Pay Attention And Listen Carefully

I miss the fuck out of this guy.

Me and another guy at work were talking about Carlin one day and this other dude didn’t even know who he was. This guy was thirty eight years old too.

How the fuck are you supposed to explain George Carlin to someone?

The crotchety old bastard was years and years ahead of his time and extremely observant. To drive that point home, this performance from “You Are All Diseased!” is from 1999, twenty one fucking years ago now.

It’s like the man was a prophet.

This footage is copyrighted and is uploaded here for educational purposes because there are a lot of ignorant motherfuckers out there that need the learning. I claim no ownership of this material.

You need to watch the whole thing but pay real close attention at exactly 2:00 in.

Ya fuckin’ pussies.

6 thoughts on “Pay Attention And Listen Carefully

  1. Use the toothbrush on the armpit? good idea, never thought of that.


    Good morning, that’s some funny shit, and true, so many people now are afraid of everything.


  2. Over 30,000 people have died from “regular” flu this season already. If you believe that all of this bullshit about the Chinese flu is fake news, you’re not paying attention.


  3. On the one hand, the current “30 days to stop the spread” voluntary quarantine is probably the right thing to do. Community quarantine has been around since early human history and is a proven way to stop disease spread.

    However, before the 30 day period was disseminated, they asked us to do 14 days because that was thought to be the maximum incubation period where you could be infected, showing no symptoms but still capable of spreading disease. So by the time the end of April rolls around some of us will have been in quarantine for 6 weeks.

    What if there’s another surge starting in the middle of May because there were still infected people walking around during the last two weeks of April?

    What then?


    • Well, there WILL be oter surges, but herd immunity will be in effect more and more. The *big* question is, when will the Gubmint get off our asses so we can get back to work? This enforced idleness is killing our Country. It’s gaining momentum, as well. Pretty soon the battery will be dead and we won’t be able to crank the Engine of The Economy back up easily.


  4. It’s ironic that a comedian has a better understanding of germs and the so-called
    global warming issue than the “experts.” What Carlin is talking about in this
    video is something called Hormesis, the theory is that elevated exposure to bad
    shit has a therapeutic benefit. Companies are still making millions by scaring
    the shit of people about the harmless radioactive gas Radon. Radon, like germs,
    and toxins all stimulate the immune response.

    Theophrastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541) “the father of toxicology” came up
    with this theory long before germ theory was proven. He once stated that the
    poison is in the dose. The simple truth is that kids wallowing in the dirt are
    going to outlive the bubble-wrapped germaphobes because they have been
    building up antibodies for years. The bubble-wrap boys will be taken out
    by the first toxin, germ or virus that comes along.

    These antibodies explain why so many people exposed to the Coronavirus
    shake it off like a mind cold or show no symptoms whatsoever. They had
    to have been exposed to earlier strains of the Coronavirus.


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