4 thoughts on “It’s Coming

  1. Here in central Illinois the word on the street is governor will shut every thing where people are close to each other-walmart lowes ect. Supposedly giving everyone 24 hours to supply what a facing mess that’s going to be if it’s true.


  2. I’ve been trying to tell the chicken little “stay inside or you’re a danger to the rest of us” crowd that if too much shit closes down and people quit going out to buy stuff, the collapsing economy will make the Gook Flu look like a fuckin’ allergy sneeze.
    How is me going to buy something I need going to hurt these cucks if they are staying inside hiding in a closet?
    Has this country really turned to a bunch of limp wristed cowards? They act like there’s a zombie hoard around every corner.


    • The people probably saw the pictures from NYC of the fridge trucks behind the hospitals so they have a place to store the bodies.


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