Still Wheelin’ And Dealin’


A young fella at work texted me last night to tell me he scored two of these off Craigslist for $35 apiece.

Can you say instant horse trade?

I had two top boxes, one Kennedy and one Craftsman knock off. The Craftsman was complete, the Kennedy wasn’t and has some other issues.

He just left with the Craftsman Machinist Box and now I have a middle box. I threw in some other gooodies to sweeten the deal for him too.

I have been wanting one of those middle boxes for a long time. Now to do Triage on what stays and what goes but there will be just a smidgeon more room on my work bench later.

It was a win win for both of us.


10 thoughts on “Still Wheelin’ And Dealin’

  1. My first set up was a Beach top and bottom. By the time I found an intermediate, I had outgrown another two.
    All those tools and every year we gotta buy more just keep up.


  2. Serious question… you separate your tools…..I mean do you separate your tools by job, function, woodworking, metal working, plastics?
    I have an old Craftsman 7 drawer flip top with upper tray. I have my wrenches and “car working” tools crammed in there along with some woodworking tools, tape measures, paint can openers, etc.
    It is so jumbled up that it chafes my hinny just trying to find a crescent wrench. Trying to figure out if I should buy a Harbor Freight rolling storage for the wood working stuff or……..
    Any suggestions?


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    • Right now everything is a giant mess.
      I have two full size Snap On roll aways. I try to keep what I consider automotive tools in those. Wrenches, screwdrivers, Allen sets, etc in one, sockets and pliers etc. in the other. I also have my very first roll away that is a small Craftsman unit. The cheapest one they sold. I try and put wood working stuff in that. Now that I am collecting Machinist tools, I have one of those Harbor Freight wooden chests completely full and those two Kennedy’s.
      Or rather, the one Kennedy now.
      In between all of these I have grease guns, tap and die sets, specialty tools and electrical stuff.
      Then there are the power tools, drills, grinders, etc.
      I would like to be able to rearrange all of it, get rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t really use and consolidate things more.
      To make a long answer shorter, yes, I do try to keep things separated for the tasks at hand. It ain’t easy.


    • I keep my tools stored by function. I have several heavy-duty standalone shelves that have plastic bins, and I put the tools in the bins by: Woodworking/household/construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Large power tools, small power tools, Yardwork, and Catchall for those that are too unused to justify being in the other bin(s). My mechanics tools are in the garage in a roll-around cart, my Electronic stuff is in the basement where The Lab is, although I don’t build much stuff any more and just use it for troubleshooting or repair.

      Seems to work for me!


  3. I have a full Kennedy, lower 8 drawer on wheels, two drawer riser, two drawer middle, full machinist’s chest on top. Only has “machinist’s tools” in it. Back to back with a Craftsman 6 drawer on wheels with a Proto box on top. They have general tools, hammers, punches, taps, drill bits and the like. I separate my tools according to where they will be most used in the shop.


  4. I figure everyone comes up with their own solution based on their situation and $$$. I have all the mechanics tools in one cheap Menards rollaway lower/upper with side drawer unit (was over 800 ten years ago). It is only 18″ deep and is now overflowing. Going to have to look for a 24″ deep 41 wide (or wider) if one can be had for non-stratospheric prices. Sadly being in a heavy tool and die region of the country drives the prices way up for used quality tool storage such as Snap On or Kennedy.

    As to electric (household), plumbing and woodworking, settled on a giant zip ripstop canvas bag or dedicated luggable toolbox for each function. That way when one of the kids or family shouts for assistance, it is grab and go.

    This summer project is to consolidate the woodworking to one area in the back of the garage, keeps the sawdust out of the automotive repair and electronics areas.

    Keep praying for Phil to find the farm property of his dreams where there is large barn behind the house, for a mortgage equal to his rent. Just imagine the fun posts under those conditions.


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