13 thoughts on “Good Question

    • Dude, ask myself the same everyday. What makes sense is they ain’t going to provide answers. Period. It’s not what they are for in the scheme of things. They are there in part to provide false narratives, components of absolute power corrupted absolutely, dressed up in a skinsuit of legitimate .gov.

      They are attempting another kind of coup. Got the state level scumbags involved this go around. Soros spent billions for this resource.
      The swamp screwed the palace coup pooch. FBI/DOJ/Intelligence Community, (there’s a contradiction in terms), Total Fail, the 5th column media has become a main stream radicalized farce. The .Mil is mostly in CINC Trump’s camp.
      There really ain’t many options remaining.
      Doubling Down. Weaponizing Everything. How they roll always.
      Leaves only a couple of paths to absolute power.

      They are in the Legitimize Themselves, De-legitimize Trump stage of a new coup attempt.
      A race to see who can declare Martial Law first is the objective.
      Then they are going to try to get our rifles.
      It’s all about guns.
      Everything else is fucking look it’s a squirrel bullshit.

      Only way they can accomplish disarming us now. We have too many guns and more than enough ammo now to outlaw us and our rifles via psuedo rule of law corrupt judiciary activism from the bench process since Trump has salted the courts with a majority of so called constitutionalist judges. The lefts fabulous weapon, is kaput. That’s put a serious hurt on the pedo-elites influencing and poltikal powers. Broke a major link in the blackmail/extortion system of #pizzagate and child trafficking.

      Besides most of that they don’t got the operatives and physical resources to disarm America any other way.
      It’s false Martial Law by swamp & deep state, or…, it’s legitimate Martial Law by Legitimate POTUS for legitimate purposes as the USC provides as a last ditch option to preserve the republic from internal domestic enemies and their foreign interests/masters.

      Trump is very capable of averting the total economic disaster component of operation Chink Wuhan Pedo-Virus.
      Actually the guy is doing a good job of it now. They consistently underestimate the man. They anthropomorphize him without fail, can’t imagine a guy who has obtained such a position of power isn’t somehow like them.

      That takes out that aspect of order out of chaos for the most part, “disconnect,” leaves the globo financial casino to wither on the vine, Main Street First becomes the center of economic activity, isolated from the globalists financial consequences enough to give Main Street a decent chance of coming out the other side with resources and economic continuity.
      Painful, very much so, but it’s hard love, and creative destruction in action. It was going to be painful no matter what regardless.

      Or they go to a full nuclear option and take out everything America. Something real nasty beyond the pail of even their capabilities to do evil. This is for all the marbles.
      Lots of foul options there.
      That solves the problem of us dirt people standing in their way. Which has always been the objective to begin with after our guns.

      They have exhausted just about every method except going full globohomo retard.
      Are they willing? Or insane/depraved enough?
      Will you trust them to not?
      You got to figure they have something particularly loathsome even for them ready in the wings to deploy at a moment of high vulnerability they have figured will push everything over the edge.
      Everything they are doing points to a grand set up of diabolical dimensions.
      All or nothing.
      If we can’t have absolute total raw naked power, nobody gets anything, kind of Ragnorak with these scumbags. They have always been scum who have worked tirelessly to keep us from having nice things, inhibit happiness, deprive everyone prosperity.

      Thats how it all looks to me. It’s not complicated, it’s fucking sick. Lot of us have difficulty wrapping our heads around how disgusting, how hideous these fucks are. We don’t do the things they do. It’s not even a thought in our heads. Even when you chew on the truths, some of it still bakes your fucking noodle what psychopaths these pieces of human garbage are, that they been living in our heads and among us all this time doing what they do.

      Where they go wrong is how mean millions of us good folks are getting. The damn of prudence and tolerance is breaking. At a point they can no longer stop the leaks and the damn ruptures.
      There’s no stopping it.

      We are all committed now. Nobody gets to fence sit with their finger in the wind. We all are in it together. Out of that what makes us American’s is reborn.

      Personally I believe this virus stupidity and created chaos is the best thing could happen. Sure it brings out the worst in people but it also brings out whats best in the rest of us. And that has been needed for a long time. Something though that has to come naturally to us.
      Can’t stop BFYTW.
      Thats MAGA, thats how we Win.


    • Here’s one take…

      PANDEMIC and just like that government controls all sporting events, concerts, WHETHER YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WORK, colleges, medical facilities and WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HOME.

      Government has caused the depletion of resources such as toilet paper and food and controls all local travel. Interstate travel is next. They now control you and everything in your life.

      Some jurisdictions are even prohibiting the sale of guns and ammunition and and carrying guns in public just because they think they can, regardless of what the Constitution says.

      The government created mass panic, hysteria and from it complete control. They’re even now contemplating instituting indefinite Incarceration without trial. All over a virus that has a high probability of survival. Although it does suck if you become infected and/or succumb to it.

      They’re taking our freedom, enshrined in the Constitution, practically overnight, because they can and WE LET THEM DO IT.
      See how easy that was?

      (I stole most of this from a meme over at Nosewetters. Although I did embellish it and add some more recent information; for emphasis, ya know. ;-)))


      • Unclezip below me said it in a few words: “We’re being played like a one-string banjo.” This could be the opening salvo, the trigger if you will. People are getting mighty tired of it already, I am wondering when the diarrhea is gonna hit the blades… I am worried about interstate travel, I am moving to Idaho on the 2nd of April from South Dakota. We didn’t panic when the Bird flu hit, nor during the swine flu. This is purely political and it’s gonna bumfuck them in a major way.


        • We have the Gubernator (Inslee) bitching and moaning because the people here in Spokane are pretty much going about their lives, aren’t shivering in our boots, and are still out and about.

          Screw him and the horse he rode in on! Take your “hunker down” and stick it where the sun don’t shine, you useless Leftard POS.
          (Sorry for repeating myself, guys)


  1. As they say on the news shows when they prance out another expert to answer queries from the deplorables.

    “That’s a rrrrrrealy gooood question, Bobo.”


  2. The CPUSA in league with CCP are making their move with the help of the enemedia.
    The sheeple played right into their hands with all the panic buying and wearing of worthless masks that get tossed into the parking lot along with sterile gloves.
    Toilet Paper will be the new currency of the glorious people’s collective utopia.
    Forward! Yes we can.


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