I just went out front to have a quick smoke before I fall down for the night and found this,



It did this last year in the middle of March too I remember.

With any luck it will be gone by the time I wake up.

Pain in the fucking ass it if isn’t.

22 thoughts on “AGAIN?!

  1. We got it here too in the land of honey and soybeans… fucking shit! I need to work on my trailer. I got about two weeks until I leave here.


  2. Less than 1/2″ here in Spokane, Phil.

    Having lived in Portlandia for 10 years, I can tell all you readers that it really gets NUTZ on Portland when they get a 1/4″ of snow! And the ice storms are also a hoot! Right, Phil?


  3. That sux. It’s registering in the 80s here in Florida. Had to go get some pool stuff in shorts and a sleeveless shirt…didn’t really wanna wear the shirt.
    I DID get to fuck with someone tho…some couple was in full fledged gas masks at the store and kept holding the line up with price checks on various items. I got pissed and started fake coughing and sneezing and apologized to them, “Sorry, I haven’t felt this bad since I got back from China.”
    Fuckers couldn’t get out of the store fast enough.


  4. Hope Springs Eternal. Close to time the weather breaks, vernal equinox is next week.

    You remember those Sunbeam’s Phil?
    Looking at your Sprite made me think about how they had small block Ford engines in them.
    We had a Scout leader drove one, gave us all a death ride in his, all that motor stuffed in a tiny engine bay, and it pushed you back in the seat when he put it to the boards.

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    • 260 CID Ford Small block.
      An old neighbors son had one, you could eat off the engine.
      Go like stink, not so good braking, typical British car with too much engine.
      Worth a small fortune these days.


      • Real V8 Tigers are going for North of $100k these days. The later ones had 289’s in them. There was a guy back in my hometown who had one, but I didn’t know him or ever get a ride in it. Closest I can to that was a 1962 MGA with a 327/300HP and Muncie 4-speed from a Corvette dropped in it.

        Needed a whole bunch more tire…..


        • Tiger rings a bell. Made an impression on my little kid brain. It was a handsome looking set of wheels, beautiful interior of wood and leather, don’t recall much else but how fast it accelerated and well it took corners.


        • I have seen it done several times. SB Ford, Chevy and believe it or not, one time I even saw a full size Dodge Hemi Dragster engine stuffed into one, with the blower!
          It all comes down to how short of a driveline you can get away with and how much firewall you gotta hack out. Then it all boils down to that one pesky little detail I mentioned above.
          You can’t make them stop.
          The front discs are 3/8’s of an inch thick and about eight inches in diameter with zero cooling fins.
          Single piston calipers, the brake pads are 3 inches long.
          Oh yeah, one other thing one has to be careful about, body twist.
          Someone long ago described these things as a “A Collection Of Cookie Pans Welded Together And Called A Car”.
          It’s literally a true statement.


          • Can’t forget Lucas, The Prince of Darkness.
            Still a hot little looking ride.
            For all it’s shortcomings, would you really part with it?
            It’s from a time seems like ages ago, pre modern world-true analog, wouldn’t be frank with you if I didn’t say I’m home sick for what that is.
            Ever hear about Retro-Culture movement? You pick a before America 1965, I think back to the Victorian era, you live as much as possible in the time you choose, cars, dress, family, whole 9 yards.
            I think there’s much to be said for it.

            Have a 71 Beetlebug turned into a WV ridge runner, the haul roads into the coal mines are miles of crushed stone washboard, takes the rough surface like a champ, new vehicles can’t go more than a year without needing suspension repairs. It’s got zero fucking creature comforts, have to run a little buddy propane heater in it to de-ice the inside of the windshield, still run the points ignition, stock carb and fuel pump, totally reliable and repairable, keep a set of throttle and clutch cables, fuel pump, coil & points/cond, set of plugs, roll of electrical tape, in the glove box. It runs only 1 belt. Did the Baja suspension lift, had to put disc brakes on it, you know why, with Chevy lug pattern, super light IMSHA rims with a ton of offset, big handling upgrade widening the stance, keep two sets of chains to get off the mountains in winter leaving work. Built it out of parts, the main body came totally stripped, every wire and brake line cut away, no suspension or steering gear, almost the whole vehicle is new or rebuilt to new.
            Has the original factory windshield, there’s no nicks dings scratches or striations in the glass, crystal clear. What did they make glass from back then, synthetic sapphire?

            Get offers to sell it everywhere we go in it. For some unfathomable reason I just can’t part with it. That little voice says you will really regret selling it. Costs $32 bucks a month insurance, gets stupid gas milage. The old lady calls it the doomsday bug because it will outlast any SHTF.


  5. Hey, got a question for you, Ford engine tribal knowledge question, figure if there’s anyone you will know. Gas station I worked at in late 70’s, owners had a early Bronco for a plow and jump start truck. One day the 289 was swapped out for a 302, maybe a Windsor block? But what I remember hearing was the owner was really happy he got what he called a peanut motor, put a new 350 Holley 2300 carb on it with an Edlebrock manifold. My job was to plow the lots out before we opened, the diff in power was very nice over the stock engine, smooth power everywhere, but what I remember most was mention of the replacement engine was a rare score for some reason, plus externally everything bolted right up. It was a tiny engine.
    Anything to that?


    • You tickled something in the back of my brain but it has been so long since I have been around the Ford crew that it won’t come to me.
      A quick Gargle search of Ford 302 Windsor shows a variant of Ford’s regular 302 that was made in the Windsor plant and was only available for a couple of years. That may be what you are referring too. Supposedly it made more horsepower than the run of the mill 302.
      There were quite a few modifications to the 302 over the years, most distinguished of all was the legendary Boss 302 which if I recall correctly could be identified by having screw in freeze plugs as opposed to the normally pressed in style. Like I said, it’s been too long.


      • OK that rings a few bells now you said it. 302 Windsor. It was a really smooth engine, like a sewing machine. Wicked good streetable power. They where happy to have it like two kids playing doctor on their first neighborhood crush.
        Makes sense too from another angle, these guys where died in the wool 60’s motorheads. Knew all that stuff by heart. Had a side aspect to the station, did factory spec only hotrod rebuilds. They both bought, remember right, 65 or 66 GTO’s brand new in high-school, one fire engine red the other looked like hand sanded black lacquer with red stripes, they put lots of love on, factory tri-barrels, convertible, leather the works. One of the best grill’s put on Detroit Iron ask me.

        They sold me a totaled out rolled Old’s Cutlass with a monster factory 454 on a 4 speed with posi rear, not a Hurst, but the Cutlass’s if you remember came with factory with the big fat white stripe paint job, got an old lady post sedan for 100 bucks, and transferred all the driveline and suspension.
        Great motor, had the front grill ram air, Chilton’s listed it as 475hp, but supposedly that was de-rated official GM numbers so people could get cheaper insurance. Great car. Stupid fast. Actually handled rather well, and you could steer with the gas pedal it had so much grunt. My buddy rolled it one night end for end when he blasted thru a road construction sight, didnt clear a trench, hit a telephone pole above the phone lines, broke it clean thru, cut the car in half at the posts, killed the guy in the back seat.
        The two dudes owned the station asked me if they could park it out at the sidewalk if the law released it back to me, so everyone drive by could see what happens when your driving legless drunk, young dumb and full of cum.


  6. I also just remembered that Ford only made a factory 4 barrel 351 W for one year, 1969. Those heads and intake manifolds must be worth their weight in gold if you can find them.


    • Funny you say that. Right trime-frame. Those heads might be related to a Ford Racing engineering mistake, where they got the bigger is faster mentality in cylinder head port size. They was looking at top CFM numbers thinking this made winning heads. Sure for like drag racing, not road course. After too many losses, and not listening to the guys driving, they finally figured it out went back to scratch and issued a revamped efficient small port hi intake velocity head for their Ford Racing parts program, and started winning again.

      I’m purely guessing, maybe those Windsor’s are the heads/engines made for Europe with early fuel injection, late 60’s into the 70’s? They where always into light weight engines.

      The head story was told to me by a guy in NH at the old Loudon track, which is now the NHIS NASCAR track and road course, who was the official pit marshal for 40 something years. Came about when he looked at the heads on my race bike I had tipped the intakes up 25 degrees into down draft ports.
      That pre NASCAR Loudon track was the oldest operating track in the US, Sterling Moss at one point helped in a redesign of the course as road course car racing was getting super popular back then. Where I learned to race and raced for for 20 years.


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