16 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Too Safe Out There These Days!

  1. Can ya’ll imagine what that cooter is gonna smell like when it pulls off that body rubber? I cannot see how some one can get their kicks off of seeing or wearing a rubber body condom.


  2. HA! I was joking with my wife last night that it would be a matter of time before there was a run on the adult stores with folks buying up all the latex suits.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

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  3. I bet that she had that suit at hand already, and only needed to add the NIOSH-approved mask/respirator!
    Yep. The French are weird, but no weirder than what you see at WalMart every day…


  4. Your sublime graphic comment “what that cooter is gonna smell like” was what the mind bleach was for.
    Worse than a shit-house door on a mackerel boat.


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