4 thoughts on “Coming Up Next…

  1. You know, I am sooooo glaaaaddd we have the government to save us since we have never had a pandemic in our country before!!!!!!!

    Oh, wait……Lets see…..
    Spanish Flu 1918
    Polio up to the late 50’s
    Tuberculosis into the 30’s and on
    Swine Flu 2009
    and a host of others and you know what? People knew enough to stay at a distance without calling it some trendy ‘Social Distancing’ so the millennials would understand. And that is the real problem. They are ‘Dumbing down’ the epidemic so the dumb assed lazy generations from past us Boomers will understand……

    If this was a true kill mankind type of epidemic the numbers from over seas would be hundreds of thousands dead. They are not. Nations like China do not have the same level of care for all patients like we can and therefore their death rates would be astronomically higher if this was the equal of the plague.


  2. I say lets have a corvid party, all of us french kiss and lick each other and get it over in one fell swoop! Fuck, who dies they die, who lives will get an immunity to that virus. What happens when the next virus hits us? do we go though this shit again and again? Fuck that, TIME to start killing politicians that think they can order shit closed, throw people out of work and fuck up someone’s business cuz’ we got the sniffles going around. I am tired of this shit. FUCK politicians and bureaucrats.


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