The Entire State Of California Just Shut Down

I’m at work and trying to post this.  I got an Email blast from the LA Times announcing that the entire state has now been ordered to shelter in place.   My bet is that  Portland will be there tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “The Entire State Of California Just Shut Down

    • This is so much bullcrap. Where are all the sick people? I haven’t heard word one on the news about any hospital anywhere being overwhelmed by floods of sick people. Where are they at? Because of this the person renting my house is not going to be able to go to work, so who pays the rent? I still have to pay the mortgage.


        • I’m betting that even though the mortgage payments might get suspended, the interest keeps on accruing. You will definitely not be able to resume right where you left off…That’s banking for you, in any country…..


      • Don’t stop the dirty stinking commies!
        They are pitch perfect.
        Just what is required.
        Each playing tin pot Chairman Mao, making their idiotic pseudo declarations of Martial Law.
        It’s perfect.

        From the beginning President Trump was always going to have to declare Constitutional Martial Law as only POTUS has the legitimate power to declare.
        Too many enemies infesting every crook and crevice of our civilization, deliberately so, and thats the crux of the politikal/economic power struggle from 11-8-2016 to right now.

        In simplest terms, Mr. Trump is yet to take full power as POTUS.
        In almost every respect. Except the respect and admiration of the Deplorable’s and a fast increasing number of dirt people as they spy the enemies foreign & domestic among our midsts.
        And this is exactly as it should be. Solidarity growing for MAGA & KAG among the dirt people, Nationalism, is everything.

        The rats and traitors have made themselves highly visible.
        This is very critical. In order to for Trump to declare Martial Law in line with his indomitable leadership to follow the letter of the rule of law along with the approval of a plurality who are motivated to do things which are effective and in line with long standing traditional American values there must be clear and present dangers which give just and proper credence to the power inherent in Martial Law. In other-words unquestionable support by the Deplorable’s, who trust Mr. Trump just like they voted for him as their Captain to begin with.

        These tin pot banana republic state dickless-tators are walking right into a trap of their own making: specifically States Rights, which prior to present they have taken every opportunity to destroy, from constitutional amendments, judicial activism from the bench, to creating the Cloven/Piven welfare state, and federal administrative/regulatory tyranny power of total invasion into every facet of the sphere of our lives.
        And all of a sudden they are resorting to the power of States Rights, to undermine, The State. It’s a very instructional dichotomy in itself.
        But what the effect of declaring these individual dicktatorial orders of dicktat on individual state levels is is making martial law mainstream among the dirt people.
        In effect making the idea of President Trump declaring Martial Law acceptable.

        Alway believed from the beginning Mr. Trump would have to declare Martial Law in order to fulfill the objectives, known and unknown, of MAGA and KAG.
        It just struck me as inevitable, even before we all became privy to, as Trump himself says, how bad things really are.
        JFK said “You have no fucking idea how truly fucked up everything fucking is”
        Then they gave the guy the dirt nap.
        Where JFK fucked up was not declaring Martial Law.
        Ronnie Raygun screwed the pooch too.

        Just as well. If there is anyone who could be trusted, a Cincinnatus, another George of The Wash, to do the Martial Law option, where such total raw naked power, as in absolute power corrupts absolutely, I’d bet my right arm Trump would not be corrupted and fulfill the profound Constitutional and founding purpose of Martial Law, which is an ultimate option for saving and preserving The Republic.
        Only the most virtuous and prudent are capable of this.
        Trump as a man, as an American, as a properly legitimately elected populous leader has establish his honesty and trustworthiness. He has never crossed the line, tempted by revenge, or expedient impulsive excuse, to take the easy corrupt path.
        Of course the proof of that is the wide open throttle hate and contempt, the non-stop efforts to portray the guy as corrupt, without virtue or moral compass, illegitimate rained down on the guy by the mouthpieces of our enemies within our midsts.

        Trump & Q have stated in no uncertain terms most of us are not ready for how truly fucked up everything is, until specifically, people must become first united and then acclimated to this ugly body of truth. Where one goes all must go.
        Then we really Win.

        Trump & Martial Law go together like peanut-butter & jelly.
        With Martial Law everything is possible in ways nothing else can accomplish, except open armed revolution to restore ordered Liberty by us dirt people.

        Got ZERO knowledge about it, but Martial Law is the most logical option. It only needs the legitimacy of obvious accepted necessity. It’s legality is unquestionable, it’s right there in the USC in the most simple brief few word terms possible. In Black & White letter and color of the whole concept of Rule of Law for stopping the rule of men.


        • Trump needs to go hands off on the States unless it violates Fed law. Let each Gubernator hang him/herself without any input from the Feds.
          That might, MIGHT wake up The Great Unwashed Masses, if not then that particular State can go to hell in their own fashion!


          • Most definitely. Local local local.
            I think he has remained hands off in that respect. It’s pretty obvious he lets the fuckers hang themselves by their own petards. After all they are their own worst enemies, been banking up bad Karma for a long time, and no corruption remains untouchable forever.
            The beauty of unintended consequences catches up. She’s a fucking bitch.

            Gonna be some serious effects from the changes of peoples attitudes and their actions after this. Innocence and or cognitive ignorance lost.
            Exactly because like you said egorr. Exactly.
            That is how effective positive change happens and only that way it will.

            The fools running shit are so corrupt and selfish, incompetent beyond normie standards, their legitimacy is at the bottom of a cesspool.
            And the yellow media look more like idiots every day trying to hide the truths.
            We will see it a race who is worse between the media, the deep state pedo’s and the domestic terrorists in the swamp the state houses and cities.

            Present time currently is only the beginning of the truth of the cluster-fuck these scumbags have created. How truly crooked and criminal they are. What an unmitigated disaster they created.

            Just wait, the money doesn’t exist, it’s fairy dust, the central banksters fiat and derivatives casino scam fully implodes because there’s no real wealth to stop the crash, when the pension and bond racketeering they have used to cover up their systemic theft and corruption ceases to exist, it might be the final straw. Why do you suppose the clowns like in Virginia are desperate to disarm us dirt people? Me, it’s not so much they don’t want to go to prison, they are scared they will be wearing 13 not neckties and hanging around lamp posts.
            Never mind how many of them will get their turn exposed for pedo’s soon enough on top of their organized criminal activities.

            Their institutional order of corruption is folding.


  1. “It’s just the flu, bro.”
    Stop spreading panic.

    This happens every year, apparently, for the perpetually clueless.
    That’s why I remember how in last year’s lockdown…oh, wait, we haven’t ever had one of those.
    So maybe not “just the flu”.


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