14 thoughts on “Cool Tip

  1. I bought a crapload of canning jars in the hopes of preserving a bunch of kick-ass
    high-end chili sauces. With all due respect to that fucking dork Doomberg,
    farming is not something any moron can do! Exotic chili peppers are especially
    hard to grow. You only get one shot a year and even if you make no mistakes,
    it is still a crap-shoot. Too much or too little water will result in failure. Too hot
    or too cold ditto. The list is endless. I’ll try again in a few months, but I won’t
    hold my breath!


  2. So I thought the electric part of the machine had the drive pin, and the cutter was in the he glass blender container? How would this actually masticate what was in the mason jar? Asking for a friend.


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