But But But, Muh Toilet Paper!


Wal Mart has announced it is not going to be open 24 hours anymore for the foreseeable future.


Walmart cuts hours at 24-hour stores and other locations nationwide starting Sunday due to coronavirus


Walmart is cutting store hours starting Sunday at its locations across the U.S. due to COVID-19.

Stores normally open 24 hours will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. until further notice, the company said late Saturday. Other stores, which are typically open until midnight, will also have reduced hours.

“This will help ensure associates are able to stock the products our customers are looking for and to perform cleaning and sanitizing,” Dacona Smith, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Walmart U.S., wrote in a blog post.

However, not all of Walmart’s 5,000-plus stores are affected by the change. Stores that operate under more reduced hours will keep their current hours of operation, Walmart said. Some stores, for example, regularly close at 10 p.m. or open at 7 a.m.


Wally World has been the one place that was open after I get off work at 1 A.M. and there have been several times that I needed to swing by and grab something. It was especially handy as there is one almost exactly one mile from me as the Crow flies that I could run up to in the middle of the night on weekends when I was out screwing around on some project out in the garage. You would be surprised at how many people would be in there shopping at 2:30 in the morning.

People like me who work nights, there are more of us than you might think.

Ah well, it is what it is.

I just need to remember this so I don’t hop in my rig at 2 in the morning to run up and get something.

5 thoughts on “But But But, Muh Toilet Paper!

    • Doubt it, they’ll likely shift “associates ” to stocking the shelves in the off hours.

      But then again,my local Wally world hasn’t been open 24 hrs a day in years.6 am to 11 pm.


  1. With the exception of needing medicine at oh-dark-thirty, I don’t really shop late at night, even when I worked Graveyard/evenings. Before Children I usually was stocked up on necessities, After Dependents I *tried* to keep stocked up on minor meds and potions.


  2. This is happening here in Burnt Scrotum CA too. There is one grocery store
    chain that is closing two of their three stores in the city. This is being driven
    by the insane hoarders who have bought up so much shit, they are impacting
    local supply chains.

    I would bet that most of these idiots are driving all over the county buying
    everything that is not nailed down. This is not prepping, it is panic buying.
    I am a small p prepper myself. I normally have a month’s worth of rations
    in case of an earthquake.

    My buddy went out on a food safari today and came back with a lot of shit
    I couldn’t Friday evening. The morons are most active on the weekends
    and evenings on weekdays. My store survey on Friday revealed something
    interesting: One aisle that was largely unaffected was frozen goods. It
    seems they lack freezer space for all but meat, poultry, and fish. Shit,
    Swanson, Hungry Man, and Banquet, frozen veggies are good enough
    for me.

    I wonder if these drooling morons have considered the fact that their panic
    buying is putting themselves at a greater risk of contracting the virus?

    More people in the stores+ more time in the stores= a far greater chance
    of being infected. I’ve got a small freezer coming in a week, and now I
    know their routine, so my worry meter number is decreasing.


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