4 thoughts on “Only Because He Has To

  1. Back in ’67 when I was in 8th grade, we had a teacher that kept a list of the bad boys in his class.
    Every single one of us was on that list.
    This was a time of teacher shortages when one could get a teaching job just for showing up.
    Dude was really weird.
    His roommate, another teacher (alcoholic), was telling us about when this dude filled the bathtub clear to the rim and wondering why the bathroom flooded when he got in.
    But the thing that I really remember about him was that he had dandruff so bad that it looked like he just stepped in from a snow storm.


  2. When I was third grade I got pissed at my teacher and threw my Superman lunch pail at her head and connected solidly. I was tired of women’s shit back then. I spent about a month in the principle’s office until I apologized which I never did and never would. He got tired of me and placed me with a male forth grade teacher and I flourished, I got better grades and was able to skip 3/4 of third grade and I passed. Only saving grace was my mom didn’t like the teacher and I got punished, but not too badly…


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