10 thoughts on “Still Faster Than a 4 Cylinder Mustang II With An Automatic Transmission

  1. Back in the 60’s someone wrote into Tom Mcahill’s column in Mechanix Illustrated. He said, “I have a Rambler American which will do 100mph, strictly stock. What do you think about that?” Mcahill replied, “I think you must have a hell of a long hill.”


  2. I once had a ’72 Camaro that was about that quick. In fairness, the co-worker I bought it from told me “You don’t want this POS.”


  3. I once had a Suzuki Swift that could outrun a herd of turtles. On a good day. With a running start. Without my family in it. And a tailwind.
    I just had to tighten the rubber band with a few dozen extra turns…


  4. Dad owned a ’76 VW Rabbit that had fantastic performance (from this teenager’s eyes anyway), 4 on the floor and when you worked it right, it had pretty great pickup. Boxy looking bastard, but it was a reliable – hardly ever broke down and the price to fix was not bad. Power nothing, non A/C – back in 1970’s, that wasn’t a big deal. I wouldn’t mind having its twin.


  5. I had a 1983 Toyota pickup LWB Diesel 5-speed. At the dragstrip I had a best speed/time of 59mph@22 seconds. This was the best of 3 passes. They gave my entry fee back to me as I had the track record for the slowest time.

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