7 thoughts on “Three Words For This

  1. I had an older GSD that had unreal farts. One time I was talking to a drop dead gorgeous client in our fabrication area and Crystal let loose an all timer. I said I was sorry but my old dog had bad gas. She looks at me and said yeah, blame it on your poor dog.


  2. Many, many moons ago a friend of ours had a little dog that would hide behind the sofa when somebody came over to visit, and that mutt had the most horrendous farts. Silently. They were apologetic, but I bet they got a big kick out of watching their visitor’s reactions…


  3. About 20 years ago I went through the windshield on a Cat track loader head first.
    2 days later no smell. NADA!!! If I was sprayed by a skunk I would not know it until someone told me. Don’t miss it much except for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when the whole house smells like wonderful food.


  4. we had a lab who when she ate lamb could clear out the 1st floor of the house she was nasty and i think i caught her laughing about it too


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