It’s Time To Practice A Little Social Distancing

Ahh yes, Friday finally got here and I don’t have to be back to work until Monday.

Since there ain’t fuck all open I do believe I am going to split my time between either sitting here on my ass or playing in the disaster area.

I mean sure, Harbor Freight of all places is open but I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything over there that I desperately need, the Wifely Unit will be parked on the couch watching that infernal idiot box as usual, so yeah.

Besides, I has ten thousand projects lined up, not to mention my brand new 4 inch, 4 jaw chuck for my mini lathe came in earlier this week so I need to put that on and see how it runs out.


I fucked up my 3 inch 4 jaw. Over tightened one of the jaws and snapped off a paper thin casting so it’s junk now. Ya cain’t buy parts for the damn things, all you can do is replace them. The Little Machine shop just happened to have the 4 inchers on sale for $95 and that was $30 cheaper than the 3 incher cost in the first place.

Sign me up.

I also have some serious rearranging to do, again. I got that Kennedy tool box riser in a swap with a buddy from work so I have to unload the top box and stick the riser under it, then go through a shit load of tooling and get them loaded back up.

I already know they are both going to wind up stuffed to the gills with extra left over.

There is still the card board and other crap out there from the little freezer and a whole shit load of other crap that needs to be gone through.

For once I’m glad it’s supposed to rain all weekend too.

No fucking yard work.

I have a huge bunch of that needs to get done, at least I got lucky and had a nephew mow the fucking lawn last weekend.

So that’s what I am doing, so far.

What the heck are all y’all going to be doing while you are cooped up?

Besides staying out of kicking distance of the little woman if you are so blessed.

Better to have something to do before they remind you of all the shit you said you were gonna do when you finally found the time, eh?

33 thoughts on “It’s Time To Practice A Little Social Distancing

  1. You are so blessed Phil… can you stay out of kicking range? Is she bigger then you? Is the Transfer Station open so you can get rid of the cardboard or will it be picked up in your recycle bin? May I ask where ya stuffed the chest freezer at?


    • What, I gotta take pictures for ya?
      When us serious Pack Rats run out of room, we go go vertical son.
      I threw my back out lifting my mini fridge up on top of the filing cabinet but I got’er done. I have been trying to put all the big stuff on wheels. I buy those cheap moving dollies from Horror Fright when they go on sale, even put the freezer on a hunk of plywood on top of a couple of ’em. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to move that shit around when I need to.


  2. I’m going to try to finish the wife’s closet organizer. Boy-howdy, THAT project incrementally expanded!!! Went from simple shelves to new tile floor, paint the walls and ceiling, new light fixture…….anything else honey?!?!?!??



  3. Well, I am in one of those “Essential Businesses” that is exempt from the self-isolation, the defense industry. Still only have to work 5 days a week but at least I get out of the house. But, with no where to go in the evenings, I do have a ton of little projects to keep me occupied. And, to top it off, I am a volunteer EMT in my city so I do my 12 hour shift a week.


    • I will be polishing up the trusty Beemer and riding Saturday, the wifey just got laid off from the dentist for a month minimum. Being a repairer of healthcare equipment I will not be out of work (I hope) Did my yardwork yesterday so Its all good to go. Ride Saturday, load mags Saturday night. Sounds like a fine weekend away from people.


  4. Try living on a small working ranch when you’re retired. You NEVER run out of things to do not to mention there is for the most part no one around. Life is bliss out here unless: a cow gets stuck in a cattle guard, you have to ‘pull’ a calf, a tractor breaks, etc., etc. No complaints at all – around animals mostly and into town maybe once every two weeks (or less depending). Sometimes one just lucks out ………


  5. Got TONS of little stuff to do for the Motor home (hey, it’s 35 years old!) – doing a new control panel layout on one of the 3 panels up front. Made some technology changes (SeeLevel tank monitor) and now the old gauge crap is no longer necessary. I sure could use a small CNC router table to cut out the .177″ acrylic panel switch cutouts, but I have a Silhouette so the panel labeling will look professional, at least. Don’t have to buy any switches, just crimp connectors. Wiring is a snap, lots of room to work, the panel has connectors so it’s a plug/unplug deal. Nowhere to go, anyway…


    • I have a 19 foot travel trailer and I have maintenance on it more then a home, homes don’t go down the road at 70mph. I just got done checking everything so I am getting ready for my move to Idaho iffn’ the governor lets me in his precious state… I’ll be leaving here on the 2nd of April and pulling that and a small cargo trailer behind that, I be doubles!


      • Wish you were coming to Northern Idaho, I’d be waitin’ for ya (without my shotgun, don’t worry!) to help ya unload. Stay safe, travel well, hope nothing breaks and if it does hope you have the right parts/tools!!


  6. The voices in my head are telling me to reload fired cases and clean the guns, so…….

    And I didn’t really mean that, any other way than just exactly how I said it.


  7. You do realize that in a four jaw chuck all the jaws are independent of each other and you have to dial in every piece you work on?


    • You did see that I had already been using one and broke it, right?
      My 3 jaw has too much run out for my taste. I’ll be getting a 4 inch 3 jaw too one of these days,…..


          • Now that I think on that for a minute, it’s possible I bent the little mounting studs. I will have to see if I have any laying around and replace them. Try it again and see how it works out.


            • Unless you really pranged the body of the chuck or the jaw mounts, it might just need to get tweeked back in. The main body doesn’t wobble, does it?
              If the scroll is adjustable, you should have screws in the face and around the outside of the chuck. Hopefully it is. Then it is just a matter of indicating it in like a four jaw, then tightening the face screws. Of course depending on how hard you smacked it, you might have to do that for each diameter change.

              Whitehall, NY


  8. Cleaning firearms and getting ready for the next trip to the range. Bought one of those nice collapsible 4 wheel carts and want to give it a try. Supposed to hold 150lbs and it’s time for a test.


  9. Started a new job Thursday. I was told anywhere between 8-16 hours per day 7 days a week 8 yesterday and 13 today guess they wasn’t shittin me .


    • Good on ya makin’ some money while most are sitting at home. I don’t know about them doubles though. Even twelves kick my ass anymore. Anything more than that is when you start compromising safety in my opinion. You can get stupid tired if you know what I mean.


  10. I work mostly in a Data Center and usually only see the Security Guard on my way in and out. Last week I even got one of those “Critical Employee” letters exempting me from lock down; Boy howdy! Everyone else has been told to work from home if they can.

    But if they tell me to work from home, I’ve almost finished demo-ing out a bathroom that needs to be re-built, I have 3/4 of a ton of hardwood flooring waiting to get nailed down, 4 lowers to drill out, and a putting green to build for the wife in the back yard. Then the Jeep needs brake pads & master cylinder, water pump, T-stat & hoses, power steering pump, and serpentine belt.

    And a pile of books I’ve bought over the past year.

    I definitely won’t get bored.


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