11 thoughts on “And He’s Serious About It Too

  1. I dunno. All I know is that I can’t dance anything, and I’ve seen some of those shiny-looking women that danced with that Flatley guy. Me, I would never belittle some dude who has a job where he is constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies who want to dance with him.

    And at least it’s not hip-hop.


  2. The Irish dancing is extremely aerobic, you DON’T see anybody fat (or even a little bit pudgy!) that dances well. Add tap shoes, ya gets Lord of the Dance (Michael Flatley).
    These men and women can kick your balls into orbit, they have THAT much muscle tone in their legs!!


  3. I’ve never seen a gay Irishman before. I always thought a gay Irishman was a
    who preferred women to whiskey. Two Irishmen walked out a bar… Well, it
    could happen! I love being an American mutt. I can tell all the Mick, Kraut,
    and Limey jokes and nobody can fuck with me.

    PS No drinking problems in my family.


  4. I’m not an expert in Irish dancing but I once dated a (female!) member of the New York City Ballet. Dance absolutely has a higher than average number of gay men but it also has a lot of raging heterosexuals that screw like bunnies. The wimmen like them.


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