16 thoughts on “Why Does This Remind Me Of Pink Floyd?

  1. Seriously, is it an artifact of the digital shutter speed? Very Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Looks like it was taken in northern Texas. They got to have ten thousand of that size turbines across the grain fields there. At night they you can see them flashing far as the curve of the earth.


    • If there’s no Photoshop involved, then it *is* an artifact of the “shutter speed” (or frame rate) of the camera. The CCD chip is scanned at a certain rate and if things are moving you can get some pretty weird effects, just like you see here.

      Very trippy!!


          • Could be both created using artifact and PhotoShop? Pretty nifty bit of creativity.
            It’s sure no lack of weird, at the same time alluring to the mind.

            Subliminal art?
            A beta test of some technique?
            Read recently how Goolag been exposed implementing high tech subliminal suggestion programming on the web to brain fuck people into not voting for Mr. Trump.
            Just what all, are, have they been up to, there’s a whole crowd of them crazy fuckers beieve they are virtual high tech masters of the universe, they are the chosen.


          • Yeah, know exactly what your talking about.
            That type of turbine in the giff above uses a braking system to maintain rpm, it’s “non furling”, also to keep from “overspeeding” conditions in high wind speeds. Variation in the AC cycle rate used in the braking system would give that subtle reversing moment illusion. Even say 2-5 cycles would be enough. Cycles in grid mains AC power are for controlling a precise speed on motors, to keep accurate time on AC clocks, etc.

            Years ago worked at a place with some really crazy brains, one guy built an adjustable AC cycle regulator, hooked it up to the shift buzzer and time clock, couple times he wanted to get out a bit earlier on Friday, sped up the clock about 15 minutes, it was a fucking riot. We all laughed our fucking ass’s off. He would come in on sat or sunday early for OT and slow the clock down to reset it to normal time. I think the boss’s never caught on.

            I built an off grid system, solar and wind, it’s “small wind”, no speed control or braking, not furling either, uses battery load or a “dump load” to keep from over speeding, on the alternator, a permanent magnet type, no commutator or brushes, instead the heavy magnets create drag via magnetic flux. The speed varies a shitload as the battery regulator switches between various loads.
            Needed a generator, because no matter how well your off grid system, or battery capacity, sometimes the sun doesn’t shine for weeks and there’s not enough wing.
            Used an aircooled Beetlebug engine, runs a 1 wire 100amp circle track car alternator and a PMA wired for high rpms. Used an engine speed controller, it reads the signal off the starter gear teeth on the flywheel, via a 2 wire hall effect sensor probe, the controller runs a throttle lever controller, there’s 2 adjustments on the controller to get the rpm you want, it automatically adjusts the throttle on the carb. Pretty nifty setup. One day I grabbed a high output LED weapons light, swithed it to strobe, there’s two rates to select from, it was wild how much the engine varies in speed, tried it on the wind turbine too. Crazy illusion with the blades, using an odd number of five blades. The wind varies quite a bit.


            • I used to pull crap like that in the science lab in HS, Phil – I’d take something that rotates, hook it through a variac, and make it speed up or slow down and strobe it at the same time. If we’d have had the cameras of today (this was in the early/mid 60’s) I could’ve had some pretty trippy still photos of some of the crap I was playing with. The modern electronics of today let you do some pretty crazy stuff, and with microcontrollers (Arduino) you can do even *crazier* stuff on a shoestring budget!

              Ain’t technology wunnerful?!?


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