Daily Mail article claims that nearly one BILLION people are in lockdown across the globe because of the Corona Virus outbreak

Nearly one BILLION people are in lockdown across the globe as WHO warn young: ‘You are not invincible’


Close to one billion people worldwide were confined to their homes on Saturday as the global coronavirus death toll shot past 11,000 and US states rolled out lockdown measures already imposed across swathes of Europe.

The pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting schools and forcing millions to work from home.

While President Donald Trump insisted the United States was ‘winning’ the war against the virus, individual states dramatically ramped up restrictions, with New York and Illinois joining California in ordering residents to stay home.

The virus death toll surged past 11,000 worldwide, with 4,000 alone in worst-hit Italy where the daily number of fatalities has shot up relentlessly over the past week.

An estimated 900 million people are now confined to their homes in 35 countries around the world – including 600 million hemmed in by obligatory government lockdown orders – according to an AFP tally.

While the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are the hardest hit by the virus, the World Health Organization warned that young people were also vulnerable.

When the Chinese government responded to the original outbreak with a full on Military DEFCON 1 response, every swinging dick in every government around the world should have have snapped to attention.

The fact that no one in ours did speaks volumes to me.

13 thoughts on “Daily Mail article claims that nearly one BILLION people are in lockdown across the globe because of the Corona Virus outbreak

  1. It’s so calm and laidback in WV here, it is actually very nice. You would hardly notice the crazed panic and idiotic domestic enemy power grabs out in the world was taking place.

    Few minutes ago was outside enjoying how quite it is, 2 neighbors stopped on their way off the ridge asked if they could pick us up something in town.
    Have been off the ridge once in 7 weeks. Wanted to go check for myself what it looked like at some stores with all the rumors of out of staters buying up everything. That last part was true if the folks who I talked with were not embellishing. Was in Save-Alot, it’s tucked off the main street, about half a mile in a cove, usual 5-10 people shopping, before ringing out must have been 50, all locals I could tell, know most by sight at least, there’s only a bit over 2000 residents in our county, about 3/4’s size of Rhode Island, the chin music in the store was about a horde of out of staters over at wally-world and food lion, stuffing 2 or more carts, with stuff, and coming back in again, cleaned out both places in a couple hours. I noticed as I made my way thru town to state route 19, they where driving like chickens without heads, frantic driving.
    Drove thru wally-world parking lot to see on the way back home, and they where BS’ing, one guy was guiding 3 shopping carts up to the back of his Escalade, people where running across the lot into the entrances.

    Whats it gonna be like if shit really drops in the pot was going thru my head. These people I seen myself looked loony toons, frantic in a word.
    I understood then why the locals at Save-Alot where yakking it up and subtly shaking their heads about what they seen.

    All’s you got to do is stock up over time little bit here and there, shop wisely, save bucks too, by on sale in bulk, in weeks or a few months your pretty well set up with a decent reserve. Buy what you usually eat, and rotate that stock. We do that normally, its stupid easy.
    For a while once a month, throw a 5 gal pail with a cover in the cart, while shopping regular, try to stuff a weeks food for 2 people in the bucket, $35 bucks got me a basic varied diet, got to be inspiring what can be stuffed in those 5 gal buckets, started making buckets with certain classes of goods, canning lids, sugar/salt, ketchup, brown sugar, flour, baking soda, make up ones with tin foil, or laundry detergent, or all canned high fat/protien canned goods, smoked herrings and sardines, spam, corn-beef hash, tuna.
    We made up a few in case a neighbor was in need, just hand them a bucket of beans/rice/hot chocolate, tuna & chicken, some candy, cornbread mix, canned or dry milk, sugar and a spice or ketchup, bulk size can pf Jiff peanut butter etc.
    Hadn’t open any of them going back 7-8 years, the wife went to see how what is in the buckets had faired, excellent. She opened a 5 lb can of Jiff & strawberry jam, it was from 2009, tasted like we bought it yesterday. We even filled a couple buckets with seeds we got at seasons end for 25 cents a package. What the hell, tried some peas, tomato and cabbage seeds, dip me in shit, just about everything’s sprouted so far and its been 10 days.

    Forgetting about the buckets over time, and looking at them now, it’s a lot of really good food and supplies. They stacked in a corners of the pantry, where they was used to make 1 by pine shelving for our regular canned and store bought.
    Oh yeah, with some buckets when I could remember, rang them out on a separate receipt and put those in with the food. Some items have tripled in price, almost everything is close at least to double now. Money in the bank of you give it a think. Where can you double your money like that? Then eat the nut.

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    • Did you ever see the video I posted a long time ago about the vacuum pump/ canner combo that I copied?

      You can vacuum seal anything that is considered a “Dry” goods item inside canning jars with it.


  2. Ya know Phil, thats the question. This whole “pandemic” stinks like a rat. Like a combination of globullshit-colding, the blood thirsty pantsuit’s non existant Benghazi emails, add in some Julian Assange political torture, and the lightbringer’s birth certificate, and bing! You have yourself a world wide false flag operation.

    Notice, the central caveat is based in plausible deniability, which aside weaponizing everything, is the globo-pedo central modus operandi, always. It’s how these clowns roll.

    In science, real scientists and physisists have a basic fool-prrof technique for exposing fraud, where if it isn’t falsifiable, it is not provable, thus it’s not true. Sounds kind of counter intuitive, right?
    “Any theory that cannot be scientifically tested; and is simultaneously self-fulfilling; is, by its nature, a false theory”

    Follow the bread crumbs, decide for yourself, right to a totally expert scientific false flag actor, who is connected to the globohomo cabal at the highest levels, in one of Sundance’s excellent investigative pieces. Guess who shows up along the trail of breadcrumbs too?
    And it dovetails spot on with the actions of globo-pedo domestic traitors infesting our Republic’s workings undermining MAGA.

    Political Health – The Motives of a Very, Very, Political Dr. Fauci…

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    • Was it you that sent me the link to the story about those rich assholes up in the Hamptons running amok buying every fucking thing that ain’t nailed down and treating the year rounders like shit?
      Bastards come flying on already infected with the Kung Flu even.
      Burning a few mansions to the ground would be something to day dream about now wouldn’t it?
      Yeah, that’s the ticket, Day Dreams.
      Not like actually burning the motherfuckers to the ground with said infected rich assholes inside.
      Because that would be bad.
      Or so I’m told.


      • https://nypost.com/2020/03/19/we-should-blow-up-the-bridges-coronavirus-leads-to-class-warfare-in-hamptons/

        Hypothetically in another universe, it would never happen here, but be a shame if their vacations where interrupted by many petty little annoyances like power pole transformers that feed their property end up with high velocity holes, many key little bridges over tidal creeks fell in the water, their vehicles suffered an unexplainable rash of flats, little things like that, they can really mess up your bug out holiday.
        Folks who are fed up with their codes and way of life being invaded then violated by truly selfish inconsiderate people can get creatively mean.

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          • You fucking know it.
            Contrary to certain quarters, many of us “old white guys”, us old curmudgeons, have considerable life and time unique skills sets. Pretty much 100% confident there are others that are exceptionally cunning, creative, and understand the improvisational elements of open source payback to a very fine degree.

            Gives one that heart warming warm fuzzy.

            You read this? ( not to mention all the pretty obvious smack talk from the usual domestic enemies and other suspects regarding martial law, calling out the NG, and other ideal totalitarian elements of imposing raw naked power)


            What’s your insights?

            A, me thinks the deep-state globo=pedos media organs might be getting a little nervous, are preparing the sheep with rhetorical battleground double think for if the God Emperor calls constitutional martial law, which would be most dangerous to them, so they are attempting to paint martial law by Trump as usual, something only the racist hideous leader of MAGA could do and of course such power is soooo unethical and fascist.

            B, it’s a mind job by Barr to flush out deep state actors. (highly doubtful, I’m convinced he’s simply another deep state agent provocateur. a crafty one nonetheless)

            C, something is in the wind, there is a planned attempt to physically remove Trump from power, so employing the rhetorical battle space they are getting people ready for another coup attempt they think will be successful this time.

            D, how committed, how determined globohomo is, with the Chicom Soviet apparatus and swamp/corporate co-conspirators, they own lock stock and barrel, which is involved up to it’s neck within our sovereign borders, to pull off a coup, is this then laying the optics for Trump’s removal.

            E, i seriously smell a rat here regardless if anything above is credible. The deep state is trying to survive, it’s exhausted all deniably plausible resources in it’s never ending palace coup.

            F, typical nonstop 24/7/365 shit-stirring, totally confuse every issue with phony publication across the media, order out of chaos in real time, keep people confused, misdirection always, create false conflict of interests, always distract from the key dangerous, existential truths.

            The wuhan chink false flag pandemic via its bought western media, no more talk of #pizzagate or of massive arrests of pedo culture or it’s depraved Pedowood faction, nothing about Clinton’s live Judicial Watch deposition, of course screening out any publication of Trump’s MAGA successes and his over all victory over the statist-quo, they are hedging their bets Trump is capable of averting economic disaster, they need a bigger false flag. Endless possibilities.

            Truth is Conspiracy Theory IS the history of these scumbags organization to take us dirt people out.


          • Never piss of an Engineer. He knows how it’s screwed together, and he can figure out how to UNscrew it. Rapidly.

            I also know how to apply energy in a specific place at a specific time, which aids in rapid disassembly.


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