15 thoughts on “Do Ya Ever Get A Hankerin’?

  1. An excellent idea. However, you should use coney rolls rather than side cut or top cut hotdog rolls. You can toast the sides of the coney rolls, just like hamburger buns, and that greatly enhances the experience.


  2. For me, omit the chile con carne and add bacon wrap and cheese of some sort. Damn, that picture is giving me evil thoughts too – me so hongry !!


  3. There’s those moments in a man’s life nothing like a good hot dog. Maybe a cheese slider on a butter grilled bun.

    West Virginia Hot Dog: Sweet Slaw and Chili (no beans, cooked ground beef with lots of lard, all day, the grease soaks into the bun). It’s not considered a true WV dog unless the toppings are falling off.
    First time somebody handed me a WV slaw dog, at a midnight BBQ everything cooked on a open fire, I just about fainted it tasted so good.
    BBQ sandwich with sweet slaw and hot sweet sauce is popular here too.
    Where I grew up in NH, your living large, if you put mustard & relish with onions on your dog.


    • @K-dub … I’m in Lake County, IL … less than two miles north of Lake Crook Road .. when I’m feeling really adventurous, I have a Maxwell Street Polish dressed as a Chicago dog !! Holy brother of Moses, that’s a tasty treat !!!


  4. Since I don’t have Zantac anymore the heartburn from a hotdog just isn’t worth it.
    Gonna have a giant crawfish boil Saturday with a barrel of beer, that heartburn will be worth it. If I survive.


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