This Picture Says It All



Watch as the people of this nation hunker down, weather this shit storm and come back out the other side with a vengeance.

It is absolutely part of being an American.

We as a nation have donated more to other countries in their times of need than any other country in the world by a large margin.

We will take care of our own and when the dust settles we will figure out what the new normal is and get right back to work doing what we do best because we are the hardest working sonsabitches on this planet and we get shit done when it counts.

This will be no different than any other national catastrophe we have been through in that regard.





17 thoughts on “This Picture Says It All

  1. China has no f*cking idea what’s in store for them. That bullshit they pulled last week saying they were going to cut off our prescription drug supply can not, will not stand. Every one reading these freedom blogs needs to write a letter to President Trump tlling him to declare prescription drug production a vital strategic interest and to bring it back on shore. I wrote my letter last week. White House contact info:


    • In WV where we live thats what people do regular, charity. No government needed. Get to see it all the time, a custom meat shop I do the curing and smoking for, there’s people who donate pigs and cows, plus pay for the butchering and wrapping, all the time, they contribute to those less fortunate.
      That crazy ass biblical flood that came thru 5 years back, one farmer donated 32 hogs for us to grind into sausage that was delivered and then contributed to the area volunteer fire departments for them to hand out along with the other charity they distributed.
      We all volunteered to work for free cutting up the hogs, and drop off the cases of bagged sausage to various charity locations. Everyone does a little part, it’s easy and the spirit of it is contagious.

      Funny thing, and such a contrast, was back when the light bringer and his obots still controlled FEMA, they all strutted in, took over a week to arrive don’t you know, very important people, they promptly ordered dozens of roll-off 30 yard dumpsters and land filled everything at the charity locations. Mountains of clothes, pots and pans, even vehicles people donated, freezers and fridges full of donated food, they left nothing, cleaned everything out under a bullshit federal regulation guise it could not be determined it wasn’t “tainted” or contaminated goods.
      Thing is, everyone was basically over the flood, even those whose homes where washed away, had new or repaired abodes via community charity and labor. The saw mills not washed away donated flatbeds of lumber for everyone to get what they needed to fix their places up. FEMA burned stacks of it, plainly out of spite, the excise was it could be limber with invasive species.
      The attitude of contempt the FEMA people displayed was thick enough to cut with a knife. They got downright vindictive with people and the charity thats simply a matter of course in these secluded ridges and hollows.
      But they seem to hold automatic contempt for us mouth breathing knuckle dragging Appalachian mountain folk in any case.

      Hardly phased any of us, few even talked about it but to spread news of the essentials necessary to bypass and defy FEMA, people just ignored them and kept right on helping each-other. There was many instances of threats to arrest and jail those who defied FEMA’s orders, 3 I heard ended up in jail, the local judges simply dismissed everything with no paperwork.
      Same happened when the Derachio hit us. Before “official’s” did anything, the thousands of trees down across roads all chainsawed up, the wood staked for anyone needing it, food pantries went into overdrive because most of us had no power to keep food in freezers and fridges, restaurants had all you could eat BBQ for a buck or any donation or not instead of throwing out the food in their walk-ins. Lot of the counties are as poor as the people living in them, so there just isn’t much welfare or public works outside a sheriff and a few deputies, a clerks/assessors office, county court. Lot of tiny churches pepper these mountains, it’s all community built, run and financed with tilth and volunteers. So it is not much of a leap to extend that basic state of charity outwards, and it does very well too, people know best what needs doing in their neck of the woods.

      Took 9 of us miners 12 hours to cut our way off the mountain we worked on after the Derechio, 7 miles, 12 hours, give you how many blow downs there was. We ran out of premix oil, the last mile was by axe and buck saw.
      When we got down to the town below, 30 miles of road to my house was all cleared, never saw a single government vehicle the whole time. Mostly it was forst notched out by the loggers coming off there sites heading home who simply cut their way thru it all. They cut a basic notch thru a pile of trees, then everyone else went at what was left, stacked it up by the ditches for the taking.

      I like to think nothings unusual about all this, that dirt people all over have charity in their hearts. Of course this does not fit the approved narratives of the fake enemy media bullshit artists.
      But I know we all in my AO know the truth. Such truth shared, making connections, linking up, that really counts.

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      • When I loved in Southern Alabama I belong to a Baptist Church and was involved in the Baptist Disaster Relief organization and we would head into a disaster area way before Red Cross and FEMA got there was already at work clearing damage from houses and trees across roads. Both agencies would come in and throw their weight around and started ordering us to stop. We looked at them, said to them ‘Well, Bless your pea picking heart” (Southerners know what that really means) and we would back to work and ignore them. A few times home owners would run them off at gun point saying they were here to help and didn’t require a waiver, any paper work or conditions, get the hell off of my property! Oh they tried to shut us down, but, not only we had proper tools we were armed to the teeth as well. Local Sheriffs a few times had to escort Red Cross and FEMA away… We worked real well with Salvation Army and a lot of times camped and ate together and had a lot of open air Services together. I have no love or respect for Red Cross or FEMA.


  2. Bravo!
    Spirit of America.

    Somebody started a Christmas light thing to show solidarity and the belief in faith and hope. Great idea thats spreading across meatspace. We put our lights back up last night. A number of people driving by gave the old honk honk.

    Alive & well, not withstanding decades of rotten to the core assholes trying to force feed the total lies how rotten we are as a people and their truly hateful bigoted made up narrative we are race supremacists because of our skin color.
    What did you say being a racist is again?
    Well of course we are partial to our own kind, partial to our families, our tribes, our communities and country our culture and way of life. Since when is this some automatic crime or bullshit made-up crime of prejudice?
    Is it not the exact opposite, that those perpetrating this BS are the ones with the depraved hate, bigotry, committing crimes of pogrom and genocide?

    I see Mr. Trump as being a superb leader in these regards. Positivity. Winning. Not taking any crap. Sticking to convictions. 1st Principles. Making the nine western virtues great again. Above all making prudence in all things the go to gold standard.
    It is just the leadership that is needed.
    Growing up and up till now, the advent of leaders and figures who inspire us had been suppressed to a unprecedented high degree, something very apparent at least in my narrow time frame generation caught between the boomers and the free shit army.
    I remember the rapid dissolution of leaders and inspirers, thought leaders in particular, which the alt-media has made great again, along with the assault of the revisionists to alter and disappear vital key history, no doubt how it got a head of steam not too long after they murdered JFK, can’t be having leaders who inspire people to do things they never thought possible, to do the impossible, like the origins of Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind.

    If there’s anything so bad it’s good for something it’s this fabricated false flag pandemic event to try and undermine Mr. Trump. It is already backfiring as people become united and come together in solidarity. Really great things. Motive power & audacity as American’s who never say die, thats powerful mojo. Including BFYTW.
    Just proves nobody can tell us true American’s who we are. The same place within us and our dignity of liberty, that our sprit comes from.
    The fulcrum of freedom and happiness.

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  3. We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you!
    I can’t believe I made it thru the ’40s, the ’50s, the ’60s, the ’70s, the ’80s, the ’90s, the ’00s, the ’10s without you.
    Actually I do know how: with a just little bit of help from H-m.


  4. The worst of this may be over. The population out here in Burnt Scrotum CA
    is about 75,000. I have long suspected that the hoarders were coming up
    from Riverside and other parts of San Bernardino counties. Once the hoarders
    in Upland, Cucamonga, Fontana, etc. emptied out the stores, everybody was
    forced to get into the act.


    Most of the big grocery store chains have imposed limits on high demand goods.
    Stater Brothers (the closest store to me) placed these limits on March 8. Just
    yesterday, the store shelves were still bare. This makes perfect sense! The
    Most of the 75,000 locals were getting dry-fucked by the hoarders. For close
    to 2 weeks, they could not buy a carton of eggs, canned goods, meats, ass-
    wipe, etc.

    Expect a lag that might last a week or so, but things will shortly return to

    Here is a short list of stores with these policies in my area:

    Stater Brothers

    Hit the Intertubes and make a list of the stores in your area and share them with
    friends, family members, and neighbors.

    PS Dollar Tree and other stores in the area are cleaning, sanitizing and stocking
    their shelves and reserving the first hour for the elderly. While the senior centers
    in the area are no longer holding free or low-cost lunches, the geezers can get
    packaged meals to go.


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