That’s Right, Hang Your Head In Shame



And whoever owns that complete piece of shit needs to turn in their Man Card.


14 thoughts on “That’s Right, Hang Your Head In Shame

  1. Sure the hammer is a POS, but look how numb-nuts bent it. At first I thought he’d missed the nail and hit the handle, bending it. Nope. Look at the background, he’s taking out a wall or built-in cabinet. The gorilla bent that POS pulling a nail. Get a better hammer AND a pry bar Harambe.


  2. I’ve got 30 year old estwings I have abused in every imaginable way and still good to go. Buy the best tool you can afford first. Although a 28 oz estwing didn’t survive a CAT tracked mulcher. My fault there.


  3. Still have my Grandfathers Sears Craftsman 16 oz straight claw, wooden handle. I break it out every now and then to drive a nail, still the original handle. Yea Daddy Calvin I have it…


  4. Who knows, I have had to modify tools many times as a field service mechanic
    and Millwright. Maybe the guy needed to bend it for some limited clearance issue.
    If the only thing stopping me from completing a job was the lack of a tappet wrench,
    I would hit the customer’s maintenance shop and grind it down. I’ve even taken
    a long 3/8″ handle Allen wrench and turned it into push-rod for an unloader on
    a gas compressor because the customer lacked a replacement.

    However, in this case, the idiot probably used it as a prybar on something VERY
    heavy. To paraphrase our host Phil, one can never have enough hammers. Each
    type of hammer has its own use. Using a hammer to replace a five-foot prybar
    is not one of them!

    My favorite gag at work was to hand a coworker my 4-ounce Vaughn ball-peen
    hammer if he asked to borrow a hammer. The people who spent time cutting
    gaskets will understand this. If you meet a guy with a tiny ball-peen hammer,
    several rat-tail files and a bag of assorted cork stoppers in his toolbox, he is
    a Millwright.


    • When I see things like this, I’m reminded that some people can not only break an anvil in a sandbox, but then lose one of the pieces.


  5. Hell I’ve got a smooth faced Vaughn framing hammer that still has the original wooden handle. Had it over thirty years and beat a million nails in with that thing. Never used as a prying tool, NEVER !


  6. Keep it around and to give to people who ask, “Can I borrow a hammer?”
    And also give them the rusty chisel I see at the bottom of the photo.

    I might start putting together a small loaner toolbox of utterly f**ked up tools for those certain people who don’t own tools, nor respect them.


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