18 thoughts on “Corona Virus In The News

  1. Not, we are entering peak stupid, peak retard. Runs on TP and hand sanitizer, what? They think they are gonna have sterile hands wiping their asses until the hemorrhoids wear off? Are you going through the same idiocy over there as here? Damn, I am praying that damn big-assed asteroid slams into us and put us out of our misery.

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    • No such suicidal desires on my mind, Cederq.
      Heaven can wait and so can Asteroids if I had a say in that matter.
      Alas I also have no powers infusing some decency to Austro-weirdoes,
      There‘s an incredible many of people buying cheap biscuits, cheap tinned food and generally stuff they wouldn’t usually by let alone eat.
      If SHTF they’ll all suffer from acute constipation (at least I hope they will) and all the toilet paper hoarding was for naught.


      • It ain’t just the Ozzies mate. My lifelong developmentally disabled
        buddy just bought the last (2) 4 packs of shit-paper from a local
        supermarket. Canned goods, dry goods, and water are one thing,
        but who the fuck needs a year’s supply of asswipe? I live 15 miles
        north of the San Andreas faultline and have never had more than
        a month’s supply of reserves. There a few cases in Riverside
        (less than 30 miles south,) but I won’t crap my pants if it makes
        it’s way up the Cajon Pass to the High Desert.

        I’ll take reasonable precautions, so French kissing crack-whores
        and licking doorknobs are off my to-do list until this thing blows


  2. Pres Trump just announced a travel ban for 30 days on filghts from Europe except from (formerly)great Britian, starting in two days, among other details, so expect the hypocrites on the nasty pelousy ranch to start having grand mal seizures that he is dealing with this and they are just talking.


    • UK BBC Today program (Thurs am) French govt minister responding to Trumps travel ban. Essentially said US public must do something to curb this mad president. BBC interviewer said perhaps the us govt should use 25th amendment to depose Trump. I didn’t hear the same approbation about Italy essentially closing its borders.


    • Just had DJT on the Fox News Channel replying to the complaint from the Eurodorks that Trump did not consult with them (the EU) and unilaterally slammed the travel door. His reply? “Well, they don’t consult me when they raise tariffs!”
      I love our Prez, he has big brass ones!!


  3. Phil, this is way off-topic but what the hell is going on with the primary vote
    results in Washington? I was up till 2 AM this morning monitoring several
    real-time result sites and it was stuck at 76 percent reporting. It has not
    budged by a single vote since. I have been praying for the Forest Gump
    candidate to win the nomination because he is the weakest candidate by far.


  4. We got a dam nearby has one of those sluice pipes, mostly they open it for the spring melt. There’s an observation platform you can get about 100 feet from it. The roar of that water jetting out is spectacular, almost continuous thunder, makes your pant legs vibrate.
    Funny thing about they refused to name the dam, traditionally, for the town it flooded when they made it.


    • I’d *LOVE* to be at Hoover dam when they test (open) the bypass valves (they have to exercise them at least once each year) – THAT would be impressive as hell, there’s lot of head at that dam!!


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