Wirecutter’s Site Is Down again, Wait! It’s Up Again

Updated, Kenny sent word he is back up. I am trying to keep up on my phone here.

Knuckle Draggin’ My Life Away is once again suffering from technical difficulties.

I noticed it was down and just as I was going to send Kenny an Email asking what the deal was, he sent me one first asking me to let everyone that comes here that he thinks it might be down clear into early next week. Monday, maybe Tuesday.

I know if it was me having all these problems after I paid them a bunch of money that they would not wanting to be talking to me for very long.

He has gotta be pissed.

So try to be patient, you have to know Kenny is doing everything in his power to get it fixed.

I already miss his Shit I Post On Facebook feature.

We seem to pretty much have the same twisted sense of humor.

Good Luck Kenny!

7 thoughts on “Wirecutter’s Site Is Down again, Wait! It’s Up Again

  1. Thanks, Phil. Yeah man, I’m chewing nails here.
    They will fix the immediate problem over the next few days, then once that’s squared away and the site becomes active again, they’ll overhaul the whole site behind the scenes. Hopefully this will take care of all my issues once and for all.


  2. It’s Word Press. Totally converged.
    After how they wiped out Chateau and dirt people blogs, would not surprise me one bit they are messing with Kenny.

    Bernie Sanders dirty stinking commies pal’s running the democratic peoples republic of Varment outlaw the selling of garden seeds today.
    “Non Essential”, even though the stores selling them are open for business.

    The banksters are crying, .5 percent isn’t enough to to pass Trump’s individual & small business relief funds from the Feds to your hands, they demanded 1%, and got it.
    After how many billions did we bail them out for?

    Trump hasn’t flipped over enough, or all the right tables yet.
    I still think the 13 knot necktie lamp post solution is the correct one.


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