Coming To A City Near You?


Hard to say at this point but I am not seeing it turn into any kind of ghost town around here.

People have been told to shelter in place, practice social distancing and stay away from crowds.

Hard to do when you live in a megalopolis I suppose.

Trying to imagine Philadelphia or Baltimore, L.A. or New York city is beyond my comprehension.

Millions upon millions of people crammed into small geographic locations and trying to avoid contact with other people.

Good luck with that.

Especially knowing that 99% of those people are wholly unprepared to sustain themselves for two entire weeks at a time without having to go to a store and then throw that whole Just In Time delivery system in on top of that.

We have already seen how that is working.

9 thoughts on “Coming To A City Near You?

  1. The Democrap hovels, commonly known as The Big Cities, are going to explode when the food distribution breaks down or is crippled. People are going to run out of weed, crack, and other dope and are not going to know what to do with themselves, other than riot and kill.

    Gonna get ugly fast if the idiot Gubernators don’t get a clue and go on an emergency footing, and I *don’t* mean the “hunker down and hope” crapola they are pulling…


  2. Read a couple personal accounts talking about how creeped out they felt as city dwellers without all the noise they are accustomed to. Mentioned how they once wished for peace & quiet and how nice that would be.
    Very interesting to me. Have had visitors from heavily populated places, after dark they all become very unsettled like if they are sitting out say in the deck, comments like it’s so quiet here, with this subtle note of uneasiness. You get asked how can you walk around in the dark, doesn’t it scare you, after feeding the pigs and shutting the hen house door for the night.
    Never gave it much thought past being kind of amused it takes all kinds self comment. One thing most who visit are seriously afraid of is deer, like the deer are going to attack them in their car going down the road, it’s like mania, they get all worked up over the possibility, and are very scared about driving at night on roads with no street illumination.

    Striking how un self reliant and helpless they act. It is a shock really, something I don’t even think about and of course nothings to be afraid of unless your afraid of boogeymen in the night or something. Grew up with woods and rural environment. At 6 years old I remember from being by myself walking back from brook fishing or hunting, or from a friends house, fishing right up to dusk because thats when the Brookies have their evening feed and you can fill your creel, or weeding or harvesting the garden, tending animals, right thru sunset till you can’t see. My grand parents never expressed concern if I was out alone like that. They would if say you got back like 9 or 10pm, because you got real deep in a spruce swamp, and had to go around instead of getting stuck up to your waist or something. But the second you said what held you up everything was ok.
    Still do these things. The contrast now from perspectives really gives me pause, what if shit seriously goes south and the modern world goes tits up? Lot of folks are gonna be in a fucking pickle. Like people who have zero the the negative frame of reference with “primitive” to them conditions. Thinking a particular species if Zombies, and I’m not being facetious or derogatory here, zombies like totally lost, scared out of their minds, dependent on things completely outside their experience and reference. And their a shitload of folks potentially be facing similar circumstances.
    I feel for them, I really do. Then I think realities are there for us all to observe and take precautions or preps for possibilities. Where have their heads been all their waking days? History isn’t this mysterious element, if anything, history is a circular artifact of time, replete, about survival or the dirt nap.
    Granted kids and folks helpless like elderly or sick, they are stuck helpless, but the rest, we are a civilized society, a country of adults. Priorities and prudence aren’t the boogymen. Did they really drink the koolaid? Is taking on the victim stance, so powerful for these folks that includes being an ultimate victim of one, yourself, it’s that burnt into the psyche, is it that neurotic a social malady, not just delusional politiks or ideological farce, that the human extinction movement, (THEM), ie the leftist branch of the family tree and islam, has become a class of the human race that are self dirt nap implementing martyrs?

    Sure is a wake the fuck up call. There’s a lot of them. A. LOT. Maybe the Zombie thing is more real, or the possibility, than only the amusement value. Takes a while for 10’s, possibly in the hundreds, of millions of people hungry and without resources, to die off to a level they are not a threat of a plauge of hungry locusts heading out where the only food is located. That spells desperation. The kind of hungry people who will do almost anything to be not hungry.

    There’s millions of good folks who won’t lose their nerve, their cool, who will improvise and adapt. But, it’s pretty obvious, there one shitload of them who will not do anything but go full retard. You get that no matter what, takes all kinds, adds up to a large number because there’s 345, not counting the alien invaders, people in our country. It’s math. Numbers don’t lie.
    After sitting in Wally world last week watching out of state folks, plainly frantic, furtive like feral’s, in some kind of dangerous situation, loading multiple carts of goods into their vehicles, my perspective switched gear range.
    They looked like people, with no defensive resources, taking chances in hostile country. No kidding. Sat in the truck for about an hour looking. They stuck out like a sore thumb. Took a whiles to digest what I seen. These are the folks obviously not from my parts of WV, who aren’t starving, or desperate in real actual, not falsely created illusion, of desperation times either.

    Every day I think more and more, this human extinction movement created false flag panic of a viral pandemic hysteria, and herd/NPC mentality going around, is it not literally the human species trying to survive it’s own kind of self destruction by naturally weeding out the subspecies of THEM?

    The scumbags behind this total fucking bullshit chaos need to go guys. We are facing truly evil foes. They want the west, us Men of The West, liquidated. Gone.
    Afer everything these last weeks, in my mind, I’m of no doubt, there’s those who think men like me are crazed radical to even hint at this, don’t matter, whats going on here is deliberate, it’s destruction in a war, genocide is the proper description.


    • You are a crazed radical Phil Carson, you don’t panic or go along to get along mentality. That makes you a crazed radical and a booger-man to them. That can’t understand you or people like us. We literally scare them and will not process why and learn from it or us. I say good riddance to the waste of O2, H2O and CO2. We really could do with a few less millions of wasted meat sacks. We, meaning most of Phil’s blog boys know down to the smallest cell, to our DNA that we had to learn and adapt and improvise our way of life and how we look at life, God and Family. We knew we needed to learn skills, skills that will make life and civilization and community worth living and sharing. We tried to teach them and they weren’t interested and we know them by their fruits. I know I won’t show much compassion, that time has passed.


      • Between the snotflakes and the snowflakes, they’re either gonna learn *fast*, or die not trying! Either suck it up, buttercup, or become fertilizer. We of the survival mentality don’t have much time or sympathy for you losers.

        Sure gonna get interesting in the next two weeks, guys – our useless Goobernator, Jay Dimslee, ordered a 14 day “sit and squat” order for the state. Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

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        • Main objective egorr, if you want to survive is to survive the first die off.
          This is the big hurdle. Things in relative settle down some after.

          By the end of the 1st big die off cycle, which takes out a lot of the free shit army, or corrals the more fortunate into some camp system, everyone left with a functioning brain cell still able will begin to create enclaves and redoubts. Even then it will probably a hard roe to hoe to survive. Lot of things currently mass and industrial manufactured won’t be. Be a long period where the pre 1964 manufacturing and craft work, lost trades and pre NC machine tools and processing equipment/plant will have a rebirth of sorts.

          The second cycle lead up will see the appearance of criminal elements from state cops to balkanization. The more feral and aggressive survival minded will be putting their prep progtam into full swing by taking your preps and resources. The more cunning of them probably figure why prepare when I can just take it.

          Worst case it’s an ugly dirty bloody miserable period. Lot of the worst are gunning for EOTWAWKI, civilizational anarchy is something they desire.

          Hardest part is you can’t protect what you have, defense of you and your loved ones 24/7. It impossible. You need friends and tribe, people are going to have to work together in ways we ain’t done it since the Colonial Era.
          Steep learning curves with a sudden high impact death rate feature.

          How many bodies are you prepared to stack like cordwood out front of your homestead?
          Time to give that proper thinking is before you got to do it. A part of preparing difficult to qualify and quantify. And even if your as prepared as possible, there’s the little things that become huge things, and even the best allies and tribal cadre, lot of them thought 150 rounds for their SKS was enough to last forever, or 5 20 round boxes of .308 for their Remington 700 bolt gun will do the trick. I’m not joking embellishing or guessing on this last, I have neighbors and friends, that is how they see it, their thinking stops right there. Good folks, best you can know too. They can’t get past discussing anything beyond that threshold. Refuse, flatly.
          One 10 minute firefight, easy you can burn thru the 30 rd mag in your AR, and 320 rounds in ready mags on your gear.
          When that adrenaline starts pumping, you can’t send lead downrange fast enough, the enemy ain’t standing in the open for the movie cameras, all you get are momentary glimpses, shadows, muzzle flashes, you have to pump rounds, if you can’t kill your target, you must suppress it with effective fire keeps the other guys head down, not trying to kill you.

          5-7 thousand rounds is a good start. Try passing off the expenditure of 10,000 rounds off to the old lady, right? And now, it might be too late to get some.
          So extrapolating out from all that, you got allies, tribe, who may be really good trusty people, but they don’t have jack squat to fight with. Thats a fucking FUBAR all it’s own. Do you share your combat capable/reliable AR and ammo, leaving yourself with a .38 and a Mossy 500 because your a nice guy, leaving you and yours without effective combat defensive capabilities?
          But you can’t do everything by yourself. The timeless military axiom about he who defends everything defends shit is brutally accurate.
          Then, if you and your tribe got your shit lined up, how you defend what requires it, requires you to adopt a proactive defense, as in active interdiction patrols. Essentially you go out with a number of other citizen warriors, of course, you need to do some training, know basic combat life saving techniques, have good knowledge of the terrain, natural lines of drift, preferably contact with others in or around your AO, and try to stop those who would take or kill yours, before they get to your valuable centers of life and resources.
          And it only takes like a squad of 6 – 10 really bad cold blooded fuckers who know how to take and murder, to really make your area of operation a bad place. You need to send out even more fellow citizen warriors.
          And the needs of food, firewood, crafting, preparing food, schooling the little ones, caring for sick one, it doesn’t stop. Everything about after SHTF is things that can not be put off, everything is time perishable. Remember, grid down, when the sun goes down, it’s blacker than a coal mine. And your in till the sun rises. Winter nights are long ass times.
          Let me tell you, I worked in the mines, you live/work in darkness so black, when everyone turns off their cap lights, the dark screams at you.

          Life is good in America, at it’s worse right up to this minute it’s the best fucking thing possible in no uncertain terms short of Heaven.
          This shit going down, the fucks creating it are successful, is going to get out of control real fuckin’ fast after a certain stage.

          We come out of this the other side, we are gonna have to hunt these pieces of human shit down. To the last one. Or they will do this again and again till they get lucky. They only got to win once. We have to win every fucking minute.


      • God & Family. Right on!
        Some good tribe and community too.

        At least we be happy warriors.

        What you say. Reminds me of William Ayers manifesto, how 25 million American’s need to die so he and his neo-bolshevik one worlders can control whats left of America.
        Now that was what, back in 64-66? They probably uprated the body count now there’s another 100 million at least since.

        Looks like it’s Escape From LA time. As in what happens in LA won’t be staying in LA. They will spread that shit to every dirty stinking commie controlled shithole.
        It’s all patently a co-ordinated effort, everything right on cue.


  3. My immediate needs have been met.
    I’m thinking someone had a light come on finally. I’m also hoping that there won’t be so much resistance to future prepping because that light came on if you catch my drift.
    It’s amazing just how fast some people wise the fuck up ain’t it?

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    • Phil, the seed was planted and it sprouted, may it become a mighty Oak! It is funny how people, especially women can not see future events, to what to us, Phil’s blog boys is clear as can be. Normal is only a setting on the clothes dryer. but, she knows deep down this is not normal and a different reality is setting in, one she is not comfortable of.


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