13 thoughts on “Gee, I Wonder How That Worked Out?

    • Of course about five seconds after this picture was taken, he may not be able to get back into that position for about six to eight weeks…(If he doesn’t sever a tendon that is).


  1. That’s not as stupid as the picture of the idiot with the plywood on his back and the other idiot using the skilsaw to cut the plywood.


  2. My absolute favorite is the one with the guy WELDING near the gas tank (underneath) of a Toyota pickup that is propped up at a 45 degree angle with what appears to be a 2X4 holding it up! Caption: “Why women live longer than men!”

    A classic.


  3. As a friend of mine once pointed out, “not every fish in the aquarium can be a shark, he is part of an ecosystem that may recycle him sooner than later.”


  4. That will be in the next safety briefing… The kid is apparently part of a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, and probably new to building stuff. These young kids come up with some really neat robots to accomplish the challenge. The kid is no dummy, just not experienced with power tools – shortly to be rectified. That was the 2017-2018 FIRST Relic Recovery challenge. The kids design, build and program a robot to perform a group of tasks during an autonomous period, then operate it remotely for the remainder of the match. Check it out on YouTube to see the challenge and some of the game play. It’s a tougher problem than you might think.


    • I’ve mentored some of these teams, it’s a blast! You get the creativity out of the kids, and I get to tell them what/where to look for for potential problems. I *try* to not tell ’em their ideas won’t work, because it just might! I’m there to help them with the tweaks, not design it for them. Good times.


  5. As the old saying says: “Some people learn from the mistakes of others, and some have to pee on the electric fence themselves.”


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