4 thoughts on “The Funerals Will Be Held As Soon As The Quarantine Is Over

  1. Must of been ass wipe Costco or Walmart refused to buy back from the mental midgets of panic who hoarded it but forgot you still got to eat when your laid off because of the very same panic you helped perpetuate like a useless idiot and prime candidate for the big die-off of natural selection..

    News today of a shipment bound for the German Army of 9 million face masks, vanishes from a Kenyan air-freight apron.


    • There was that shipment of ordered and paid sanitary material for Austria. It didn’t make it to the birder: the German government refused the delivery because Germany is running low on that stuff, too.
      There’s that humanitarian aid delivery of sanitary material en route from China to Italy via land transport. It didn’t make it to its destination because the Czechs kept it for themselves.
      So much for the highly praised solidarity within the European Union.


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