Aesop Nailed It

Go read this to see where we are going.

We are well on our way already.

News Alert
Mar. 18, 2020

Hospitals are straining under the coronavirus. A coming wave of infections could break them

COVID-19 threatens to overwhelm California hospitals in the coming weeks unless the unprecedented measures taken by counties to ensure “social distancing” slow the spread of the virus and the potentially fatal disease it causes.

A Los Angeles Times data analysis found that California has 7,200 intensive care beds across more than 365 hospitals — far from enough to handle the approaching wave of infections.

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It’s going to get bad.

Real bad.


28 thoughts on “Aesop Nailed It

    • Yep. So far this Coronavirus appears to be less virulent than the Swine Flu/H1N1 of 2009.

      Make no mistake, the andwashing and “Social Distancing” bit is a good idea.

      But the OMG!!!WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!(eleventy!!) is probably just hysteria.

      I used to read Aesop. but he’s figured out that hysteria gets him readers and he’s gone over the top. He’s broken what little credibility he had left after the Ebola postings a few months ago.

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      • I agree too. His math is broken, too many missing variables. If the math was good China would be out of control, it’s not. This whole thing feels very hoaxy, the real question is why, what is the end game here?

        The question of the day is are you prepped or are you a warehouse for the prepared?


        • “China would be out of control, it’s not.” So you’re taking the word of the Chinese that they have things under control, when they’ve lied about EVERY ASPECT of what’s going on with this disease SO FAR, over a guy that’s been on the front lines of ER care for a while now and has probably forgotten more about disease epidemiology than you’ll ever know.

          Good plan. I hope you survive.


          • I have more faith in factual information, not so much with hypothetical unless you explain your work up really well.
            Doctors are almost powerless against viruses, when a virus invades your system it is up to your body to fight it off. The most important thing you can do is feed your system the nutrients it needs. Calm down, adjust your habits, live and be well. Pray for those that are susceptible, always.


      • So, you skipped the part where I pointed out that, worst case, if even 10M people die from Kung Flu, that only leaves 320M Americans (that would be 97% in case you’re a Common Core math grad) here afterwards? Because deaths from the virus are the least important component of this?

        And the Ebola postings, from nearly five months ago, where I noted that the experimental rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine, with a 95% success rate, had curbed this outbreak, and prevented it from becoming a redux of 2014, with only 1/10th (and probably 1/30th) as many fatalities, and that is was probably going to quietly fizzle out presently?

        And I’m the one with a credibility problem because I’m spreading hysteria?!?

        Have you looked in a mirror lately?

        I don’t know what you’re smoking, or whose blog you’ve been reading, but your reading comprehension of my blog (if you’ve read any of it) is demonstrably for shit.

        I triple-dog dare you to refute anything I just posted, because one of us is obviously mentally retarded, or lying about what they read and what I wrote.
        Knock yourself out, stud.
        Your b.s. bluff is hereby called. Your Emily Litella Trophy awaits.

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  1. California is hardly a good barometer for this.

    They’re starting this pre-strained from medieval diseases from all the homeless and illegals they cultivate.


  2. With what’s going on in The Dumpster Fire Known As California, I’m not surprised they are “unpepared”. The Loony Leftist Libtards running the asylum wouldn’t know how to prepare for ANY emergency due to them toeing the PC insanity psychobabble. Ain’t much better in Oregon and Washingturd (west coast). Here in the “right” side of the state we are better off and more prepared. Such is life.


  3. Which Aesop? The one that when everyone else was saying, “This doesn’t look good, guys” was calling everyone a bunch of chicken littles, except not as nice? Or the one that’s running around like Kermit the Frog with his head on fire?

    Seriously, back when the rest of us were going only on what was (or wasn’t) coming out of Com China, and were extrapolating that the ChiComs were taking it in the short and curlies, and that bad things were possibly coming (like most all flus) from China to the rest of the world and that we need to secure our preps and our shores from diseased Joe Chinamen and people traveling from China and that quarantining, like what President Trump enacted, needed to be enacted, Mr. Aesop of the magic medical background was calling us a bunch of worry-worts.

    Then he went all into panic mode, at the time the rest of us were going… hmmm, not seeing the spread into the real world like what we’ve seen and extrapolated from what ChiCom has allowed to get out.

    South Korea? Handled it, handled it quite well. Japan? Same. Hong Kong? Same same. Macao? Same same same.

    Italy, where a bunch of Joe Chinamen from Wuhan suddenly flew to before ChiCom shut down? F. u. u. u. u. u. c. k. e. d.

    But… One of the Flu Cruise quarantine ships, in a closed environment, with tons of old people (because, really that’s who takes cruises) only has shown, in possibly the most perfect of flu environments, a fatality of 0.5% or less.

    At the time that we, the US of A, are curb stomping stupidity, tossing money at vendors like a groom at a strip club, now using manufacturing parameters for making bullets and beans during wartime on manufacturing medical stuffs.

    Aesop? Yeah, nah.

    Seriously. If you live in a democratic poop-pile and are an old person trapped in a nursing home, yeah, you have a chance of contracting and dying of Corona-Chan just as you would, maybe even less than you would, as you have of contracting and dying of seasonal flu.

    Chill. Take reasonable precautions. Enjoy the death of Globalism one cough and one death at a time.

    We’ll economically take it in the shorts for 3-6 months, and then come roaring back gangbusters as wuhan recovery takes over.

    Seriously. Chill. Wait. Enjoy. Watch all the sheeple, enjoy the blatting of the dems, and relax.

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    • Feel free to point to when any of that happened.
      All my posts and comments are right where I left them.

      China lies about everything, so I chose to ignore anything, good or bad, reported or leaked from there. Anything from China is de facto horseshit. If you think you can strain a pony out from under that steaming heap, that’s your choice.

      I have absolutely no problem with doing things like cutting off flights from a hot zone. It’s rarely done in time, in fact. So you’re full of shit there.

      I never called anyone “a bunch of worry-worts” about making common sense preparations. So you’re full of shit there.

      I haven’t gone into panic mode. In fact, I made the point specifically not to panic. Early, middle, late, or ever. So you’re full of shit there too.

      South Korea? Has seven times the hospital bed capacity of the average western nation.
      Japan? Xenophobic and homogenous, and had no problem ordering a total shut-off of anything that looked even slightly fishy.
      Hong Kong? Macao? In China. See above.
      Italy? Fucked and then some. No bar on real situation news getting out. Totally locked down, and it’s still not helping. So I suppose you figure it afflicts Italians more harshly than it will Americans. Maybe try selling that one in NYFC. Somewhere around Grand and Mulberry Streets in Manhattan ought to be a good place to try.

      And a cruise ship had a fatality rate of 0.5% because anyone symptomatic was pulled off the ship and hospitalized immediately(like isn’t going to happen in the world at large), and after a week of the ship turning into the MV Death Princess, we and other countries stepped in, and pulled everyone off the ship before they were all infected. You must’ve forgotten to read that far in the details, huh? Any other conclusions from that finger-banged information is nothing more than GIGO.

      Which “stupidity” are we curb-stomping, and where?
      We had no functioning tests kits in most of the U.S. until about 5 days ago.
      Now that we’re testing, cases are doubling every two days, virtually as fast as we can run the samples.
      The primary company making N95 masks makes them in China.
      I should have said “made”, since the ChiComs seized their plant last month, and China isn’t exporting N95 masks, probably for all of 2020, because they’re now a “strategic national resource”.
      80-90% of all our RX drugs, and antibiotics, are either only made in China, or only made from precursors that only come from China.
      So in a few months, when this starts to peak, ordinary folks will be told that we don’t have their prescriptions, because there aren’t any. And hospitals will be zeroed on the exact antibiotics they’ll need to save the people they can from the pneumonias caused by the Kung Flu.
      We’re running out of PPE now in hospitals, and this has barely started. When medical people start getting infected, they’re done for the duration. And the average age of an RN in the U.S. is 50, and half are older than that. So the half you’ll be left with will be the youngest and least-experienced staff.
      Vendors are closed, and tossing money at them does nothing for businesses who’ve sent everyone home for the duration. Maybe you missed that on 27 news outlets.
      Winning? Like hell we are.

      The CFR for seasonal flu is 0.1%, but even if Kung Flu “only” kills 0.5%, (that’s five times worse that “just the flu”, in case you’re another Common Core grad), that means “only” 1.6M dead in the U.S. Which isn’t that big a deal, provided they helpfully all drop dead at home, but if they come to the hospital first, we only have 900,000 beds, and only 93K ICU beds, so we’re going to be a little short, especially when we consider the other several million folks sick but not dying from this disease.
      So no room left for ordinary stuff like appendicitis, or heart attacks, or car accidents, or anything else. They’re just going to die too. In droves.

      And all that means the country is looking at the serious prospect of no hospital beds, no doctors, no nurses, and no medicine, and reverting to the level of medicine in this country last seen around the year 1800, within a few weeks to a few months. For everybody. We’ll be Italy.
      Which, to quote you, means we’re f-u-u-u-u-u-c-k-e-d.

      You’re not only fine with that, you’re proud of being that much of a simpleton. (Or just a sociopath. I don’t know you, so I’m giving you the benefit of that doubt that it’s bog-standard stupidity and not actual malice that explains you.)

      And you think this virus gives a shit about which party you belong to, and that the lack of any medical care nationwide for months at a time is only going to hurt old people?

      So you talk a lot of shit, you haven’t the barest grasp of the actual situation, and your reading comprehension of what little you have read is an inspiration to morons everywhere.

      Is that really what you wanted to blurt out on the whole Internet, in front of other people?


      • If any of your previous wu-wu predictions had come close, I might believe you. I DO think you have more knowledge than I do, and more than most here.

        You HAVE done what you could to incite panic. Perhaps you should read your own posts. You HAVE denigrated those who said be calm. Perhaps you should reread your comments.

        You have been correct less than a brand new weatherman in the time that I have been reading you. African Ebola didn’t take over the world and kill us all like you predicted
        Doesn’t mean you are wrong this time, and I still enjoy pulling nuggets of knowledge from the pile you toss out there. There is some gold in all that mud.

        But you haven’t been right as much as you’ve been wrong. This virus is LESS of an issue so far than the Swine Flu, with a lesser death rate .

        So far you’ve been the pony spewing shit into a pile though.

        Sorry if that makes you feel like crying.


        • “Any?” So I’ve been all wrong? Always??

          Wait: so I was wrong about Ebola getting to the U.S. in 2014, when all TPTB assured us that was unpossible?
          I was wrong that it would spread here, when all TPTB said that was unpossible?
          I was wrong about telling you that the average hospital was not prepared to handle Ebola cases, contrary to all TPTB?
          So Duncan never got to Dallas?
          He never infected his nurses?
          Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas didn’t have to close for months because the entire staff threatened to quit if they didn’t?
          They didn’t have metric fucktons of highly infectious Ebola waste stacked up in corridors even after they shipped their two infected nurses out to actual BL-IV hospitals for real care, because they had no plan for how to deal with the hazmat from one whole Ebola patient?
          The CDC, and its head idiots, weren’t wrong about everything they said for most of that year?
          And this year, the CDC didn’t tell you that “community mitigation efforts” were coming regarding Kung Flu?
          I didn’t specifically mention that this would include school closures, business closures, and economic consequences?
          And I didn’t therefore warn people that voluntary and mandatory quarantines were coming?
          And I never told people that the secondary, tertiary, and so on, levels of effects from this outbreak would be vastly more problematic than the actual virus outbreak?
          So schools and universities aren’t closed, businesses aren’t closed, people aren’t sitting idle at home, there haven’t been runs on the necessities of life, no one anywhere is mandatorily quarantined, and the stock market hasn’t taken a monstrous shit in the last two weeks?

          Could have fooled me.
          I sound like pretty goddamned accurate weatherman.
          I’m pretty sure I could pull up those posts, and those exact advance warnings, and the corroborating news articles, in about a minute apiece.

          Your turn: Now, point to where I “predicted” any such “wu-wu” you assert.
          You can try, but you can’t pull it off.
          Again, reading comprehension: still a thing.
          If you can’t suss out how if:then statements work, I can’t remediate your failure to understand written English at a middle school level.

          I have suggested to people, ad infinitum that they make prudent preparations for long- and short-term problems, which will happen over and over throughout life, and that given the opportunity, safe always beats sorry.
          Sometimes permanently.
          That is not inciting panic.

          I have never, at any time, told anyone to head for the hills, bug-out to anywhere, or run around with their hair on fire. So no panic spreading going on there either.

          I have told them what will work, and what won’t work, in given situations, based on what I know and they don’t. Generally because they ask.
          Read my comments. (I read them all, even the ones I shitcan from butthurt trolls.)
          That’s information, not panic-mongering.

          Sorry you can’t tell the difference, but that says more about you than me.
          And you clearly haven’t been paying attention to much of anything I’ve said, anytime you’ve read it. Just because you think it’s something else, doesn’t mean you’re right about it. It usually just means Reality is upsetting your normalcy bias, and it pisses you off. That’s not Reality’s fault, nor mine for telling it to you. So, who does that leave holding the bag?

          Feel free to skip my blog, since what you’re gleaning obviously isn’t worth the stress involved in thinking. Like your response, that won’t make me cry either.

          But I can’t help but feel sorry for you, probably having at least a high school diploma, when you should probably go back to your alma mater, demand a refund of your tuition, and punch the principal for so manifestly failing to educate you properly. (If you graduated college, punch your high school guidance counselor instead.)


  4. BarryCare also affected the levels of staffing and equipment (and the number of beds available).

    Again, there were, at this point in the cycle, MORE cases of Swine Flu and yet we didn’t hear about shortages in 2009, did we?

    I find it very doubtful that there are that many extra cases needing that sort of care in CA at this time. Close reading shows that the article says “State projections show that the coronavirus will likely require anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000 additional hospital beds — a disturbingly imprecise estimate caused in part by the lack of testing, which has made it difficult for officials to know exactly how many people have the virus.”
    Pretty imprecise when your margin of error is 5X.

    It is probably just a dig on Trump and/or a cry for more Federal Money.

    Please note that only a very SMALL percentage of people testing positive experience any symptoms. A smaller percentage of that group require any hospitalization. Even fewer of that group need Intensive Care.


    • Um, no.

      ObozoCare has done Jack and Shit for the levels of staffing and equipment available. But what do I know about that? I’ve only been working in the field for 25 years, so you could be right after all. Actually illegal aliens and Medicare are what decimated health care in this country. Medicare reimburses at about $0.03 for every dollar of cost of care (which is why your Tylenol in the hospital is billed at $67), and illegal alien care in ERs, federally mandated by EMTALA since back in the 1980s, is responsible for over 80 hospitals closing in CA alone in the last 20 years. LBJ and Tip O’Neil screwed things up. HopeyDopey Care barely even exists as a thing anymore. (Left alone for a decade or two, it would have been a lot worse, I’ll grant you. But its intent was to crash private insurance and medicine itself, to force everyone into GovernmentCare.)

      But glad to hear you have actual hard figures on how Kung Flu affects people.
      Especially since no one else does.
      So, of those infected:
      What exact percentage show any symptoms?
      What exact percentage require hospitalization?
      What exact percentage require ICU care?
      Having those facts would kind of make planning for this a lot easier.
      We can assume that at least 100M will be infected, and a maximum of 330M, so multiplying those percentages out, and comparing them with available resources should be illuminating for best and worst cases.
      You have authoritative sources for those percentages too, right?
      Post the links, please.

      Thanks in advance for what’s sure to be a fascinating reply.


      • And here you go getting all nuts again because someone doesn’t grovel at your feet.

        Dude, you need to take a bit of a sedative and calm the fuck down.

        I really don’t care what you think, post or say anymore. Which is sad, ’cause in the beginning I paid attention.
        Your behavior here shows your insecurity.

        I once respected you and the knowledge you have.
        That is slipping with every reply here.

        Relax. Chill. Nothing you or I do is gonna affect how this comes out.

        Sorry your fearmongering hasn’t worked out so we would all say “All Hail Aesop!”.

        Have nice day.


        • I notice the second time, if this is the same poster, you didn’t link to your blog in your signature.
          So are you embarrassed about that?
          Or did you just get internet identity-thieved by some other troll?

          Assuming it’s the same guy, I’m not “getting nuts”, I just demonstrated in one reply you’re talking out of your ass. You were just spewing baseless platitudes with zero basis, because you have no effing idea, and no sources for any of your assertions, but mindlessly repeating “Everything is fine” makes you feel better. Noted.

          Thanks for your uninformed opinions. And you had the temerity to call the article “pretty imprecise”. You just made the LASlimes sound like a paragon of reasonable scientific accuracy, compared to yourself. That’s some first-rate effort there. Walk tall, man.

          That has nothing to do with anything I’ve said, nor “groveling at my feet”.
          Let alone saying “All Hail Aesop”. You’re simply a clueless fool, embarrassed at your cluelessness being called out by the numbers for walking around with your pants around your ankles.

          But mad props for coming back to admit that, and then double down on the butthurt. Most people, caught speaking fluent bullshit, would have just shut up, slithered back under their bridge, and let people wonder. You stepped right up to the plate, and took that fastball over the plate right in the head, without a helmet.


          • We shall see if you are fight about this.
            Hopefully you will be as correct as you were about the Ebola mess.

            You predicted doom and death here. We had what? One case?

            As for who I am, sometimes Phil’s system lets me put a website in, sometimes it doesn’t.


            Dude, your shit throwing here is becoming sad. I have no doubt you know more than the rest of us. You work in the system. Doesn’t mean your predictions are always right, nor does it mean you know everything. Doesn’t mean you are always wrong either. Nor does it mean the rest of us are ignorant savages with keyboards like you appear to think of anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

            Your behavior here is at best childish and at worst psychotic.


            • Glad to know you weren’t impersonated. But I didn’t want to assume without checking.

              I predicted doom and death if we got to a dozen or two Ebola cases here in the wild, treated by local hospitals.

              That didn’t happen, because after one case, and seeing their lovely fantasies go down in flames, TPTB stopped that happy horseshit, and we put all Ebola patients (10 of them, at the peak) into the 11 BL-IV beds available for the entire North American continent. And thank the heavens, no one else infected could afford the airfare to here from Ebolaville.

              You were two whole patients from becoming Liberia here in 2014.

              And incidentally, that makes me right about Ebola then, not wrong.
              We couldn’t handle it then (nor now), just like we’ve fucked up dealing with Kung Flu now.

              That’s how If:Then statements work, Slick.
              If A, Then B.
              If not A, Then not B.
              Most kids get this level of math logic in middle school, when last I checked.

              But FTR, I hope this outbreak fades away. Or we find a cure. I have zero desire to work amidst the end of healthcare as we know it, because of some Chinese bio-war experiment that got out of their labs, and people here were too stupid to realize the ultimate consequences until it was too late. But I see at work every day exactly how stupid some people are, and I don’t have a lot of optimism currently, nor see any reason for much of same. There are too many Gilligans out there to stop this with quarantines. (And please, stop proving my point.)

              I’m also not throwing shit here. You were, and are.
              I pointed out you were making up results on the basis of zero facts.
              You haven’t posted links, nor provided the vague percentages you asserted were true. The common term for that is either “bullshitting”, or “talking out of your ass”.

              You want to talk smack about your local sportsball team versus someone else’s, and I couldn’t care less. But when you assert something that is demonstrably total horseshit, about a pandemic virus that’s already killed 10,000 people, you’re not just an asshole, you’re a dangerous asshole. I’m astounded you can’t tell the difference there.

              You have a blog. Good for you. Try to use it responsibly.
              I even made a meme from one of your stories a coupla weeks back.


              You were a funny mofo, at a time when a little lighthearted humor was a good idea. Sometimes a little funny is worth to folks more than a bucket of smart.

              But if you don’t know WTF you’re talking about on a rather important topic (and clearly, you don’t), keep your opinions on my credibility to do so, and your baseless assertions right back in your piehole, where they belong. Then maybe you won’t accidentally kill someone who listened to you, as if you knew WTF you were talking about.

              My behavior here is professional when I hear some total amateur acting as if he has any credibility to speak on something far beyond his grasp. Anyone who won’t do that when it’s obviously true is either a moron or a sociopath, and neither has any business pretending to be either an epidemiologist or a psychiatrist. Even on the internet.

              You’re wrong. And you’ve been caught talking smack, and bullshitting.
              Own it, deal with your butthurt over getting caught, and grow the fuck up.

              If you feel the need to reply, the correct response is
              “You caught me. I have no sources for anything I asserted. I’m sorry.”
              No groveling. Just man the fuck up about reality. And then this is over.
              I don’t hold grudges; life is too short.


  5. If the Yellowstone volcano blows its top, then our medical industry will be hard pressed to take care of everyone. We have as much chance of problems with the volcano as we do with this minor lower respiratory illness. This is all fake news.


  6. This place the US has gone batshit crazy. Here in Fresno Calif where there are ZERO cases of this stuff, the city has decreed everyone shelter in place. For everyones safety. What does that mean? Apparently not much, if you read the order then about 80% of the city is exempt. What a bunch of government?? manipulated crap.


  7. The Los Angeles Slimes is full of shit. At the CDC, there is a graph of the last 6
    or 7 viral outbreaks in America. The graphs cover the number infected, deaths,
    and hospitalizations. The last one was the worst with 810,000 hospitalizations.
    When I last checked, the number of people infected by the Coronavirus was
    about 1,000. Most cases do not require hospitalizations, so the Slimes is
    blowing smoke up our asses!


    • It’s 9400+ today.
      More than double what it was on the 17th, two whole days ago.
      (Mostly due to suddenly doing actual testing.)
      So you haven’t checked in about two weeks?

      You might want to plug in just a tad more frequently.
      Things are moving pretty fast.
      Just saying.


      • Yes, but that was to be expected. Once the testing began, the
        numbers went up sharply. As a result, the mortality rate will start
        to drop like a rock. Most of the people who are panicking are
        products of a broken education system. They have no clue about
        the differences between linear, logarithmic, or exponential progression.

        Virus growth is logarithmic, meaning the graph is like a bell curve.
        If it was exponential, half of Ameria would be affected by now. It
        was recently reported that a Malaria medication and another drug
        has proved to be effective as a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

        We have one thing in our favor, President Trump. Even while the
        FDA is protesting the use of these off the shelf drugs, there is no
        way this president will waste a millisecond telling these bureaucrats
        to go pound sand up their asses.


        • Not a vaccine, but a treatment. We’re somewhere between a year and forever from a vaccine.

          I hope that pans out as true. Chloroquine has been around for ages.

          I’m also hoping the main supplier for it doesn’t turn out to be China, and it works as effectively as some posts have reported. Finding out we have the answer sitting on the shelf would be a literal godsend. And turn this from a probable disaster to a burp in about a week. If it’s true.

          Anyone who’s panicking is the result of utter stupidity.
          Mortality from this has always been a secondary concern (except to the lottery losers themselves.) It’s the hospitalization rate that’s critical.
          My concerns have been the effects of anything over a million hospital cases (which swamps the healthcare boat), and the follow-on effects from exactly the official responses taken to curb the pandemic, which, contrary to the actual chicken littles and head-in-the-sand ostriches, were exactly what I did warn about, and suggest people prepare for.

          Trump hasn’t been perfect in this – no one ever is – but his tone and demeanor have been, and his instincts are far better than most. Where he’s stumbled is mostly attributable to some of the idiots in the admin who should have been shown to the door three years ago, but are still hanging around. Most of the idiots at CDC et al are right where we left them in 2014, just as clueless now as then, and six years older and stodgier. The FDA is another fartsack of incompetence, and them squawking over EOs setting aside off-label use of chloroquine is proof that most of them need to be retired in haste. It either works, or it doesn’t, but starting a five year testing process isn’t the way to go amidst a world-wide pandemic. If we try it, and it works, we’re done. If it fails, we’re no worse off than we are without it. QED

          Anyone that blathers against that now should be given a choice of immediate reassignment to the McMurdo Sound Research Project, or retiring in an hour. That’s exactly the sort of thing at which Trump excels.


  8. It’s easy to get a grasp on how much hyperbole and manipulation there is possible.

    In a piece about what they discovered happened on that Princess Lines quarantined cruise ship, 86% of those on board had the virus, that 86% never showed sign one of being infected.
    Read too, S. Korea has done a 1sr rate job of tracking how the virus behaves, they found the rate of death never went above 0.9%, that the rate of lethality was not age determined, but the state of health of the infected, regardless of age, the truth inside that is most young people simply are more healthy, but, if sick prior, they died at the same rate as any age who had prior conditions.

    The parallels between the raw data in both instances here are so close as to be statistically the same.

    The thing really sticks out is the 86% who never have symptoms yet are carrying. Which in my thinking is pretty good evidence the virus is fairly benign, statisticly. Comparing to SARS and the nastier Flues, not even close in regards to bad.

    Look at the true numbers of deaths in Italy, how many people in that country? 94 deaths.

    Scratch head… so WTF is going down?
    Here’s whats going down, (of course the fuckers need to win first, doubtful, very doubtful):
    Follow The Money Stupids
    Get Rid of Trump
    Disenfranchise the Revolt of The Deplorable’s
    Take back the existential loss of globullshit control of the economic activity of America
    Return to Statist-Quo control of all the things
    Disarm the dirt people
    Outlaw self reliance and determinism
    Depopulate the “Unsecured Spaces”
    Be king of the world forever

    Not necessarily in that order.

    What the great unwashed are doing:
    Smell A Rat
    Turning away, giving the bastards the back
    I Won’t!
    System D
    Being armed to the fucking teeth shitlords

    A shitty, yes, piece of Chink manufactured junk virus, can’t stop the above.


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