A Whole Nuther Month Of This?

Trump just said that this lockdown bullshit isn’t going to end until the end of April.

They better lube up those printing presses real good because they are going to be running wide open 24/7 at this point.

One $1200 handout isn’t going to cover it now, sure as shit.

Interesting times, yes?

It isn’t kicking my ass personally yet, I do have a meeting to go to at work tomorrow where they are going to tell us that if they have to shut the place down for any reason that we will have to use our Personal Time Off until it is used up and after that we are fucked.

Then and only then will I be heading down to Unenjoyment HQ.


In the mean time I work, wake up and screw around for a couple of hours and then go back to work, come home in the middle of the night to screw around for another couple of hours and repeat that until a Friday rolls around. I don’t have time to be out running around anyway. The Wifely Unit is in charge of the food and keeping the home front operational in the mean time.

Come Friday, I have more than enough things to keep me occupied until the work week rolls around again.

Lots of other people are in a bad way though and it is going to get a lot worse.

I won’t be the least bit surprised to start seeing some of them crack.

Our stupid ass governor, Inslee, heard about some people bunched up at a boat ramp the other day and knee jerked another decree shutting down all recreational fishing in the entire state.

This guy is so fucking stupid he is dangerous.

The reason the asshole is even in office in the first place is because the Puget Sound area is chock full of Libtard Democrats and they outnumber everyone else in the entire state. Go East across the Cascade Range and it is basically empty of people until you get to the other side of the state.

The entire reason guys like me go fishing in the first place is to get the fuck away from other people.

Stupid motherfucker.

He also shut down all the likker stores and pot shops.

I hope every swinging dick and his squeeze remember this shit come election time.

In the mean time I am heading back out to the garage and doing something, even if it’s wrong.

I just came in to check my Email and grab something to drink anyway.

13 thoughts on “A Whole Nuther Month Of This?

  1. Even a busted clock is more correct than Jay the Idiot Gubernator – he’s in a dead heat with the Gubernator of Californicators! And *that* is saying something!!


  2. I’m in manufacturing and tomorrow should bring a whole lot of bad news. Big customer already has said no deliveries next week. Lots of smaller ones (think any boat you see) are closed for a couple weeks. It’s getting spicy.


  3. This foolishness is wearing thin. Every county not heavily affected should just get back to work. Use common sense, wash a bit more and get on with life. If you go where there are crowds, use a mask and safety goggles. I would hazard that 60% of the country does not have a major problem that cannot be controlled this way.

    Blue states and cities always end up being the cesspools, does not matter what the event, they just fuck it up.

    I honestly don’t see how we go another month with this crap.

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  4. People are not going to put up with this crap. I see a bright future in pitch forks, tar and M-14’s… Listen closely to the normies and you can detect an undercurrent of pissed off ofness. If the normies are bitching you can bet they are gonna back our play. One hopes the politicians have their ear to the pulse of the people cuz thems tachycardia they are hearing of outright anger, frustration and BFUTY. Fucking shit up is what we are gonna do.


  5. Oregun’s skinny communist apparatchik shut down all the state boat ramps, and of course the counties followed suit. Haven’t been on the water since early last week. The last photo I have is of another boat at least 1/2 a mile from me. That’s social distancing.


  6. All those years I worked, I said that I just wanted to go home, read books, listen to music, watch movies and play with my radios. Now they’re making me and I don’t like it.


  7. best way to fix this “epidemic”: test everybody who goes to work, if you test negative you go to work. if you test positive you go home. case closed. by the time they get through destroying the economy nothing else will matter.


  8. Phill, I wouldn’t count on this being over by the end of April. You may want to start planning on this being over in six months or even longer.

    Remember, this is a virus that is very easily spread and of the cases reported, it has killed 4.7% of those who were infected.*

    Compounding the problem is that the United States has fewer practicing doctors, fewer hospital-employed doctors, and a lower number of hospitals per capita than countries like Italy which is being slammed. Then add in the fact that Americans are more likely to forgo medical care due to its cost because of a for-profit** based health care system.

    Personally, I think the 200,000 death prediction is very optimistic.

    * https://graphics.reuters.com/CHINA-HEALTH-MAP/0100B59S39E/index.html

    ** https://nationalpost.com/news/world/u-s-coronavirus-cases-surpass-100000-as-doctors-cope-with-medical-shortages


  9. I’ve not skipped a beat.
    12 hrs a day, 7 days a week, unless to switch shifts.
    Of course I now have my traveling papers.
    Plus on a brighter note, they’ve (the employers) have given all of us our 60 day notice that they’re laying us off and idling the plant.
    Work until you drop, slaves, and then we’re going to can you when it’s all done.


    • I guess us rubes in maintenance on the other shifts besides Dayshift don’t rate having our own meeting, we got the condensed version from our boss.
      We are going to stay open unless forced to close.
      Washington state passed a sick leave law last year and your sick time off comes out of your Personal Time Off. If you get sick and run out of PTO, you can’t go negative and you are on your own, no pay at that point. We already have one guy that is happening to right now and several would be in the same boat. These guys love to play the game of chance and bounce off the bottom of having any PTO. They have already fired several people for unexcused absences even though they can’t find a warm body to replace them with to save their lives.
      If you get sick and show any symptoms of the Kung Flu you have to stay at home until you don’t show any signs of it for 72 hours, without medication.
      How one is supposed to figure that out on their own without consulting a doctor ain’t their problem.
      If you do call in sick and think it’s Kung Flu, you have to call the chick in HR because it has to reported to Uncle Sam.
      Apparently someone on Dayshift actually has two functional Synapses to rub together after all and they pointed out that it is against the law for a company to ask any questions about your health. They laughed and rubbed their hands together while mumbling something about Public Safety under their breath.
      So basically , we are open, if you get sick you are fucked now get back to work.


      • Yeah, I was wondering. This is bringing out the inner communist in a lot of people. At my job, you get your 2 weeks sick leave, then go on short term disability if you are sick OR IF THEY SAY DON’T COME IN!!! The pay hit is pretty big, but I think it’ll cover for a few months. STD is a pooly run program at best. My guess is they will foul up EVERY claim they get. I went on it for a month after hand surgery. It was a mess.

        Good luck. Give a shout if you need something.


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