Trump Signs Emergency Relief Bill

Two TRILLION dollars deeper in the hole we go.

Wtf, it’s just fiat money anyway.

I can see this very temporarily helping a lot of people. The long look still ain’t looking so good though.

5 thoughts on “Trump Signs Emergency Relief Bill

  1. And the next “must-pass” legislation opportunity that comes up, Nancy P. will be swinging for the fences again. Just like with the proposed “Gun Violence Reduction Act that’s sitting in committee.


    • No, cash it and put it into gold/silver. You’ll be glad you did.

      Or, buy more guns and ammo. What does a Barrett go for nowadays?


  2. The Economy train will be pulling into the Financial Collapse station soon. REAL soon. Within what’s left of *my* lifetime, unfortunately.
    Maybe, just maybe, I can weather the storm. We shall see.


  3. I plan on using every bit of it to buy more food stuffs. If it can be had that is. Then hoard the fuck out of it !
    Screw all those losers that didn’t prepare in advance say I .


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