3 thoughts on “IF, You Can Find Them…

  1. Need some Easter basket for earthquake relief on this side of the Cascades, Phil. As I write, 12 (1 major) earthquakes around Challis and Casade, ID in the last 3 hours. Shake, rattle, and roll!

    Zoom in on the swarm of dots in Idaho. Auto updates.

    A hot time in the old state tonight!! I was sitting on my couch at 16:55 and all of a sudden I felt the whole house shift sideways a couple of times. My wife was in a rocker/recliner perpendicular to me, and said she thought a cat had jumped up on the back of the chair – I pointed out the things swinging back and forth in the living room. Felt an afterquake about 15 seconds later (might have been a reflection off a subduction zone, who knows) then it got real steady. Things stopped swaying after a minute.

    Cederq, are you *sure* you want ot move to Graingeville at htis time??

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