A Little Bit Of Improvement On The Home Front

Anyone that has been reading my stuff for very long has most assuredly seen me ranting about The Wifely Unit and my inability to convince her to get with the program when it comes to even the slightest bit of preparedness.

At least once, if not multiple times.

It has driven me nuts ever since we got married that she will only go shopping for a weeks worth of groceries at a time.

Not only that, she crawls up my ass whenever I try to start stacking stuff up for emergencies or even when I find something we do buy constantly on sale and try to stock some extra.

Well there may just be a sliver of a silver lining in the current craziness revolving around this Kung Flu Pandemic after all.

I was actually hoping there would be in this regard.

Our oldest son, who is autistic, has a very part time job. A couple of hours, one day a week , dumping trash cans or something in an office building.

The Wifely Unit drops him off and then runs and does her shopping for the week while she doesn’t have to keep an eye on him.

That went out the window, at least temporarily, with this Corona Virus bullshit.

So she didn’t get to the store last Tuesday.

Which means by Friday, today, the fridge and cupboards were very noticeably getting much larger as there wasn’t much in them.

Couple that with the non stop fear mongering by the motherfuckers in the Media and the toilet paper hoarding that she is exposed to constantly and then multiply it several times by me riding her ass and I think the little light finally flickered on.

She has been putting off going to the store all week.

I know damn good and well that the fear mongering has been working on her so she has been using the excuse of not wanting to take the boy with her all week.

I am off work on Friday so she made plans to go today while I was available to stay home and watch him.

I told her to shop for two weeks at a bare minimum and she readily agreed that it would be prudent to do so.

She went all out.

The trunk of her little car was full, the back seat was full and the passenger seat was full.

She complained loudly at what it all cost too.

Way, way, more than she has ever bought at one time in the eight years we have been together.

She even bought stuff to put in the new freezer.

Oh she didn’t like it by any stretch of the imagination and I most certainly heard about it.

But she did it.

I told her I was very proud of her and I am.

The real shocker came after she got about half way done putting it all away.

She realized that she had forgotten some things and needed to go back!

I told her she was going to have to wait because she has been gone for hours and now I needed to run out and get a few things, she could go back after I got home.

While I was out, I stopped at a local butcher and grabbed a couple things to throw in that freezer also. Not a whole lot but some.

She just got back from another run at Wally World for the things she forgot the first time and the trunk was full again. She even scored on a big bottle of hand sanitizer. They are still  getting hammered on the toilet paper up there and were out again though.

So we should be good for a couple of weeks, minimum.

It’s a start and I’ll take that.

Asswipe we still have and will be a score as one can in the mean time thing.

I do have a few long term items stashed away, nothing even close to what I used to have but at least the vulnerabilities of the Just In Time food distribution system have finally been laid bare for her to see first hand.  Maybe now there won’t be quite so much resistance to having an emergency food stash or having more than just one of everything like there has been in the past.

She is still putting things away as I type.

I am hoping against hope that this isn’t a one time thing in the sense that reality may have finally penetrated her thick skull.

She comes from Norwegian stock and their stubbornness is legendary world wide for good reason.

At least temporarily, the normalcy bias finally got a swift kick in the ass though.

Either way, now that I know she is capable, the leveraging will begin anew.

20 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Improvement On The Home Front

  1. i too had a problem with that mindset, but after a few years now, she goes along with the program
    a long time ago, i learned that food is better than money. and along with a full ammo load.
    you learned fast in the 101st back then.

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    • She’s got pretty thick skin.
      As a matter of fact, she has learned some things very well. She is damn near as ornery as I am anymore.
      Who’da thunk it?


      • That is to be expected Phil, iffn’ she has Norge Blood in her… Us Northern Scandinavians are a stubborn, contentious lot. At least the ones that came over before they became pussified.


        • Phil, does that mean you got contagious ornery? CDC on your ass in about 3 secs. One thing I did couple years ago. I went to the local janitorial supply and bought a box of TP- 12 giant rolls. The kind used commercially. Then bought round concrete forms at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The rolls fit nicely into them and sealed up the ends. Been up in the rafters in the garage, soon ready to pull out. They even had the wall mount to put them in, but really just lay them on the floor and it works just fine.


  2. We live on the Oregon coast, and very near the Tsunami zone, so we’ve been armored up, so to speak, for some time now. This craziness is no big deal for us. We’re ready.

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  3. We are starting week two of isolation. When we shut the house down October all the fridge and freezer stuff either came with us or went to our daughter’s place. Having long term storage has allowed us to come directly home and fort up. Sure we lucked out by getting some amazon deliveries, but they weren’t essential. It was good to have the option of not going shopping. Might go in another week, if we are well.

    I will be happy when the lake thaws out and I can add some fresh fish to the mix.


  4. I wrote this yesterday 20-MAR after my grocery store excursion:

    I went to my local grocery store this morning at 6:00AM. The paper had a piece yesterday about this and other grocery chains in the area having “early shopping hours” for Seniors. The paper got the days wrong.

    Store is limiting quantities of ANY item to four. Canned meat (No Spam), tuna fish some stock but limited. Store is putting cut cases on the shelves. 8 Wire bins they use for canned tuna along the bottom shelf EMPTY. Sardines – None. Spaghetti, regular brands and shapes out of stock, shelves mostly empty. Jars of Spaghetti Sauce – None. TP, kleenex, etc. – None. Peanut butter and jelly – None. Canned vegetables – None. Canned beans – None. Some dried beans and peas available. There used to be about 8 feet of shelf space, four shelves high used to stock dried beans, lentils, peas, barley and cracked wheat. MOSTLY BARE ASSED NAKED.

    Fresh chicken – they had about two dozen double packs of Perdue boneless, skinless chicken tits for $7.50lb. Whole lamb legs, which I had never seen in this store before, I didn’t look at the price as I don’t care for lamb. The fresh meat (beef) case had VERY limited cut and quantity selection.

    Fresh fruit and vegetables look well stocked, although they’ve jacked the prices up about 50%.

    This store looks like the pictures we used to see of grocery stores in Russia during the cold war. Hundreds of feet of shelves, BARE ASSED NAKED.

    I was trying to replenish what I had used this week. Wasn’t too successful.


  5. Well,there’s your answer! I’m Norwegian and I hate to spend money. That’s your wife’s problem; spending more then the situation needs at that time. I bet spending THAT MUCH MONEY for those supplies;took an enormous amount of energy.
    Poor thing, probably won’t be able to reconcile that event for quite a while!!!

    (and NO, the stubborn doesn’t come from my Norski side; it comes from the German side!!)


  6. Hey Phil: You might consider Home Depot and Lowes for your TP and paper Towels…last time I was in, down here in AZ, they had a couple of pallets sitting on the floor besides their cleaning supplies aisle.


  7. Been somewhat prepared for awhile now but my wife has never looked at in the same way i have. Until the last week or so, and now she is finally coming around. Its good to have her finally on board and i totally understand your frustration.


  8. There ain’t no atheists in fox holes.

    It’s a really nice experience having actualization like that Phil.
    After all, who is your ultimate peer of equals but separate honors.
    I didn’t marry mine because I was sadistic and craved smart mouth female comments about my serious actions to protect her by all means. For being a Man.
    It’s very satisfying having such affirmation bestowed upon one.
    I hope and believe yours will fully embrace it. As only the woman folk can once they stop thinking with their inner vagina, or is that thinking properly with their matriarchal duties?
    Complex mysterious creatures of emotion.

    My wifely unit paid me one of those rare almost non-existent verbal compliments for doing a Man’s duty, (duh, like all along, what’s in the solemn oath I vowed with my hand on the bible?).

    From hearing the refrain over the years regarding what “wtf are you spending all that money on guns for” (and other shit & long term resources, which I politely ignored as my vow is inviolate). The first time I ordered up 4, 96 roll cases, of TP back about 2009 she twirled her finger by her head to the UPS driver while I tried to explain, now comments or observations like “we sure are all set in that department”, “I understand now why you used to say if you had the money you would fill the whole back storage with toilet paper because it would be the ultimate trade good” to “Honey, you need more ammo”, even one day in the local mom & pop sporting goods, “Hon? I like this rifle, you should get it”, picking the rifle out all herself while I’m across the store trying on boots, (Holy Sheeeet!). A Ruger Scout Rifle in .308 no less. Too bad it was the most inaccurate weapon I have ever owned, think it was a factory lemon. But worked out very well, traded it for a turned in WV State Police Ithaca 12ga riot gun, a charter arms aluminum and titanium 38 for her, and a pre G model TC Contender receiver.
    The Ithaca was the real score, but had never been fully taken down and cleaned, it jammed and couldn’t tell if the trigger disconnect worked. Now it runs slick as a pat of butter on a hot skillet. It’s a true beauty of a combat shogun, even put a military repro bayonet lug Sarco’s was selling on it to make a pseudo trench gun. Good deal all around now I got an ally instead of an adversary.

    The transformation is like the best sunny summer day shining down on you all of a sudden showing up.
    One less mental burden to be concerned with.

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    • That is sweet! Working together instead of matrimonial disharmony. One knows his duties and one doesn’t does not work, ask me how I know that. Lord I tried to explain the ways of the world to a preacher’s daughter that knew she was gonna be Raptured first off. I told her and tried to teach her we had to go through some turmoil and tribulations first… It would be nice to survive that and maybe get out ahead before we were called, iffn’ we be the ones called. After 12 years of marriage I was asked to leave. So I did, I left very quietly and lived as off the grid as I could, mainly to piss her attorney off as he wasn’t able to serve me. Childish on my part yes, it was fun. BFYTW. The attorney would send me all records by email, but email is not considered served unless I responded. I have done well on my part, have what I need and don’t need much. It would be nice to have a warm cuddly woman to share, but women that are aware and prepared or willing to put a quiet effort to be prepared and to learn are far and few between.


  9. My wife unit is a rare gem – she’s one heckuva prepper, and we both know how to put things (except money!) in storage for a rainy day – it helps that my Church teaches, recommends, and helps with having food storage and a little cash for 3 months, the goal being 2 years’ worth! As others pointed out, you can do it a little at a time, here an extra box or can, there a bit of dehydrated stuff (like milk)!

    We’ve had our 2-year home food storage for 30+ years, a gentle reminder that you DO need to rotate it… For grins and giggles and a nice dry run, see if you can live off your home storage for a month – no going to the store for ANYthing. No gas. No water. No medical, either (prescriptions, etc.). Looks like all that planning paid off now, although we are living normally currently. Only one debt we have, our house payments. Anything breaks, we fix rather than buy a new one. It helps that I can fix anything mechanical, electronic, electrical, plumbing, automotive, etc.

    I’m reminded of the old adage I learned 50+ years ago:
    “Use it up, wear it out.
    Make it do, or do without!”

    Sound advice in ANY circumstance!! Hang tough, everybody. It ain’t over yet, not by a long shot.

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  10. Good news, with any luck she could be a first-class prepper. Things are looking
    up in Burnt Scrotum CA. Since the grocery stores began limiting high demand
    items, things are slowly getting back to normal. This experience has convinced
    me that I have to up my game. Normally, I keep about 150 canned goods on the
    shelves plus a few filled with dry goods. Luckily, I have a lot of shelf space in
    some bedroom closets. The small freezer arrives on Monday.

    The normal routine was to refill the canned goods on a weekly basis after using
    some of them throughout the week. My plan is to double or triple the canned
    and dry goods and keep both freezers jam-packed and maintained in the
    same fashion.

    One word of advice on canned goods: Once a month, rotate the canned foods
    by the use-by date. When I got serious, I had to shitcan about 10 percent of
    the lot. Also, toss your flour into the freezer for a few days to kill any critters
    that might have survived. They filter out the critters on the production line,
    but a few eggs usually get through. Another thing you can do is strip any
    bulky packaging that came with foods you intend to freeze. Get a marker
    and add the date, cooking instructions, etc. before you put them in the


  11. My wife is kind of a food hoarder. We buy EVERYTHING in bulk and store it one way or another. Vacuum sealing being the preferred way. I have two 600 lb freezers full of meat and veggies so we will never do without – and neither will the neighbors if need be. Might be there in a way for now as the local grocery store is basically out of staples. Once a year we clean out the meat that may be going south and make a shitload of tamales. Good eating.


  12. I guess I should also say that we eat very well and healthy. I have rib eyes, filet mignon and lots of other kinds of beef with enough chicken and pork to keep me very happy. You would be surprised how many potatos and onions you can grow in a small area.

    And the generator capacity to keep it.


  13. Two females and two males in our household so definitely here the toilet paper comments. Searched three hours for toilet paper on Saturday – no dice. Found some yesterday and did a Snoopy Happy Dance – Fookin’ A !!

    I’m the prepper of the family and its payed off Big Time now. Like your wife, mine has seen the realization that it isn’t clutter if it is Vitally Needed somewhere down the line. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are having a Light Bulb moment too.


  14. Our Prime Minister has just (2030 GMT) that the UK has been placed in total lock down. You can go out of your house for ESSENTIAL shopping, for funerals, for an hours exercise and for urgent medical appointments. All gatherings of more than 2 people WILL be dispersed by the Police. All places of worship are closed. Only ESSENTIAL shops will remain open, all other businesses will close.


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