forgive my ignorance egorr.. hey ignorance and egorr kind of go together. Just messing with ya! But seriously, what is a pebble-bed reactor? Inquiring minds want to know.


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