7 thoughts on “I Hope You Didn’t Have Any Plans.

  1. My lovely wife did that a couple years ago. I spent an hour cleaning out the dryer, than a full day in the attic, during the summer, taking apart the duct work to vacuum out all the pillow stuffing. I still give her grief over that.


  2. Pillows have certainly seen better days. that does look like work. I’d start by turning a plastic bag inside out, insert into dryer and engulf as much mess as I could capture. Tie up, and repeat with more bags until more manageable.


  3. Contrary to my cars, I’d just push that over the bank and get a new one.
    Who am I shitting?
    I’ve already rebuilt our current dryer three times. It’s at least 22 years old this May.

    Whitehall, NY

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      • Maybe….
        My Grandfather was on the West Coast, in ’45 . He was heading for Japan, half way across the Pacific, when they bombed Hiroshima.
        By all accounts, he was a bold and promiscuous young man.

        Whitehall, NY


    • I’d talk about mine, but I don’t want to tempt fate. Suffice it to it’s more than generation old.

      I’m single. When I need to wash pillows and bedspreads, I go to the local laundromat. Might cost a couple bucks, but saves wear and tear on the home laundry.


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