10 thoughts on “For “Educational” Purposes Only

  1. In the late Coldwareous period we trained on the later M3A1. No cocking dealie on the side.

    We asked how you cocked it and our instructor told us to stick our finger in the hole in the bolt and pull back.

    At this stage of training, we were VERY skeptical about sticking our fingers in ANYTHING that particular instructor told us to.

    Fool me once…


    • Sitting in the Fulda Gap in 1967 in a M60A1 just knowing you are a fart in a whirlwind. And your backup after being overrun the reliable M3……heh!

      You know its bad or slow out replying 3 weeks later…….lol…….love this virus!


  2. I had an uncle who was a WWII Navy Machinist Mate. He stayed in until retirement then got a civil service job in the USAF as a weapons system machinist. He loved the simplicity of the grease gun.


  3. I looked at this and “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” started playing in my head!

    Anybody heard from Cederq in the last few days?? I talked to him on the 3rd, haven’t heard from him since…


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