The Panic Buying Continues

Report after Report, video after video, people are literally standing in lines a half fucking mile long to get into some CostCo’s and other Big Box retailers trying to get the last roll of toilet paper.

As my wife says, it’s stupid.

But wait, I know a guy see, and he knows someone and just how much are you willing to pay for some good asswipe dude?


The thing is, it isn’t just asswipe and I am just as guilty as some of these other dumbasses, kind of.

I say kind of because I used the current crisis as an excuse to get something I have been wanting for several years now.

The trouble with that was, apparently it’s another item that people are literally lining up for and cleaning out as soon as the truck backs up and open the doors and I am not kidding.

That is literally what the store manager of a local Home Depot told me on the phone after I tried the local Lowes and they had zero in stock. He said they sold the entire truck load right on the loading dock.

That was also after I couldn’t even get anyone to answer the damn phone at the Home Depot across the river in Jantzen Beach because I was really not wanting to have to pay that much sales tax.

This other Must Have item?


Obviously I got one eh?

Right across the street from the gas station I was at when I talked to the guy at Home Depot.

Of course I paid a little more  for it but it was at one of those “outside the box” places I mentioned where the Sheeple apparently don’t go to shop, the local Geriatric Ward of Chain Stores,


They had a couple in the back, ready to go.

I moved some Emergency Money into an account I could use a card with before I left, walked outside to see it snowing like a bastard and fired up the Caballero first thing after I woke up. After I got home I spent two freaking hours rearranging shit out in the garage trying to find a home for it. I still want to get a couple more movers dollies to set it on better before I start putting anything in it but it does work and it wasn’t beat to shit like several  people discovered theirs were after buying them at The Big Box stores according to the reviews I read.

The wife is unhappy, thinks I am an idiot and am running scared needlessly. She thinks this whole Corona Virus thing is way overblown.

I been wanting a little freezer and I got one finally. Think what ya want dearie. Now I’m going to put some shit in it and if it all does go sideways at least I’m not going to have to worried about eating for a couple of weeks if we have to self quarantine.

Since she only knows how to shop for one week at a time I am going around her, again, because I have to.

She can’t see past the end of her Soap Opera.

I been hungry before.

Hungry and not knowing where the next meal is coming from.

More than once.

That tends to make an impression on ya.


24 thoughts on “The Panic Buying Continues

  1. Yes, yes it does. So does drinking from a puddle because you brought nothing but beer when you went into the mountains to shoot for a weekend, and the beer ran out… Or searching for change to buy 10c chicken wings. Or borrowing $20 for gas so you can get to a friend’s couch and start a new job…

    We are the sum of our experiences. Some of us just got more than others.

    NOTHING wrong with being ready.



  2. Craigslist. Many on there. Most too small to hold a cow.
    I bought mine new in 1989. #269 was the first occupant.
    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time.
    Also works for Beef.

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    • I checked that first. The closest one was 30 miles away and they wanted almost new price for it. It looked beat to shit.
      The one I got is a 7 Cu. footer, for the same price the Big Box stores were asking for a 5 Cu. footer.


  3. Phil, I think your wife is right, but a small chest type freezer is a good thing to
    have given the circumstances. I don’t see a zombie apocalypse scenario
    playing out but the crazy motherfuckers are emptying out the store shelves
    here in the High Desert. I don’t see any real danger of losing gas and
    electricity, but if it does happen, I have a grill and I intend to buy sone large
    bottles of water.

    Some stupid asshole stabbed a guy in a fight over a case of bottled water!
    I was laughing at these hysterical jackasses until I realized I needed to stock
    up some supplies because of their idiocy. I am taking inventory of my canned
    goods, dry goods, and other long term foods. I normally keep a months worth
    on hand in case the San Andreas Faultline acts up (about 15 miles South.)

    A few doctors have stated the current threat is most likely seasonal so when
    it gets hot, it should fizzle out. If that is the case, I live in the best place you
    can imagine. 100+ degree highs in the Summer is normal.


  4. Went to the local grocery earlier, tp and paper towels were gone, coffee creamer was half gone, spam was gone, canned chili was gone, canned veggies had a good selection, the meat and steak shelf was full, go figure.

    People around here are seriously waking up, this is good and bad, because desperate people who haven’t ever had to skip a meal or three, as a lot of us who comment here have done, don’t have any concept of worst case scenario, and that’s dangerous.

    Stay safe, everyone.


  5. Over here in Manila, panic buying has started, sick popping up everywhere.

    Quarantine to start tomorrow but the pigeons have flown the coop. crowds at the stores buyin stuff.

    Waiting for Juan Tambay (filipino slang for every Juan, Tambay is Slang for a standby bum on the corner) to start his emergency shopping at midnight with a machete

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  6. Find someone who might sell you half a pig. It’s a good start for that sort of prepping. And it’s better than the shit you buy in the store. Just got some beef from relates that is not too bad.
    Seriously, $3 per pound across the board, From steaks, to roasts, to ground beef, everything.
    Just had some chuck roast. Tender.

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  7. A freezer is the greatest. I actually have two of them. An upright that looks like a fridge and a small chest freezer. Both are packed to the gills. I buy stuff when there is a great deal. My local Shop ‘n’ Save runs some great specials that I’ll stock up on. Whole boneless pork loins for $.99/lb. I cut them up myself into nice, thick chops and vacuum seal them two or four to a pack. I also buy meat that is marked down for quick sale. A few months ago the store had whole boneless New York strips for $7.99/lb. The day after that sale ended and a new one started they had a couple left over marked down to $3.99/lb. Yeah, I got both of them. I’ve learned over the years that stuff lasts for a long, long time when it’s vacuum sealed and frozen. A lot of people get Food Saver sealers, but quit using them after a while because the bags are so expensive. Here’s the best tip that I can pass along. There is a company called Commercial Bargains that sells the same quality bags an Amazon. Looks like they are the same price as Food Saver, but the rolls of Food Saver bags are 20 ft long. The Commercial bargain rolls are 50 ft long for the same price. I turned on a lot of people to those things. What’s really nice about getting rolls instead of precut bags is that you can make your own custom sizes. I also do things like freeze fried chicken for a quick entree. Deep frying is a pain in the ass, so what I do is make large batches outside on the propane burner. You can pack as many pieces as you want in bags and freeze them. Pop them in the oven when you’re ready to eat them. Tastes pretty much like fresh made. Nothing to do with vacuuming, but we also make large batches of things like spaghetti sauce and chili and pack it into individual, meal size containers and freeze them. Okay, I’m done rambling…………

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    • Yes sir, I have been wanting one for years. I had a huge vintage one from the 40’s once and loved that thing. It still worked when I sold it and have been wanting another one ever since for the reasons you stated above.
      Find stuff on sale and throw it in for later. For the life of me I can’t get that through my wife’s head so I’m gonna fucking do it myself.


  8. Do yourself a favor and attach the plug to the outlet. There is an adapter (2-3) that attaches to the center plate screw and tape the cord to that. Save yourself the trouble of finding the rotten pool of muscle tissue swimming at room temp sometime next month after the wife forgot to plug it back in after vacuuming. Or….when the cat pulled it out. Or better yet, get a cheap “high/low” temp alarm….you will be glad you did.


    • Also, Not on a ground fault outlet. It could trip and you wouldn’t notice. Mine is in the garage, little light on the front I can see anytime I’m coming or going in the car.
      Now that I think about it, it’s always in the subconscious mind.


  9. I will hit the grocery stores when they offer buy one get one free and freeze it I need to get a vacuum sealer to really make it last a while longer.


  10. I have that same freezer. One thing I did store first is cooking oil. In E&E school in the Army, we learned the hardest thing to find in nature was fats. Fats go rancid quickly, so freezing some and rotating them into daily use can get you through lean times. I rotate mine about one every three months. Keep four gallons in the freezer. I don’t plan to deep fry anything as it uses too much oil. Only to grease the skillet or add to foods. My rotation uses oil within one year. I also keep 25lb bags of flour in there. Make flat bread with flour, water, salt and oil in a skillet (wife calls it Navajo Fry Bread. The rest is meats and fruit from our trees. We can about half and freeze the rest.. We use frozen first and then our home canned.
    Now about the wife. I suspect she is just scared. This virus is NOT a natural corona virus.It is a bio weapon engineered by the Chinese military. While the gov might know what it will do (why are the chinks killing their economy if its just a corona virus?), who of us peons know? Even if not the virus, the economy might be going on its own death spiral. Most have health insurance. Why? Why not have food insurance. I have been to Africa. I have actually paid 200 Billion “dollars” for breakfast (a boiled egg ,a banana and mystery meat I would not touch). It can happen here too. If China sells off our T Bills and Iran cuts off the straits, look for twenty dollar/gal gas and 100 dollar carton of eggs IF you can find any. She just might be sacred and cannot accept being out of control of her life. My best friend is like that. Just keep prepping, you will look like a God if things go sideways. I am lucky. My wife has been dirt poor and hungry so she leads the way in food preps.


  11. I have never not been out of food, but been close. 8 months of beans and cornbread, followed by chili made with the leftover beans, then chilidogs, then back to beans and cornbread…

    After involuntarily leaving the last job, got down to eating so little protein I couldn’t sell plasma. And then what does the local support network do? Drops off a bag of jasmine rice. Ever had rice that tasted like fabric softener?

    Living in a hurricane and tornado prone area, I make sure I have preps. Two weeks of protein at all times. Can’t do much more some days, but I try to keep that 2 weeks minimum going.

    Good on you for the freezer. When I finally got tired of the lack of storage in the 17cuft fridge-freezer that the apartment provided, I waxed back and forth on whether to get a freezer or another fridge-freezer. Went with the fridge-freezer. Now I have 2 freezer compartements, and one fridge compartment dedicated mostly to liquids, while the other is for food-food. I can put a month’s worth of shopping away and only have to go out for expendables like milk.


  12. I went out for non-virus errands this morning and stopped by the local Kroger for eggs. Not an egg in the place. Many empty shelves. Most everything in the milk cooler was gone, juices and near-milk. So I stopped by the local Bell’s (a Northeast Georgia chain) that nobody shops at here except the legacy residents. They were unloading a pallet of eggs into bare shelves. Otherwise the store looked normally stocked.
    A real indicator of the end times is that the Metropolitan Opera has cancelled performances until the end of the month. For the first time in 89 years there will be no live Saturday broadcasts.


  13. Up here in North Maine, there have been no confirmed cases.
    We’re a pretty mean bunch of SOBs, so Corona may be a little scared to come up.
    We went to Bangor, today, a small city 90 miles south of here, more or less, a service center for the entire northern one third of the state.
    While the other half was shopping at Shaw’s, a chain grocery store, I visited the rest room and stuck a small swatch of paper towel in my pocket.
    When I observed someone that seemed to have the same attitude that I do about all this media generated bullshit, I motioned them over and showed them a little bit of that paper towel, and said “I got the good stuff. You interested?”.
    The reactions were priceless.


  14. Jesus H Tapdancing Christ! I have not been to the grocery store for at least two
    weeks. I’ve been using up my emergency rations for the last month before all
    the use-by dates expired. No shit-paper or paper towels. The meat and poultry
    section stripped of everything except high-end products. Ditto canned goods,
    pasta, bread, and other dry goods. The produce section was unaffected except
    for potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and fruits.


    • Do some searching and see if there is a restaurant supply outfit nearby that is open to the public. The ones up here are called Cash and Carry.
      You can buy bulk there.


  15. his kind of long, but I wanted people to be able to contrast today to six days ago.

    Field report 15-MAR-20
    I live in a New England state. Went to the grocery store today, 6 days after my last trip, large regional chain, early morning, mostly to see what, if anything had changed from last trip. Answer: Judging from todat.

    15-MAR canned meat/fish: all of the tuna fish bins, EMPTY. All of the shelf space for canned chicken, EMPTY. There were 10 or so cans of less expensive sardines and mostly NONE of the more expensive brands. Canned mackeral – NONE. Spam – 6 dented cans. I noticed some of the Spam space had filled with small cans of Vienna Sausage.
    09-MAR Canned meat/fish: Last week there was well north of 100 cans of Spam on the shelves, today 10. There were 3 cans left of a 20 pack of inexpensive sardines in olive oil. I scooped them as they’re the ones I usually buy. The inexpensive canned mackerel in sunflower oil that I usually buy is still out of stock, since mid January. Tuna fish, all of the 8 bins were pretty full, the split between canned in water and canned in oil is now 3 each whereas previously it was 4 canned in water split between name and store brands and 2 canned in oil.

    15-MAR Cereal aisle 100 feet of shelf space – BARE. even the expensive stuff, like imporyed Irish Oatmeal and all of the Bob’s Red Mill Organic – GONE.
    09-MAR Cereal aisle: filled with cases of cereal boxes waiting to be shelved. Overheard a couple of cereal aisle stock clerks talking about how much stock there was to be shelved. “Never seen it like this before. We got slammed over the weekend”.

    15-MAR Spaghetti aisle, 50 feet of shelf space, i.e. half the aisle, 4 18″ shelves high, all of the boxed name and store brands of all shapes and most all of the imported bagged shapes are EMPTY
    09-MAR Spaghetti aisle, no noticable holes

    15-MAR Canned Vegatables: Usually there is a pretty even split between store brand and Del-Monte brand. All of the Delmonte stock is GONE, partially replaced by Green Giant brand. NO CANNED GREEN BEANS, EITHER OF THE THREE BRANDS. Lots of no stock holes.
    09-MAR Canned vegetables: shelves were full last week. This week there were some holes. There was case stock waiting shelving.

    15-MAR Medical aisle, I guess Wally World has run out of stuff as there more empty spots. Amazingly there were a couple small packs of Nyquil/Dayquil and acouple each of Nyquil and Dayquil liquid.
    09-MAR Medical aisle: There were cold remedies and pain relievers on the shelves. All the displays looked reasonably well stocked. People are probably getting those items elsewhere as they are pricey in a grocery store

    15-MAR TP, Kleenex, Paper Towels I’m combining these into one category as 100 feet of shelf space, i.e. THE WHOLE AISLE, NO STOCK WITH A SIGN ABOUT HALF WAY DOWN THE AISLE STATING “Store Management HOPES to have a shipment of toilet paper and paper towels on Monday 3/16″ No word on Kleenex, either name or store brand.
    09-MAR Toilet paper: apparently my neighbors must have gotten the word that everyone is stocking up. I used to buy single rolls individually wrapped in paper. I keep a couple for backup. They were priced at 3/$2.00. Last week there was 8 feet of shelf space stacked 5 rolls high and five deep. That space is now filled with four packs @ $2.50, so a cost reduction of $0.05/roll, but a storage problem. No individual rolls to be had.
    09-MAR Kleenex: Individual boxes of store brand Kleenex, shelf space is normally 6 feet by 4-6 boxes high x 8 boxes deep, so high hundreds of boxes in the display, today less than 50 boxes on the shelf.
    09-MAR Paper towels: I buy store brand individually wrapped rolls $0.99ea. I don’t use a lot of paper towels. Store display was 6 feet long x 4? rolls high x 6 rolls deep. No individual rolls to be had. Display now is 4 packs.

    15-MAR – Bleach/Cleaning Products I didn’t check this last week as I didn’t need any. Still don’t need any, just thought I’d check. There is NO BLEACH. 12 FEET OF SPACE, FOUR 18” SHELVES HIGH, all brands EMPTY. Disinfecting wipes, all brands EMPTY.

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  16. I just put another deer in the freezer on Friday. I live on a park that’s lousy with the things, and the old lady bought me a bad ass crossbow for Christmas. I have 14 flavors of Spam, 60 lbs of rice, and condiments to make meals for at least 3 months. I still laugh about all the people who made fun of the Doomsday Preppers show.


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