Gentlemen, TO THE MAN CAVES!

Your relationships may depend on it.




Be proactive, leave ’em to their Soap Opera’s and what nots.

Get away, do something to occupy your time.

They are dangerous when trapped!

29 thoughts on “Gentlemen, TO THE MAN CAVES!

  1. The fact I’m breathing annoys the shit out of my ex. It annoys her even more when I remind her that when I stop breathing, she stops getting half of my military retirement pay.

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  2. Move slowly, talk softy, make no sudden moves whilst in their presence. If you startle them, they may 1) cry 2) lash out 3) clean out the checkbook. YMMV

    You have been warned. Best to just stay in the Garage until this passes. I hope you have heat, TV, and a (stocked) fridge out there.


  3. She’s watching her murder mysteries British fiction and American reality. I wonder if she’s planning something? Oh, well. Cruising the internet am I. Playing with my coin collection. Listening for changes in her voice (so as to know fight or flight).

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    • The Wifely Unit watches those old 80’s Murder Mysteries. Murder She Wrote, Heart To Heart, Matlock, all that crap.
      That’s at night. Daytime is Soap Operas followed by anything football at this point.
      She is absolutely Jonesing for football.
      Watching ten year old games and all of the Talking Heads.
      It’s comedy when you think about it, I could give a rat’s ass about sports. When the NFL season is going, I am a Football Widow.
      It cracks me up but it also gives me that one day a week with nobody here and I likes that.


  4. The Baroness works for a nearby city, and now they her have working full-time at home. Pray for me. The dog and I are still working that out, as we’re usually tearing the place up during no-mom times. The good thing is I’m outside or in the mancave #1 (garage) most of the time, and am getting the next two years worth of chores done.

    It’s gonna be Real Fun when she retires also.


  5. This sounds worse than a case of PMS! I had a coworker at a paper mill who
    was a total overtime slut. I asked him why he volunteered for so much over-
    time? He said that it was better than spending time at home with his wife!


    • Can you even imagine being trapped at home with a woman going through PMS?
      Just thinking about it sent a shiver down my spine and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


      • I think all men have that same reaction, it is a blessing in disguise me being single, I don’t have to go through what all you gent are suffering by! Iffn’ I do get within range of a PMSIng female, I just walk away with a tight little smile knowing I can you youse guys can’t!


        • Cederq

          If’n you don’t mind my asking, you relocating to Southern ID or up in the panhandle area?

          Reading between the lines there’s several of us that are located somewhat in or near the blue hive known as Spokane on both side of the state line.

          Maybe we should think about having a bustedknuckles eastside convention or cup of joe sometime. Just a thought.

          Hell, I met our host and he survived it ok, well on second thought he hasn’t seemed the same since then, so I don’t know.

          Anyway it’s just a thought.



          • Nah I don’t mind, I moved to Grangeville, I am here now after a harrowing colossus headwind fuel consumption drive through Nebraska and Wyoming from South Dakota. I am about three hours south and east of ya. I used to live in Spokane years ago. A Knuckledraggin convention or copious coffee drinking party would sound fun! I have to ask if we will be grunting the whole time? My email is I have an ex wife there in Spokane that we are better friends then we were spouses… go figure?


            • I had a girlfriend ask for my key… I asked she planning to come over when I had my other girl friends over? I damn near got beat to death over that quip! Needless to say she stomped off and I have never seen her since. I did told her she hits me, all beats are off and I would sweep the floors with her and gladly suffer jail time. I may be an old fat fart but don’t touch me, much like John Wayne, (Bless his Heart!) in The Shootist I don’t lay a hand on you, don’t lay a hand on me.


              • You all are right about girlfriends. Don’t let them get anywhere near a key to your place, and don’t let them use your mailing address.
                Also, an order of protection gets one gone much more quickly than an eviction notice
                Doesn’t matter how long you’ve known the woman. The day after she moves in, you’re wondering who is this and what has she done with my woman?

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  6. I genuinely like and care about my friends wife mate, and their kids, Like her sister and parents, even her mother. But never really found I needed to complicate my life with one of the most complicated organisms ever known. I know they are not all bad, and genuinely feel for those that are having difficulties with their chosen path through life.
    I’m lucky I guess, have made and lost fortunes, spent most of my money on Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Bikes, Boats, Booze, and loose wimen, the rest I just wasted…..
    Working on my turd fortune now, and will undoubtedly waste that too, don’t knead no direction, I got this……

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    • I might be wrong, but I think it was one of the Rat Pack guys who said he spent most of his money on booze, broads, and gambling. The rest he just pissed away


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