L.A. County Board Of Supervisors seek to remove Sheriff Alex Villanueva as head of emergency operations

Read this first and then I’ll show you something that JUST MAY, be related to his situation.

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors is taking steps to remove Sheriff Alex Villanueva as head of the county’s emergency operations center during the coronavirus pandemic, a move he called “a pure power grab at the worst time possible.”


Gee, I wonder why they are after his ass all of a sudden, the guy has been an asshole for years. It couldn’t possibly have something to do with this could it?


LA sheriff clashes with county lawyer over closing gun shops


March 24, 2020 at 5:49 p.m. PDT

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County sheriff said Tuesday gun shops are not essential businesses and ordered deputies to make sure they were closed during the coronavirus crisis — a move that was contradicted hours later when the county’s top lawyer said the shops could be open.

Los Angeles, the nation’s largest county with 10 million residents, enacted a stay-at-home order last week that required all nonessential businesses to close to slow the spread of the virus.

The county order — and an executive order from Gov. Gavin Newsom — did not specifically mention gun shops, prompting the Los Angeles County counsel’s office to issue a statement late Tuesday saying it has “opined that gun stores qualify as essential businesses.”

It was not immediately clear what the conflicting guidance meant for gun stores.

More here.


Stepped on your dick one too many times Alex?

11 thoughts on “L.A. County Board Of Supervisors seek to remove Sheriff Alex Villanueva as head of emergency operations

  1. Local, Athens, Ga., gun shop owner is suing the combined Athens-Clarke County government over a “shelter-in-place” ordinance which required all non-essential businesses to close. He says this is contrary to both Georgia and U.S. constitutions and who are they to say gun stores aren’t essential. It’s the biggest gun store in town, really big, and looks to be a cop-shop.

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  2. Dirty stinking commies. So predictable. They always double down. Could it be any more obvious? In every leftist controlled US shithole city and the usual suspect commie run states, these scumbags are instituting any and all actions pertaining to stopping and destroying anything having to do with unfettered freed economic and natural right related activities.

    Never mind this entire virus as a manufactured means crisis is aimed at wiping out every gain, all improvements to our economy and way of life, Mr. Trump and MAGA has created since 11-8-2020.

    The middle management leadership of The Human Extinction Movement has their marching orders: nobody is to be permitted to have nice things. Negative liberty in all things. Especially a booming economic revolution. In particular a Deplorable’s Main Street First boom.

    Takes one shitload of domestic and foreign enemies of our country to make a relatively harmless flue into a weapon against Freemen and our civilization.

    Could not be more obvious, the kind of obvious hides in plain sight.

    Keep having these moments where the Human Extinction Movements charade fails so badly that when the smoke of illusion fades away MAGA is not just alive it wipes away the fuckers hate and destruction is a burst of positivity, motive power that they can never stop.

    A really great thing is every day they make it easier for the God Emperor to do what he was chosen for, to preside over Constitutional Declaration of Martial Law.

    See these scumbags always project. All of them are playing tin pot banana republic dicklesstator in their areas of politikal power, shoving each-other out of the way to be the one who becomes the most totalitarian first with every sort of dicktat proscribing all the usual things they are always trying to “outlaw” or whatever.
    Because they understand all Trump needs to do to take full power, is declaring Martial Law. Sounds counter intuitive right?
    It’s a legitimacy thing. The imperative to remain relevant. To maintain their vital illusion of legitimacy.
    She, was supposed to be the one who when they doctored up some humungas lie of a national emergency, she would declare Martial Law, obtain total absolute power, therefore giving her and them power to take our guns and or wage war on us who refused to bend a knee.

    In simple terms, this present Chinese flue crisis as a means, has been taken out of mothballs, dusted off, apply a few modifications, and run with it. Of course she isn’t the regime leader, Trump is President, they thought she could never lose, they have to get rid of orangemanbad, first, take away all the nice things, because it kills them people are happy, making good money, their usual power to fuck up the economy was taken from them, they are very pissed off so much so they are having a major fucking hissyfit, but what they really are after and always have been trying to get is our guns.
    Guns are funny things too, unique, they are property first, like your house and land you live on, but they have another value, a very good one, no matter how much these scumbags try to make us poor run down out of jobs, no matter how much inflationary wealth transfer rackets they foist on people, our guns become even more valuable, especially where it really counts, they can’t poorhouse you into giving up your guns.
    Where I live, there’s folks in these mountains so poor they might well be living in a real 3rd world shithole, but everyone has guns, lots of guns, to not be armed in WV and across most of these mountain places, doesn’t exist. No heat. No electricity. No running water. No shoes. No welfare even. Everyone has a weapon.

    This whole thing is a desperate attempt to do what they was always going to attempt, only she lost, the shock of her losing really knocked them back, really, they believed she was in like flint, it was a done deal, but now after 4 years they must figure what the hell, lets try it anyways, can’t get any worse for them, chance it might work, tiny chance, but when your a corrupt loser losing and everything is collapsing around your corrupt world you have nothing to lose. They can only tar and feather you, only hang you, only shoot your ass once.
    Hillary Clinton’s purpose was to get our guns, really go after that right wing conspiracy that denied her her rightful divine desserts, usher in their globo-pedo one world organized crime order.

    This today is that plan more or less modified to fit the circumstances.
    It can not be anything else.

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    • I normally don’t correct people, Phil, but you typed 2020 when I think you meant 2016, since Pres Trump went into office in Jan 2017


      • Yeah I know I know…dyslexia has cursed me thru life, I transpose things, part of dyslexia is you can not even see what, or that you transposed or reversed things in the first place. It even effects my syntax and vernacular, I reverse that shit too.
        I can read upside down and backwards faster than regular. Had to create my own system of math, hard to describe, it’s like this system of pieces that only have one place they fit, there’s continuity to putting each bit of math into the right receptacle, I don’t have any conception what math is, but I know when I get my figures right because they fit. Strange I know. But it works.
        Forget the english language system. I can not understand what a verb or a noun is, not how everyone is taught. Like math, there is no cognitive path into my brain, thats the problem in my dyslexia. Comes in a myriad of forms. I have to rely on visual pathways onto my cognitive center.
        It was a bitch in school, why I got only a 7th grade education, they didn’t really know dyslexia was a thing, they understood I would not learn things the way they instructed, so they figured I was a candidate for the special class and special bus.
        I rebelled.
        Never stopped.
        Dropping out and becoming a welder was the best thing could have happened. Never looked back.
        I like to learn. Have a library has about 300 technical handbooks, read a couple books a week, or more, my kindle has so many books on it I had to upgrade because it couldn’t handle the amount of data. Thousands of free books just for the download, or a buck.
        I found out early you can go into some colleges and sit in the classes for free, you don’t get credits of course, but a sheepskin doesn’t convey smarts, using the knowledge for practical things is what matters. Took physics, and metallurgy and materials at Boston College, an ancient weapons technology class at the Boston School for The Arts. That was a great one, they are affiliated with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, at the time the museum managed to have one of the Japanese living national treasures do a 1 year live demonstration of sword forging and decorative work, they made a number of various swords and knives, whole thing except the mining of the ore, they demonstrated, it was like circa 1500’s Samurai era. Got to see everything in real time, they did everything exactly as it was done centuries before, except quench the blades in the belly of a slave. Unbelievable craft work. I still forge blades using much of what I learned then.

        Just show up and listen, no homework or tests, no grades to maintain, never had any bad shit from the teachers, though one guy made it clear, subtly, he did not like me “free loading”. Yeah who’s free loading with tenure? Who gives a fuck, wasn’t there for your permission asshole, my tax money helps pay for your job. One guy was very supportive, went out of his way, it was a great Christian Western history course, from Athens thru Greco times, Roman, era, up into the renaissance, thru into WWII. Open my horizons tell you what.

        Man are we being lied to and gulled about us as a culture and people, about our history. They really hate us for what we are, because we stand in their way, what we are, our culture, is the most stabilizing and uplifting thing in all of history.

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        • Ever notice, Mr. Carson, that Trump is real reluctant to go Full Retard on declaring Martial Law? He’s applying it scrupulously, a little here and a little there instead of full-blown heavy-handed Edicts From On High. I think he has faith in you and me, and doesn’t want to come down heavy on The Little Guy if he can possibly help it. He understands, man.

          He’s not perfect (only one man in History was), but he sure as heaven is Gittin-‘er-Done!!


  3. The sherrif is no different from several dozens of others across the country, that believe they have the foundation to do crap like this.

    And while technically he does, being the highest position of law in the county, he is still a fuc**ng hypocrite pandering to the liberal pukes in the state.

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    • What you said Grog man is some critical shit right there. The crux of power on the left.

      What he is betraying is first the thing, County Sheriff’s are “Constitutional Officers of The Law”.
      The USC is supposed to be the only law as in Unalienable, everything else is inalienable, subject to change willynilly by whoever has the most corrupt power. Sheriff’s are supposed to be immune and above that. How they figured into the Precinct System.
      Notice how every precinct in the country is sewed up tighter than a 50 year old virgin’s cunt. Controlled by you guessed it, the leftists. Among a raft of corrupt instruments of power, controlling the votes, managing gerrymander, excluding nomination of unapproved candidates is paramount. Mist states you can not find even a telephone number for who the precinct captains are, never mind get on a local ballot to run for office.

      Comes from the Jeffersonian County/Precinct system, from the Compact of Confederation, which most states adopted for states rights/sovereignty reasons, except Rhode Island, before they pulled the conspiracy in Philadelphia and sprung that moth bitten piece of parchment on everyone which gave us the administrative state and regulatory/executive tyranny the Constitution enabled.. as intended by it’s framers. Why we ended up with the BofR’s.

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  4. 5 stars, really? Sorry Law Enforcement heroes but stars are for military officers. This guy is no Marshall, McArthur, Eisenhower, or Bradley. Even a 4 star is paid a fraction of what a police chief is paid even though a military 4 star has many times the responsibility, many times the liability. Stolen valor.

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    • Legends In Their Own Mind, judge.
      Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Those old philosophers sure knew human nature!


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