Breaking News: Washington State Just Shut Down Bars, Restaurants And Recreational Areas.

Inslee statement on statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars and limits on size of gatherings expanded

March 15, 2020


Gov. Jay Inslee released a statement tonight that further expands protections against COVID-19.

“Given the explosion of COVID-19 in our state and globally, I will sign a statewide emergency proclamation tomorrow to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.

“Restaurants will be allowed to provide take-out and delivery services but no in-person dining will be permitted.

“The ban will not apply to grocery stores and pharmacies. Other retail outlets will have reduced occupancy.

“Additionally, all gatherings with over 50 participants are prohibited and all gatherings under 50 participants are prohibited unless previously announced criteria for public health and social distancing are met.

“These are very difficult decisions, but hours count here and very strong measures are necessary to slow the spread of the disease. I know there will be significant economic impacts to all our communities and we are looking at steps to help address those challenges.

“Tonight, after consultations with me and with the Department of Health, King County announced that they will be taking these actions immediately. King County has been the hotbed of this outbreak and has the largest population center in the state. I have spoken to Executive Dow Constantine and I applaud their decision to act quickly. We will do a joint media announcement with more details tomorrow morning.”

26 thoughts on “Breaking News: Washington State Just Shut Down Bars, Restaurants And Recreational Areas.

  1. Asshole, wonder if some wonderkid lawyer is going to court to get an injunction to stop this madness? Sounds to me a little extra unconstitutional… Will ALCU get involved?


  2. The more I see pussies from the left like Inslee promote this kind of stuff, the more suspicious I become. Democrats never let a tragedy go to waste. IMO, this is a last ditch effort to get Trump out of office.

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  3. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Give them any excuse….


    • Of note is the Pot shops are still open and doing a booming business…
      just don’t linger on premises.

      On a serious note, everybody watch out when you are out and about, there WILL be a lot more potheads, drunks, and druggies on the road driving around. Drive safe, and keep your head on a swivel.
      Thank goodness Winter is over and done with, can you imagine the slick roads with the present social conditions? A madhouse.


  4. With the ban on styrofoam, how are customers going to transport their take-out … bring their own plates and government-approved containers or do restaurants have magic containers?


  5. Friggin’ Piece of Shit Cuomo just did the same here today.
    I can GuarunDAMNtee that won’t be the extent of it either.
    Never let a crisis go to waste….
    Careful whatcha wish for Bastards.

    Whitehall, NY


  6. Interesting how all the enclaves where the dirty stinking fucking commies rule they have all proclaimed some sort of diktat of absolute raw naked power over the peoples activities.
    They are also enclaves of unrestricted organized corruption. Organized crime syndicates. They are mini banana republics infested with nothing short of domestic enemies and traitors who adhere to the globo-pedo elites objectives of destroying every vestige of trad America within their areas of operation, from open borders to advancement of sex perverts and child rapist/traffickers, and organ legging of baby body parts thru planned genocide, aka Planned Parenthood.
    Interesting how that is all interrelated in time actions and imposition of totalitarian power over dirt people.

    But whats really interesting, I was there, I can attest to this first hand, when 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth shitlords and shitlordettes showed up in Virginia on 1-20-2020, everything changed. They got a very rude awakening, as in witnessed, when you are a ruthless operative of the homoglobo regime you underestimated how mean good folks get when you are fucking with their codes, and dis-armament of trad America is not going to happen, along with a guy they chose, hired as their totally free choice leader, Mr. Trump, to deal with your pedo-elite ass, your gonna have to come up with a larger and more effective false flag operation to do what you failed to do previously over 100’s of years of manipulating, strip mining, and conning those dirt people you spit on.

    Because 1, you don’t have enough cadre of willing or effective operatives within your scope of operations to physically disarm all those armed to the fucking teeth dirt people.

    Because 2, the guy they all above hired is decimating the networks, arresting, shutting down, closing off all your sources of influence, organized blackmail, most critically the money they need to operate in the form of laundering vast billions in stolen American dirt peoples taxes.

    Because 3, you are rapidly failing to maintain the illusion of a legitimate political order, which is exposing the truth what are nothing but a vast organized crime system of various western regimes, hiding behind the shells of once functional, legitimate states and systems of governance you hijacked then corrupted in totality.

    Because 4, you got nothing else, except doubling down on your standard operating procedures of false flag/crisis as a means, order out of chaos system of socially engineering and nudging dirt people, as a system of developing a one world order of control over people.

    Because 5, you lost control over the military and no longer have an effective form of threat of use of force to use to cause dirt people to comply with your dicktat.

    Because 6, time is a perishable resource, it can not be regained, once lost it’s gone, and objectives of a world order conspiracy must be achieved in a relative order, that is in stages, for obvious enough reasons, and when your timeline does no survive contact with those who defy and resist you, and you have no other means of re-acquiring the political and economic advantage, you do what is natural, you double down on what you have always done to maintain power and wealth.

    It is the nature of this power of the globo-pedo-elites, it has never had a legitimate bone in it’s entire existence, only an illusion of legitimacy, it has always been power predicated on that illusion, of maintaining the illusion, and destroying anything which threatens the power over people that illusion provides.

    The job of those from Soros to the Clintons, central banksters to China, corporate/cronyism of the swamp to the deep state, Merkel to obama, has been to employ a state of deliberate destructive constant chaos, as an instrument of control, out of which you create your own powerful order, of raw naked power over all who ain’t part of your organization.

    Trump’s job is to disrupt that order, creating chaos within the hierarchy of hegemony of the pedo-elite structure, to destabilize that hegemony, using legitimate means and creative destruction, to undermine and expose the structure of institutional transglobal order .

    The one thing it all hinges on, is the dirt people. Specifically the dirt people who become aware and wakened to the truth. And thus they become a certain plurality who can not be fooled any longer, or conned via lies and misdirection into thinking and acting in specific ways which provide that illusionary legitimacy, a Legion of people who say I’ Won’t!, and MYOB!, in other-words BFYTW.
    You have to use drastic extreme means to even try to get rid of these people, very difficult, because they are the ones who show up with 50,000 other armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords and Shitlordettes, and their friends and family, and they have the only legitimate power that exists, power that grows out of the barrel of the guns of a naturally primal, born sovereignty and right to self determine. Most of all because in America when your armed to the fucking teeth, Fuck You is always a choice.

    And how do you stop millions of dirt people with that motive power and audacity?
    You instigate a world war, nuke em, or try to exterminate them with a plague.
    Short of that, your toast, Kaput!, and those dirt people, well you better get them all, because when you mess with those armed to the fucking teeth dirt people and their codes, you attempt to genocide them and their way of life, they get really mean, they don’t get mad, they get even, and they don’t stop till they decide to.

    That is Mr. Trump’s power. He was elected because of those dirt people and their family and friends. Mr. Trump lives or dies politically by that power. That is power of consent, people gave their deliberate unmistakable willing chosen consent of their own Free Will.
    Very powerful, consent.
    It is the most powerful of all weapon’s ever created by man.
    Add in all the guns we have, well it’s clear as day, nothing, no thing, no government, no man created entity or construct has such power.

    The idea is to make you believe that is not possible. That dirt people have no power. No say. Make you believe you yourself are powerless. Make you believe that, they can walk all over you.

    The moment you believe you have power, that nobody can tell you who and what you are, you ain’t a slave anymore.

    It’s over for the pedo-elites. There’s just a lot of the fuckers. They infest everything. Takes a whiles to root out the worst of them. Just. Time. Time is what they no longer have. And as their grip on the levers of political/economic power begin to slip, they will reach a point when they begin to fold, and fold rapidly, so quickly it will be a real head scratcher how they ever held such power, because when they fold, the whole construct evaporates, it was all an illusion, they where all nothing but criminals and deviants, particularly depraved individuals, no vestige remains but the scumbags themselves and their crimes, with no power or influence to protect themselves any longer. Criminal gang members with no gang any longer. Individual Crooks. Poof! Gone, all gone.
    It is the nature of such things. It’s human nature. The cyclic nature of history and time.
    They are their own worst enemy.
    This “pandemic” will be exposed as a con, a big grift, the usual suspects involved in passing it off, for all the same reasons. Power & Money.

    Have they gone too far?
    Did Trump and his white-hats co-opt this viral false flag operation, see it coming, and are they turning the tables on the fuckers.
    I’ll bet they are using the opportunities inherent that provide opportunity in ways that are very practical, timely and effective.

    I been waiting since almost the beginning for Trump to declare Martial Law, to take full power.
    Creative destruction. Trump has proven he adhere’s to the very idea of rule of law and it’s legitimate application, if there is any character who could put Martial Law to honorable, legitimate use, and not become a dictator or other kind of despot, he is the dude. If any guy ever had the legitimate reason to declare M.L. he has, and he has not used the option. I think he understands it’s reasons for existing legally, legitimately, as a resort of lasts within the framework of our foundational construct of a Republic.
    It was written in as a legitimate option for a reason.
    To save The Republic from domestic enemies destroying The Republic.
    A political blow-off safety valve.

    Imagine what you could do.


    • Great post Phil. I read it after I used Diktat in my post. Like minds
      etc, There is an aspect of false flag operations concerning natural
      disasters. How on earth can any president be blamed for something
      that is beyond his control? President GW Bush was blamed for
      Hurricane Katrina, just as President Trump cannot be blamed for this
      virus. The most insane of the circus clowns in the liberal media
      implied that Bush steered his racist hurricane towards New Orleans
      in order to kill black people. Ditto Trump when another hurricane
      shit-hammered Puerto Rica. Mother nature is a cruel and evil

      Enter the affirmative action president who promised the American
      people he would stop the rise of the sea level by force of will. I
      guess he missed the message that King Knute made when
      he bade the oceans to rise to make his people aware that he
      was a mortal man, just like them. Ubangi took malignant
      narcissism to the extreme.

      There was an old joke about three old Jewish men in retirement
      in Florida. The first one said, “My business burned down and
      I used the insurance money to retire to Florida.” The second
      man said, “The same thing happened to me.” The third guy
      said “The same thing with me, but it was a flood.” The first
      to guys responded in unison “But how do you start a flood?”


      • How can? When you got millions of trained seals who clap their flippers and arc arc for another herring, which creates an illusion of legitimacy via tacit consent for your body of lies and system of deceit and betrayal.
        You make them look like the legitimate majority, “The Mob”. Bread & Circus.
        The Roman’s, Greeks, and especially the Athenian’s, made some big mistakes, but they teach us too, how history has a circular feature, some would call Turnings, how we are in the 4th one. There’s no mystical magical thing about this. It’s common sense understanding of history, and basic human nature, plus greed hubris verses the natural decency and goodness of dirt people folk who simply only want to be left alone. Battle’s as old as humanity. The truthful unrevised history of the actual Armageddon in place and time is a great example.

        Hopefully, before it’s too late.
        That’s The God Emperor’s purpose, to disrupt their precious world order, expose it as the total farce it is, and the actors running it. He needs us, all of us who give a care, to stand by him and what he is doing. It is absolutely essential. No one alone can do what needs doing. All we have to do is persevere in support, persist regardless what lies they try to cram up our ass’s. Thats that Consent we all have to give or withdraw, the most powerful weapon ever devised. It’s simple. But in war the simplest things are the most complex, in this stage of war it’s about winning hearts and minds, and winning.
        Like, Are you tired of Winning yet?


  7. This is just a competition between the people that think of themselves as the political elite to see just how much power that they can hold over the commoners. They continue every day to push us farther and farther.
    One day soon, they are going to hear some strange sounds. Call those sounds what you may, racking, clambering, cocking………..etc. It will be the sounds of the little people expressing their firm belief that ours is a government by and for the people.
    They are going to be shocked when they are reminded that the National Guard and the rest of our military is made up of our sons and daughters, grandchildren, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, life long friends, etc.
    They love us, we love them, plus they have taken an oath to protect the Constitution.
    Keep pushing Jay Inslee and the rest of you power hungry ego maniacs. We are woke.


  8. It is bad enough that liberal politicians never took a basic economic class, but the
    damage these Democrat police state governors and mayors are doing with these
    Soviet-style diktats are immeasurable. In every one of these states and cities,
    you will see massive business closures and unemployment. My favorite
    restaurant is a small country style cafe called Molly Browns. Most restaurants
    operate on a slim profit margin. And like any business, the small operations
    cannot survive even a temporary shutdown. Denny’s or I-Hop can send lobbyists
    to Washington to beg for stimulus money but small business owners are going
    to get ass-reamed with a dry 40 grit coated condom!

    Where does end? Pizza delivery drivers, home appliance repair services, or any
    other business that involves face to face contact with customers may be next. If
    you think buying shit-paper is bad, what happens when a liberal governor or
    mayor orders grocery store closures because some clerk gets a case of the

    On the bright side, our president is not fucking around. He was on the job
    from the very beginning. He met with 20 or so major pharmaceutical company
    officials to start working on a vaccine. They told President Trump that they
    had to deal with insane regulations from the Carter, Clinton, and Ubangi
    Trump issued an EO and shredded them. This resulted in 6 of the companies
    reporting they were a few weeks of holding clinical trials. One of them has
    reported they developed a vaccine that cured (I am assuming a lab animal.)

    The Aussies and the Israelis have reported that they are a few weeks away
    from clinical trials. Trump is also deploying MASH units to major urban
    areas. Every idiot in America will be demanding tests and vaccines like the
    Zombies in the Living Dead. This is the wrong move. The first priority has
    to be those who present symptoms. This may sound cruel, but random tests
    should be taken in the hot zones before mass distributions of the vaccines.

    The Chinks fucked because they were not taking data on infected people,
    which caused two problems; One involves patient tracking to find the source.
    The other is a failure to do random testing. These are jobs one and two
    with any viral outbreak. If they had done random testing, we would have
    accurate data on the mortality rate and the Rnaught number. Thanks to
    the Chi-Coms, the world may never know. The mortality rate that has
    Democrats and their kept whores at CNN and MSNBC scaring the shit
    out of the American people may be a tiny percentage of the 2 percent
    they are using in their never-ending effort to destroy President Trump.


  9. If you look closely you can see the very distinct possibility of The Everything Bubble getting ready to explode and the whole shebang coming down in a big hurry.
    You do not shut down the economic activities of literally millions of people all at once in multiple geographic locations without some MAJOR FUCKING REPERCUSSIONS.
    A one time $1,000 check isn’t a fart in a hurricane compared to the economic devastation that is being perpetrated as I type.
    Millions of Americans literally live paycheck to paycheck and they ain’t currently working to make one.
    Thousands of small businesses are going to go belly up.
    The Unemployment Insurance systems in multiple jurisdictions are going to be completely wiped out.
    The long term ripple effects of all of this are going to be hell to pay.
    Credit card payments.
    Car payments, Rent and mortgage payments.
    Insurance payments.
    Electricity, water and garbage bills.
    Cable bills, phone bills, all of this is going to get backed up.
    Someone tell me what a thousand bucks is going to do for all of that?
    Never mind, I’ll tell you.
    FUCK, ALL.
    That’s what it is going to do.
    Now times all of that list above by twenty million people and see if you can look down the road in one year.
    There are a shit ton of personal financial holes being dug right now. That is going to have a cumulative effect.
    It doesn’t matter what the fuck Wall Street, the Bankers or Trump does.
    This is ON TOP of the Beer Flu and who knows what happening there.
    The recipe for disaster has been assembled and it is cooking right now.


    • Thats a million dollar question there Phil.
      Yes, a total fucking joke, on crank. Indeed Bitchez.

      Think the elites motto “Order Out of Chaos” and what you do to make that dictum of the globo-pedo order work.

      They will NEVER, ever, give us something real, genuine and tangible out of the goodness of the heart, to genuinely without ulterior motive, to help us in time of need, just a leg up, for something they created in the first place that’s purpose is to destroy our way of life to begin with, after they have strip mined us of our every penny of our wealth possible. It’s what they are. It’s What they do. It’s how they have amassed 95% at least of the worlds natural wealth.
      They. Are. Fucking. Thieves. Of. An. Organized. Crime. Syndicate. On. A. Global. Scale.

      I think in part, from the globalists position Helicopter Money is for creating fiat out of nothing, which is still nothing, but it has the benefit of an illusion of real unfettered economic activity, hence it is an instrument for skimming, like a ladel that skims off the real money within the vast broth of psuedo fiat.
      It’s also Danegeld. A whole other statist elite critter.

      You can’t keep laundering all of the wealth transfer proceeds, funneling other peoples money, into the casino’s counting room, you have to diversify how you launder ill gotten wealth on the scale of the wealth transfer racketeering underway in the West.
      And there are appearances of economic/politikal competency of the pedo-elites to maintain, so the unwashed don’t catch a whiff of the Rat Patrick Henry spied, so the dirt people don’t become a resistant and defiant plural segment of the population that reaches the unknown numbers that creates a legion of BFYTW aroused pissed off people who pass the point of your controlling this natural threat to you and your power/wealth. Illusions of legitimacy to keep going.

      Helicopter Money is essentially trickle up to the 1% and higher “economics”.
      Thats where all those $1000 dollar checks end up. What the objective with them is. The way the casino has it rigged, for the most part most will spend that 1000 dollars inside the globo-homo wealth transfer system of economic corporate treason, with value added increases in the take you don’t get dumping it straight into the casino take that goes out the back door.

      It’s pacification money too. Enough useful dupes will say Free Money! WooHoo! I’m nigger rich now! All that Chinese junk I can spend it on! WooHoo! And forget their suspicions and worries for a spell, forget they are fish for a while.
      Takes the edge off growing awareness and resistance to tyranny for a time also.

      Now, if most where to spend that grand on things made or gotten from System D and local underground economy, that fiat stays around, it creates more wealth, because there is prosperity in creating and making things on the local grass roots level. It’s a lot of fiat, and denying, even delaying a minor segment of it’s intended laundering through the industrial corporate crony globohomo racket would have considerable consequences for the globalist cabal.
      They are running on decimal place fractional skimming. Disrupt the forecasted expected take and it leads to cascade failures of that system of theft which has become a just in time skim system.
      There’s the massive “Check Kiting” too. Break one link in the robbing Peter to pay Paul gig and that really fucks shit up for them.
      Lot of folks don’t understand how much power us dirt people got.
      Power to really fuck the cocksuckers. Without even using our guns or waving them in the bastards faces.

      This is part of waging 4th G warfare. OODA Loop stuff.

      I hope The God Emperor is not getting sucked in by the multitude of deep state agents infesting everything, and is really using Helicopter Money as part of the larger objective to finish off the globo-pedo elites. Like using their own globohomo bullshit against them.
      The guy is crazy like a Fox. You can not discredit the guy before you have waited for the consequences to show up, in almost every instance we see it turns out to be the correct action that first blush screams he’s just another globo-homo fuck in disguise.
      Trump is a guy follows the great axiom of Action, any action in fact, is better than not taking action, is always the right move in war.
      “It is the act that counts” as a great German small unit infantry officer in both Bankster world wars stipulated as the first element of waging and leading effective winning combat. If Ol’ Trump is one thing, he is always steps ahead of the enemy. An IQ over 160 is a good thing.

      What would create the highest economic benefit would be throwing some of the fuckers out of helicopters. General Pinochet’ was not wrong. Worked wonders. The technique still makes the globohomos blood run cold.
      Throw All of them, out of the helicopters. There is nothing to lose. Everything to gain.
      When you get rid of the institutional thief’s you suddenly have a lot of real wealth floating around naturally, the kind only dirt people create by working and creating things of value from where there was no wealth.
      And the racket of artificial price discovery really really really has to go. It kills us.
      Helicopter Money is fictitious 0’s & 1’s on a liquid crystal screen which are quickly as feasibly possible swapped for the real wealth via a myriad of slight of hand magic tricks.

      I’m planning on using my check to upgrade our self reliance in sustainable food production and guns. At least it will remain for a couple cycles within the system of real wealth creation, some, like in my own case will be a prudent choice in that it provides me with tangible assets that don’t break like Chinese junk, gone forever into the maw of the globohomo pit of human depravity funding it’s depraved hubris.

      Ya gotta resist and defy at every level, every opportunity, it all adds up, even the tiniest things, they count, it’s upstream of the mutherfukkers, it’s outflanking them, insurgent, and grass roots to a T. They can not change your thinking, they have no defense against it. Thats practical withdrawal of your consent, effective, it’s meat space resistance.
      Something that kills them…death by a thousand cuts. Their institutional order is crumbling, because people everywhere are defying and resisting that order in small tiny ways.
      The whole thing is predicated on a carefully contrived illusion of this relevance that they are essential to our happiness and freedoms, that they are our intellectual, economic, and cultural betters.
      Helicopter Money is simply a component of that illusion.
      You know, I know, millions of us know, thats phony bucks, a joke, nothing backs it up, not one person sweated or used their elbow grease to create it.


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