8 thoughts on “TaDaa!!

  1. I actually did something similar at Morocco Indiana dragstrip once about 25 years ago. We think the throttle stuck. Not sure.

    I may have peed myself the tiniest bit. Or just a little more than that.

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  2. My thought is: He won, and has until next round to get it ready for its next pass.
    If it will still move under its own power, we’ll keep racing it.
    Yeah, us Race Car guys are nuts.

    Whitehall, NY


  3. Don’t take your foot out of the throttle!
    Seriously, makes your ride do crazy shit of you let off too soon too fast, because the gyro effect of changing the driveline forces. Makes a road race bike flick you like a booger when you let off too fast if shit starts to get away from you. All that mass spinning in the engine is the third gyro, the wheels are the other two, they get out of line and fight each other, the engine suddenly loosing 7000 rpms cause your bike to literally leap in the air like a bucking bull. See Ya! Weeeee!


    • ps,
      Flings you just like Raggedy Ann.
      It’s the most violent experience imaginable, thats 1st hand knowledge talking. Hurts and kills lots of racers.


  4. Believe it or not, readers (that aren’t aware…), as long as you go through the timing light sensors at the end of the quarter-mile, it’s a valid run. Now, turning it around in time for the next race (as pointed out above) is a whole ‘nother problem. We didn’t make it, usually. Bummer.

    And, yes, that roll really messes with you – even with the 4-point quick-release harness and the roll cage. Got me REAL dizzy once. Almost broke my neck, because the crash crew puled up next to me and shouted, “DON’T release your harness!” – I thought they said to release the harness and dutifully slapped the release and fell on my head. Found out later that can break your neck, helmet or no. Live and Learn, or Crash and Burn, I guess!!


  5. Was riding in northern Oregon on the winding roads with a couple bros a decade or so ago. Johnny was in front. I was in the middle and Doc and his wife were behind me. We came around a wide right hander and I saw three deer in the right ditch. I let off the throttle as did Doc. About then one of them jumped up and darted across the road right in front of Johnny. Oh sh*t I thought as it passed inches in front of his bike. He didn’t swerve or brake. Not even a stutter. When we stopped for a rest a few miles further on I told him he was the most fearless man I ever knew. He said it wasn’t that he was fearless. It was because the deer was already past him by the time he realized what had happened. By then, he said, it was too late to bother being scared. It happens.


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