Who’s Laughing Now? (Updated)


TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Curt La Haise has put up with plenty of razzing from friends over the years who have called him paranoid for stockpiling an eight-month supply of food in his basement and having enough fuel to power his generator for almost an entire winter.

They’re not laughing anymore amid panic buying that has cleared store shelves across the U.S. and growing fears that the new coronavirus will force many Americans to self-quarantine for weeks in their homes.

“Now my friends are like, ‘What should I do, what should I get?’” said La Haise, who operates a firearms and safety training business near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. “Prepping doesn’t look so bad now.”

For those in the often-mocked “prepper” community, this is quickly becoming their “I told you so” moment. But many are resisting saying that, even if it’s in the back of their minds. What they hope is that they’ll finally be taken seriously and that more people will follow their lead.


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I personally think this may well be a wake up call to younger generations who have never really know hunger or want.

All of a sudden things they have taken for granted, without even a moments thought AREN’T FUCKING THERE.

After they shake off the cognitive dissonance and the Normalcy Bias, maybe they will take a look at what is actually important in life and realize it isn’t the absolute bullshit that they are bombarded with on television and social media constantly.

Of course the very first thing these idiots will do is start looking around to see if there is an App for it.

Sorry kiddos, it’s called Cold Reality. The good news is that it is FREE.

The bad news is that it never ends.

You may want to start researching something called The Great Depression that happened back in ancient history, you know, Pre Charmin,  and see what your ancestors did to survive it.


That isn’t a joke.

corn cobs



Along this vein, go read Zman’s latest,

Be Prepared




15 thoughts on “Who’s Laughing Now? (Updated)

  1. Been there, done that with regards to corn cobs and Penny’s catalog… a few old Mitchell auto parts catalogs too. Oh and who can forget JC Whitney catalogs to smear your ass on…


  2. on preppers not spouting I told you so, any one who is prepared for this stupidity is by necessity not going to say a thing. they will no doubt just smile and nod head as I am. any of us who have thought this thru knows enough how difficult it is to be prepared. there is some religions out there that request member of the congregation have six to twelve months supplies on hand at home. you know who you are. just don’t tell anyone about what’s under the stairs. there are some people out there willing to “borrow” what you have stored away in order to make their own life a bit easier. mind you, those aren’t good people.
    just consider that the reason the smile and nod is there is for the realization that their personal plan to kill anyone around them is in place and that they can now consider what they will plan to do next. in the words of that old felon and chef, being prepared is a good thing.

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    • Indeed, Cap’n Fast, there’s an old joke running around that all you need to survive is a map showing all the Mormon households. And have a gun. However, the Mormons ALSO have guns and know how to use ’em, trust me.

      I have a TWO year supply of Patriot Supply dehydrated food, 140 gallons of long-term-storage water, meds for 90 days, emergency med kits, and quite a few hundred items of lead/copper and brass. And a reloader. The fuel I have for portable stove(s) will last for 6 months, my Motor Home has a 97-gallon gasoline tank, I have propane tanks (external) and 25 gallons of gas cans. And TWO working generators.

      Now, I’m no “serious” Prepper but I *am* _prepared_ – this is just good common (!) sense. And now the Grasshoppers see why. Funny, innit?!?


      • 140 gals of drinking water may not be enough. a guy could invest in a still to purify a guys water.,fuel could be anything from solar to coal. pretty much no consumables like filters, osmosis equipment, etc. even better, it works well during a freeze. I have a clean six hundred gallon tote laying around here somewhere..this fact was learned after living in hurricane country for some time. you can be active for some days without much food, but water? good luck.


  3. While I may gloat a little bit, I will not play the ‘I told you so’ game. Well, maybe with my son…. lol

    No one needs to know what I have.


  4. I lived on Clark in the Philippines from ’63 to ’66. I didn’t need to be taught to prep, I always just knew to keep a couple months of basic food stuff, water, soap, and aspirin on hand. It’s just what we did. Mrs. Chief asked me where would we get masks; I told her to look in the basement with the drywall tools. Food? Check the pantry. Water? Rain barrels. Meds, TP, toothpaste, coffee, etc? Covered. Then I showed her the ammo. Now she sleeps soundly.


  5. I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve made the comment on a couple of sites that preppers don’t look as crazy anymore, do they? You could almost feel the shame coming back from those it was directed to.
    Let them know that not only can we wipe our asses without panicking, but we will be able to EAT as well.


  6. It really ain’t that hard to figure out. Just wash the carp off, dry or air dry and get on with life. Ya don’t need 47 years worth of buttwipe…… Sheesh! That’s how it’s done all over SE Asia…..


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