8 thoughts on “Shark Week, Kung Flu Or VD

  1. Pardon me for generalizing, but something needs to be said here about persons such as this broad who can only think one minute ahead of garnering attention for her snatch.
    By generalizing I’m saying there’s a hell of a lot of clueless motherfuckers, who when you begin to look at the cold hard reality of the dystopian crisis as a means the motherfuckers behind this corona panic-demic are who will do whatever it takes to destroy this great country, there’s gonna be one fucking big die-off it shit gets any more sportier than it is now.
    How close to the precipice of no going back are we as a civilization?
    Darned if I know.
    It os looking sketchy.
    And it won’t take much of a push in the right place to cause shit to drop totally in the pot, deliberately. I mean that deliberately.
    Somebody created this bullshit.
    Aside from the obvious, besides from the suffering and hardship, I hope this starts a new day. A new day where we get the scumbags behind this, and hang the lot of them with piano wire till they rot and fall off.

    But I’m a Boy Scout. It was drilled in me to Always Be Prepared.
    Always Be Honest.
    Believe in a higher power.

    That shapes my thinking.
    This is what I think:

    This is based on provable historical archived records, from Roman times up thru Mid-Evil era, right up to the American Revolution.
    Imagine what faced George of The Wash keeping his men alive, warm, fed, and healthy at Valley Forge, in the middle of the Mander Minimum mini ice age of the 1700’s, so they would come out the other side of such winter and be a cohesive effective fighting force:

    Takes 1 quart of grain a day to support one Roman Legionnaire.
    A 1 quart mason jar, of concentrated food.
    About 1 large loaf of dense full grain bread. Per day.
    91 gallons of food per man per year.
    Picture two 55 gallon drums of food.
    365 Legionnaire’s require two 55 gallon drums of food per day.

    [A Legion was around one thousand men depending on how it was configured, plus it’s camp followers. At one point one Roman General made his solders carry everything in back packs and ditched the commissary train so they could move “faster”, be more flexible. Accounts tell of 100-125lb packs for each Legionnaire. Rhose guys marched on foot everywhere. Abnd then where expected to drop their loads and fight. How they did on 1 quart of grain a day I do not know. Pretty hardy fellers.]

    Now imagine the logistics of procuring, storing, transporting, preparing, serving, that food.
    Imagine how many tractor trailer trucks and trains it requires to transport the food for one American city of displayers of cunts, consumes in one day.
    Imagine the infrastructure and people needed to make this possible. Imagine when their EBT cards no longer work.
    (I think the lightbringer and his cocksuckers tried a dry run a couple times in a couple locations, back while he had his cloven hoofs on the president’s desk, to get an idea how many useful idiots they had on hand to create a Zombie army. To judge the reaction and actions of the free shit army they created with EBT cards when they couldn’t get free shit. Remember those events? They got a lot of coverage by the slime fake scum media, they never bad mouthed that faggot in the public eye, unless it served another purpose. Interesting huh? That was no accident of fates. Far from it. It was deliberate.)

    Guns are easy…
    Logistics are hard…

    How many boolits does your tribe need?
    How large is your bug-out bag?
    What is the size of your hidden cache?
    How many people need to be fed?
    Does your pantry and root cellar have enough in it?
    How many acres is your garden?
    What does an acre of wheat, corn, or beans yield?
    What happens if bugs or disease reduces your harvest?
    How many hogs turkeys and chickens can you raise?
    How many deer a month do you need to hunt and butcher?
    How many deer per acre is there in your AO?
    How quickly will those tasty deer tree rats and wabbits last with every Elmer Fudd blasting away last?
    An average size pack of coyotes need this much meat: 9 deer a month.
    How many other critters make up for deer not taken down by coyote’s?
    Everyone is hungry.
    Fude before boolits.
    How much food is the cost of one fully equipped AR15 equivalent to?

    Now imagine how valuable your food is, what it requires to secure and protect your food.
    Imagine what others will do to take your food.
    You need tribe. You need friends. You need allies. You will need even more food.
    SHTF sucks.
    What will all the people in cities with not a postage stamp of land to grow a carrot on do when the system of just in time food supply no longer can feed them?
    There will be no war between the dirt people and the cloud people.
    There will be a war to not be hungry every day every minute between everyone.
    There will be a big die off.

    Do you understand how vile, how depraved, how evil these people involved are who have created this panic-demic?


    This is inviolate reality.
    Fantasize to your hearts content.
    You still be hungry.
    Hungry =’s less resistance to disease.
    You don’t have enough calories to stay warm.
    This is how I can write all this:

    I got stuck up in the top of Maine once, took a week to slog out in knee to hip deep snow. Miles of 20 ft high ridges, no way to cross grain them had to go up and down over every one. When I’d take my pack off I fell over on my back, couldn’t stand up till about 20 minutes passed.

    Went in November 17 weighing 245lbs, came out at 185 six and a half days later. I had no body fat going in. A FREAK snowstorm hit. Temps went tp 15 below F.
    I was panning gold up the western spine on the NH border, there’s a lepidolite scarf up along there that produces lots of gems and gold, it’s above the glacial overlay from the last ice age, worked my way up into along the Canadian border. Had left the truck, and canoed across 3 finger lakes that had little rivers between feeding each, pretty far in.
    For food on the trip out, had a whole side, an entire slab of dry sugar/salt cured bacon I raised & cured myself, 2 pecan pies, bag of hard candy, 6 tins of smoked herrings, small cloth bag of self rising flour for quick fire biscuits, half a gallon of home made coffee brandy, ten cans of Dintymore stew in my pack, a sleeping bag with GI mat, 2 rolls of asswipe, bottle of liquid Castile soap, and a tarp for an expedient shelter, extra socks and 1 spare pants/shirt. My truck was snowbound at the end of paper company forest land huil roads. They don’t plow after the first big snowfall. 35 miles in by road. The snow drifts where too deep to hike the hail roads, so I chose the direct crow flies direction, come back in spring for the truck. Figured under the balsams and firs the snow will be less. It was, but still knee to hip deep, saps the strength out of you.
    I started hiking out, it was 35 miles to a plowed road on the geo quadrangle map. The pack weighed about 85lbs starting out. Plus liquid water in a GI 2 quart and 1 quart canteens. I had a Ruger 44 carbine, an axe, and a big 18 inch camp knife pig sticker, and a small backpackable Coleman lantern, with a gallon of fuel. Batteries die fast in that cold up there, bulbs goes poof because the filiment is so cold when you turn your light on, this is pre LED days, and when it’s dark you can’t see shit. For 14 hours of night. requires about 4 hours with an axe to chop enough wood for an all night fire, a tiny fire, one stick at a time fire.
    Fat was all I could think of. Day dreamed all day hoofing it sinking my teeth into that beautiful bacon fat. I ate the bacon raw. No wasting fat cooking it please. Nothing since has tasted so good. The coffee brandy doesn’t get you drunk your body uses the alcohol sugar calories so quickly.
    I was healthy, in my right mind, no panic, shot a small deer for campfire meat, I had zero concept of how tasty it would be. I still could not eat enough food. I could tell when my body started running low on fuel, the cold would start to get to my hands and face/ears.
    I have no idea how I could have lived in that wilds up there full time solely living off the land. I think food would consume every hour unless I bagged many large critters or a shitload of beavers.

    I was lucky. I didn’t lose my cool or the belief and faith I would get out.
    How about snatch above?
    Somehow, to me, she looks feral, she is probably capable of killing me for food and not bat an eye along with some big buck nigger who she is bitch to.
    I’m not being bigoted.
    Just realistic.
    I hope it don’t go down like that.
    But the sonofabitches trying to get Mr. Trump and we who hired him, this virus scam is not the end.
    After this nothing is beyond them.
    they said fuck it, we can’t have it all nobody gets anything.
    They got more shit planned.
    They won’t stop till they are.

    We Men of The West must Stand.
    Never say Die.
    Love free or Die.
    Better, make the bastards die for what they believe in instead.
    Never Quit.

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    • Once again, Mr. Carson, you’re right on the money.

      I’ve had the survival training (and I’m talking about SURVIVAL training from the SERE guys at Fairchild AFB – they knew what they were doing. I was a young Scout in ’68, but the lessons took. Me and mine? They’ll be okay. Everybody around us, not so much. I’m in suburbia, but have a garden, etc. and my wife and I know how to can, smoke meat, and make pemmican if necessary. I’m too old to hoof it around any more, especially if it’s more’n 35 pounds on my back, but I’m an engineer and can think of something to get me by. I know basic medicine, lots of things to do to generate electricity (which is more useful than you can imagine), and can scrounge pretty darn good and am an excellent African Engineering student. Comes from my family not having diddly-squat when us kids were growing up. I can fix anything and can certainly kludge with the best of ’em.
      NEVER piss off an Engineer, they know how to apply energy to get things done!


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