9 thoughts on “Now You Are Getting Ridiculous

  1. Somebody needs to distract the idiot and throw a dead critter underneath the car BEFORE he inflates it. The hopefully the owner does not go anywhere for a few days.


  2. Really makes me wonder. Shit, like this incomprehensible thing with the car, we see this ludicrously useless shit nowadays so much aside from it becoming “normal” maybe it ain’t so ridiculously funny. It’s beyond eccentric into thru and out the other side of the twilight zone.

    Is it a movement per say, or a state of mind, like THEM, the human extinction movement, it’s almost like a pattern, like the movements various leadership, see them every day too and they are getting crazier on a logarithmic scale, from obama to Malig-Nancy, all these commie mayors and governors in their 3rd world shithole cities and states, it’s like they get up in the morning, look in the mirror, brush their teeth, and think what and how, can I truly fuck up today.
    Nothing explains the vast scope of it, except it’s at the least, calculated cause & effect.
    The shit comes out of their mouths. They aren’t of this mortal plane, they certainly fucking ain’t of the moral plane of the Christian West. This whole affliction of madness can not be anything but artificially imposed in some hideous form of ideological intent where any means justifies the ends.

    Can it be like some mass mental disorder from something we ain’t aware of, its causing major fucking malfunctions in these dickheads. Granted they already where fucked in the head to begin with. Is some industrial chemical in the environment reached a certain saturation point, in the drinking water, vegetables uptake it from the rain in the soil, cows eat the grass and its in the meat people consume, some crazy organic substance that only effects the cognitive function in sapient brain function, or all those umpteen quadrillion decomposing plastic particles in everything causing peoples brains go into a full fucking retard state.
    Check this disgusting foul behavior out, and if its happening in China, why not the local Kruger’s or wally world.
    I don’t think I will ever be able to eat a potato or an orange from the store without gagging, again now. Already stopped buying meat from the industrial food chain. And now 3/4’s of the pork processors ship their hogs to China to get it industrialized packaged so they don’t have to follow food handling regulations. Who the fuck knows what goes into these products.
    O work, for free for the fun of it, curing and smoking meat in a tiny custom meat shop in my neighborhood, a real nice old farmer started it to serve us locals, salesman and inspectors come in, and the stories they trade about what is used in meat products and how totally corrupted the whole commercial meat industry is, directly because of Fed and State inspectors collusion with organized crime, which all leads to, you wanna guess here who? Yeeeees, the human extinction movement leadership, in the swamp, just like they own thru cutouts the meth addiction “re-habs” across WV raking in billions of federal monies, making billions on both ends of the drug sources illicit or “approved” by guess who? More federal swamp fuckers. Everything is connected. Everything. Follow the money.
    The farmer has had multiple offers to buy his books and go federally inspected. I cured 1100 lbs of bacon & hams for the entire last year, thats how little this meat shop is.

    But this below, this can’t be by total innocent accident either. I no longer believe there is human behavior like this thats not anything, but deliberately caused. It’s not outliers either. Fits a pattern of behavior thinking and action. What that is its beyond my ability to figure out, and can you really ever figure out this mass insanity going down.
    Squint your minds mental eyes a bit, scan the event horizon, things add up, they form patterns, correlations, connections, all this shit is connected in some way thru deliberate intent or social engineering, the art of socially nudging people, in just the right direction.

    If it reaches a certain point, in order for the rest of us sane people are going to have to hunt this virus this plague down and kill it or we won’t survive as anything even remotely resembling what we are now.
    The present is now prologue.

    ‘SHOCK VIDEO: Chinese People Repeatedly Attempt to Spread Coronavirus in Public’


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