9 thoughts on “By The Way,I Charge Extra For Bloody Knuckles Too

  1. Boy you ain’t whistling Dixie! I have almost given asshole customers a bloody nose cause they got irate being charged a shop rate and I did it in less time. I would have had the bloody knuckles myself cuz I hit him repeatedly.


  2. Oh, I am leaving tomorrow about 9:00 am, I have a couple guys helping ne in the morning with teh heavy stuff and I am hooked up with my train and On the Road Again!!


  3. It costs $5 for the part, and $300 to put it in.
    THIS ^^^ is why I learned to do it myself! I may not do a polished job, but it WORKS and works correctly when I’m done.
    NONE of my cars are new, I work on ’em as they break. I’ve had others ask me why I don’t buy a newer car, I tell ’em I refuse to buy a car that loses 25-35% of its value when I drive it off the lot!!
    Also, I’m the only mechanic I trust other than one that I constantly help with very technical questions or advice I give him, he lets me use his spe cialty tools AND his shop when necessary – he trusts me implicitly. Maybe that’s because I’m always fixing other people’s cars, etc. for free (when they can’t afford it).

    Cederq, drive carefully and arrive safely – I’ll keep you AND your equipment in my prayers!!


  4. While pretty handy myself, there are some things for which I will call in the experts. When I do I learn what the market price is, then select the most capable provider who has a reasonable price.

    Then I get out of their way and let them do their job!

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    • Yeah, there are some things I can’t do either because of the time involved or the lack of a proper work space. All these newer cars have the engines and even the radiators come out the bottom anymore. You have to have a lift for those kinds of things.


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