The San Francisco Bay Area Just Got Shut Down (Updated)

As coronavirus spreads, 9 Bay Area counties will be ordered to ‘shelter in place’


Health officials in nine Bay Area counties ordered only essential services stay open, San Mateo’s mayor said. The order will last at least two weeks.
Mar. 16, 2020

Six Bay Area counties will be ordered to shelter in place

Six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area — San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda — will be placed under a shelter-in-place directive today by public health officials in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, San Mateo Mayor Joe Goethals said.

Earlier the mayor had said nine counties would be affected, but then he corrected that number.

12 thoughts on “The San Francisco Bay Area Just Got Shut Down (Updated)

  1. I’m GTFO of this shitehole state and escrow closes on my house Friday. Just informed that the recorder’s office is closed indefinitely and if the sale cannot be recorded it cannot go through. Both me and the buyers are in limbo.
    I can’t wait to see what kind of overreach this shithead is going to get away with.


  2. This horseshit is going to wipe huge swaths of small business owners right off of the map. And that equals unparalleled unemployment and complete societal crash. I know alot of people who own businesses who were already bleeding dry from the minimum wage laws these crackpots cooked up over the last few years and now these vermin are forcing them out of business?


      • Yeah.
        Same places where they are calling up the National Guard, NOT federalizing the NG, the pedo-elites running these same commie enclaves are calling their NG units under control of the Governor’s offices.

        Gun’s brother.
        It’s all about guns. Everything these fucking pieces of shit do involves ultimately guns. Without guns they have no power. Without taking all the dirt peoples guns, their guns have no power.
        Remember always, apply it in all things, there is only power. And we the people have superior power, including the power that grows out of the barrel of the gun, as armed to the fucking teeth people, you can only rule us completely by taking our guns from us.
        That map tells the whole story. The only places where thge NG is being called up are the places where the Clinton regime and their crime syndicate rules politically and socially.
        There are no coincidences in pedo-elite land.

        Case in point. Here in WV every county or precinct voted for the God Emperor.
        We have no confiemed cases of coronavirus. Zero. Only state as such. We have constitutional gun laws, meaning NO gun laws, NO restrictions for owing property, which a gun is first. We enjoy the Castle Doctrine, a man’s home and land is his domain, master of all you purvey, with the unquestioned power to shoot any motherfucker who trespasses, or does not instantly vacate your castle on demand. You don’t even need to throw a knife down by the dead fucks body, the law doesn’t have a specific charge to lay on you. Some counties, the Sheriffs, all they need to see is a dead body inside your property line who does not reside there, and the case is closed.
        It is the most civil and polite society imaginable…regardless of the yellow media and Pedowood’s gross portrayal of us white Appalachian trailer trash, which they do because they fear us because we are armed and uncontrollable in their eyes.

        It’s all about who has guns and who does not have guns.
        Who controls others because of their guns and who can not be controlled because they have guns and take no bullshit.
        It is about who uses guns to ultimately use threat of violence and use of violent force to coerce others thru the barrel of the gun…and who can not, nor never will comply, who have that power of sovereign legitimacy because they are duly armed with guns.

        Me, I see it’s coming to the inevitable conclusion, this “virus”, which by the way Corona means King, is inconsequential regarding the physical dangers, the pandemic is a pandemic of chaos, out of which many things are brought under the order of a world order. Order out of Chaos. It’s a constant mantra throughout the 245 year long march of the Fabian’s objective to destroy America. In particular it’s economic might and prosperity, and bring it in totality under the umbrella of the transglobal pedo-elites attempts to run a singular one world power.
        And it is us dirt people and our guns that not only keep them from realizing this ultimate power, we are the ONLY thing in their way. And dirt people are walking away from the illusion of legitimacy of these scumbags and their regime of power. Thats withdrawal of consent. The most powerful weapon of all ever devised. Created right here in good Ol’ Murica!

        They have exhausted all the “constitutional” rule of law “legitimate” means of taking everyones guns, ie, they have totally failed, failed big, in fact if anything they have created more problems for themselves attempting to disarm us dirt people as they have tirelessly tried to eliminate as threats to their power: there are no threats, even come close, to their power, than an armed aware pissed off MAGA citizenry.

        The framers where not stupid. “The Whole of The Militia” is the intent to maintain a standing militia that consists of the whole of the people themselves. History showed them the only bulwark is an armed citizenry. The Whole of The Militia, can’t fuck with that. For who protects and defends ones own best than those people themselves? Who knows better whats good for oneself family kith kin tribe and community? Ones Freedom?
        This is, period, no waffling, no stupid bullshit, the only means to keeping tyrants from obtaining absolute power, an inhibitor par excellence in our circumstances, of this globohomo/pedo-elite world hegemony, which is only new in name only.
        Remember, all in the same fell swoop, they finally imposed their 12 banking family cartel, named it “The Federal Reserve”, imposed a federal income tax, under temporary war time emergency, and last but no way least, they took away the sanction, read eliminated, under illegitimate faux/psuedo consteetootional diktat, Attainders of Writ, imposed posse comitatus, getting rid of those pesky Deplorable’s armed top the fucking teeth, the whole of the militia consisting of the whole of the people and “Federalized the militia into under federal control, and, giving only the Governor of each state the power to call the NG up for use within the boundries of state lines, unless of course they are “Federalized”, such as using them in Iraq or Afganistan, or for numerous little military outposts on over 265 countries, as cover for human/drug/arms trafficking for the globo-pedo pleasure & lucre.

        There’s a hint here in events standing in broad daylight.
        The moment President Trump made talk of a national emergency, Gov. Cuomo made a statement about activating his state’s national guard, on the state level, but the media left that last tidbit out, they are parsing context, on purpose to guve state activation of the NG the aura of being federaly activated. See what they have done?
        Another sly trick is the dicktat proclamations of outlawing guns and freedom of movement and the dirt peoples power to congregate in groups. This is banana republic diktat proscribing all the things that are a threat to any self respecting dickless-tator and the regime they serve.

        Another thing too, me thinks of course it’s all in a battle plan to do all the things under the guise of creating a fake pandemic/subsequent panic, which of course, because no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, they have to take certain actions regardless of what actually goes down, and of course the expectation you will defeat your enemy. These scumbags have zero OODA Loop flexibility, they are centrally controlled, and any insurgent action use against them, even the most grass roots peaceful reaction, or resistance, is almost impossible for this political machine to adjust to in time to employ counter insurgency action. To make up for this inflexibility in their war they have to go full retard, hoping it’s effective.
        This is why the .Mil has such a poor record of fighting, winning against indigenous people fighting for their home land, their religious ideology not withstanding. 4th Generation War is not just war by solders and armed combatants, it is first and foremost war of hearts and minds, of dirt people fighting for what is their way of life, their various elements of Liberty, family, land, faith, tradition coides, culture and history all play a serious part, guns kind of come last in this respect, but they are still numero uno, without guns you got little to nothing of the other stuff.

        What 1-20-20 became was these ruthless scumbags all of a sudden saw, just how fucking pissed off good folks get because they fucked with their codes, and out of this the realization that they better pull the plug, go full fucking FUBAR retard and rid themselves by any means all those pesky dirt people armed to the fucking teeth. Soon. Like YESTERDAY. Use a nuclear option. Nothing like a pandemic the flames of which fanned by the media complex wing of the pedo-elite’s regime doing what they are exceptional professionals at, creating worry, fear, most particular of all uncertainty, a most useful instrument of chaos. Take it to the intended endgame, you then can create your own special order not possible any other way.

        All to little too late. Not that there won’t be all sorts of problems, if anything as these cunning fucks are become desperate to get rid of Trump and the Deplorable’s, even as cowards, they are still dangerous.

        What you must hold to, the one thing that works absolutely, and the more of us who do, as in together, what the great thing is, what the REALLY great thing is here, not to lose your cool.

        Do not get trapped in fighting the alligators in the swamp, stay out of the swamp, reserve preserve save your valuable limited energy and resources to remain above the fray. Do not let yourself and those you protect fall sucker for the gull, the great con and it’s lies.

        The virus is a feature of the false flag. They weaponized it, as they do with everything, its what they do, weaponize all the things.
        Everything they touch turns to shit gesides.
        The Human Extinction Movement.

        Their time’s up is at hand.
        They underestimate us American’s at every turn, like with Trump, they can not imagine what honest good folks do, do do, can do, and are capable of.
        How can they?
        They are scum of the Earth.


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